Americans Never Got to Play Transformers on the NES, So We’re Playing It Now

These days, every time a new Michael Bay blockbuster hits the theater, an accompanying Transformers video game also slithers onto the market. For the most part, these games exemplify the underbelly of triple-A game development. They're the type of poorly designed, poorly executed titles that the industry could easily live without. But fanboys need … [Read More...]

Los Santos River View

GTA 5 Vs. GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto is fucking great. It just is. There I said it. It does something that no other franchise can do and does it well. I've played every game since GTA 3 came out and enjoyed them all. GTA 4 didn't quite live up to San Andreas's standards, but it was still fun as hell. And I played the heck out of it. The two DLC story lines stepped … [Read More...]

Star Trek Online Clubwear

Star Trek Online: The Clubwear is Calling Me

It's been months since I've played Star Trek Online. The role playing dried up, so I sort of lost interest. I also felt as though the game would never really live up to the ideals of a Star Trek game and all it could be. That's probably still true, but at least my characters are going to be able to rock some club wear! … [Read More...]


Alcoholic Luigi Invades Retrovolve’s Tim And Andy Show

  This week, Retrovolve's The Tim And Andy sat down with Geekparty's own Alcoholic Luigi in a beautiful gaming-inspired Minneapolis pub for some serious magic and video game talk.Tim and Andy took sides in a debate about which 1990's console was superior: the Sony Playstation, with its CDs and timeless controller design, or the Nintendo 64, … [Read More...]

The Languid Gamer vs. Fallout 3

The Languid Gamer vs Game Stores

Recently, I was in the mood for a little cape-and-cowl-fueled moonlighting, so I decided to (finally) check out Batman: Arkham Origins. However, when I went to the Xbox 360 Marketplace to inquire about a price, the amount shown was a negative $1.00. "This can't be right" I said to myself in a rational tone. But upon further inspection, the farce … [Read More...]


I Am Really Bad at Just Cause 2

Recently, Steam had a sale in which they offered Just Cause 2 for a mere three dollars. Being the kind of person who has to game on a budget, I bought the thing. I'd heard it was a fun, destructive romp, and that does seem to be true. I'm only having one problem with the thing. I really suck at playing it. … [Read More...]


Assassin’s Creed Unity Is Anti-French?

French people are used to being the butt of jokes in popular media, like on South Park or The Simpsons. Now, however, they're the ones misrepresenting their history. Assassin's Creed Unity developer Ubisoft Montreal is coming under fire from former French minister Jean-Luc Mélenchon. According to him, the game "presents an image of hatred of the … [Read More...]