Rampage Monsters

Lizzie from Rampage Is Most Definitely Not a Dinosaur

It's Dinosaur Week at GeekParty, which means the staff has been discussing all kinds of important scientific issues. Like, say, whether or not Lizzie from the game Rampage qualifies as an actual dinosaur. Much like a pendulum, opinions on the issue have swung back and forth. … [Read More...]

Link's Awakening Chickens

I Finished Link’s Awakening on an Actual Game Boy; I Am Clearly a Better Person Than Josh W.

Recently, our senior editor Josh W. wrote an article about never having finished The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening. He cited a lack of batteries as the reason, saying that he simply couldn't afford to buy as many batteries as it took to beat the game. I don't know what kind of cheap ass batteries he was using, but I beat that game three … [Read More...]

Dino Crisis 2

Cutscenery: Dino Crisis 2

One year has passed since the "Third Energy Incident" and government research has begun at a base... somewhere and blah blah blah... Look, I don't mean to belittle Dino Crisis 2, and my apologies go out to Dr. Kirk, but this opening dialogue is just an excuse to usher in a bunch of dinosaur action. Which is probably okay, because the only … [Read More...]


Far Cry 4 Has a Chest Problem

While playing Far Cry 4, I was struck by how financially destitute the citizens of Kyrat appear to be. The villagers and townies are true salt of the earth types, barely able to make ends meet. In fact, many of them must subsidize their income by growing poppy for the drug trade. It's hard to blame them; their only other choice is to become a … [Read More...]

Saint's Row Dinosaur

Saints Row IV Has the Best Use of Dinosaurs I’ve Ever Seen

There are many games that include dinosaurs. There are the Dino Hunter and Turok series, in which you fight dinosaurs. There's the old We're Back game on the SNES, in which you play as a dinosaur. There are several Jurassic Park games, some of which let you fight dinosaurs and some of which let you play as a dinosaur. But the absolute best use of … [Read More...]

Super Smash IPA

Smash Bros. IPA and Other Video Game Brews Available in Minnesota and Kansas

Ever drink a beer while playing a video game? Ever drink a Smash Bros. IPA while sending Pikachu flying off of Fox’s spaceship with a mushroom-fueled uppercut from Luigi? Well, now you can. Kind of. … [Read More...]

ToeJam and Santa

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove – A List of Returning Features

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove has been officially announced, and along with the announcement came a Kickstarter campaign and a press packet. I've combed through these things extensively, and I've compiled a list of features from the original ToeJam & Earl that will be making a return in Back in the Groove. … [Read More...]