GeekParty Live’s Weekly Game Show Returns!

After last week's unexpected and unexplained absence, you may have lost hope, but fear not! GeekParty Live's Weekly Game Show isn't going anywhere, and we're back with another episode featuring the delightful Quiplash XL. Here are some nuggets you can expect to find in this week's episode: An education on the finer points of pronouncing … [Read More...]

GeekParty’s Streaming Game Show Is Now A Series!

Another Sunday is in the books, and you know what that means: GeekParty's new live-streaming game show is now officially a series! This week I came equipped with Quiplash XL, to add even more variety to the show, but here are some other things you can expect from the episode: Completely defensible ignorance of brand slogans. An unnerving … [Read More...]

Ninstrument: The Object of My Obsession Has Abandoned Me

This is how nerdy I am: Back in 2012, I typed the words “Rackmount” and “NES” into Google’s search bar and sparked an obsession that I still haven’t recovered from. And that’s a terrible tragedy considering what I learned today. The search results delivered something called “Ninstrument,” a slab of music-making brilliance that incorporated … [Read More...]

Watch GeekParty’s Newly Minted Game Show Right Now!

Today, GeekParty lost its live-streaming virginity with a brand new game show on Twitch. If you missed the festivities, I have some good news; we used some magical video-recording technologies to capture the entire show. So, you can watch it at your leisure. If you’re on the fence about pressing the play button, here’s a list of things you can … [Read More...]

Mad Max Can Hit the Road

Even though I've seen several trailers for the new Mad Max game, I still don't have a feel for what it's going to offer players. That's worrying, since it allegedly in a few short months. What are the core mechanics and concepts? What's the mission format? What kind of side quests and diversions will it offers. It looks like there'll be … [Read More...]

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Has Everything I Want In a Deus Ex Game

Aside from the questionable boss battles, I loved Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Deux Ex: Mankind Divided looks like it'll give me exactly what I want out of a follow-up: more Deus Ex. Humans with augmented bodies, parts of which are transforming into guns and shit? Check. Political and social intrigue and espionage? Check. Possible unrest and … [Read More...]

Josh W. Will Never See His Wii Again

Josh W., the senior editor of GeekParty, had an idea. He decided to loan me his Wii, so that I could play Twilight Princess. That was his first mistake. … [Read More...]

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