The Xbox One Has Reignited My Love for Achievements

When I unlocked my first Achievement back in the early days of the Xbox 360, I quickly became hooked (though it never got so bad that I was intentionally playing shitty games just to increase my Gamerscore). However, the luster faded over time, especially as I began running into issues with the 360 Achievement system. For instance, I never … [Read More...]

Max Payne 3 a

Cutscenery: Remembering Max Payne 3’s Opening Sequence

With technology advancing over the years, cutscenes have become an important part of the gaming landscape. Better graphics, voice acting, and motion capture technologies have allowed for a greater fidelity to express complex emotions and actions. Some video games are known for their incredible cutscene storytelling, and I plan to shine a spotlight … [Read More...]


Dying Light: Stay In Tonight

So far, my favorite thing in Dying Light (beyond Troy Baker's routinely amazing performance as Crane) is the day/night mechanics, which completely change the way the game is played. The "eaters," as they're referred to, go from slow, plodding dangers to what I like to call "Oh I need to change my boxers" monstrosities. Seriously, avoid going out … [Read More...]

Sad Josh and His PS4

Buying a PS4 Feels Strangely like Attending a Funeral for My PS3

I finally went out and picked up a PS4. Strangely, this is the first time that tearing into a new gaming console actually made me kind of sad. … [Read More...]


Alcoholic Luigi’s Skyrim Mod Spotlight: SPERG

Welcome back, Lords and Ladies, to the segment that you've all been waiting for. No, not the one where I take off my pants. That happens later. It's time once again to shine a spotlight onto a specific mod I've been using in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Today's mod is Skyrim Perk Enhancements and Rebalanced Gameplay, otherwise known as … [Read More...]


Retrovolve Takes a Look at Freedom Planet

GeekParty's own Louis Garcia already took a look at Freedom Planet, a Sega-inspired indie platformer, but our friends over at Retrovolve just discovered this gem and wanted to share their take as well. Freedom Planet isn't just a retro-styled game like Super Meat Boy or Hotline Miami. It's something I'd describe as "full retro." It doesn't wear … [Read More...]

Syberia elephants

Syberia Is Impossible to Stay Mad At

My time with the PSN port of Syberia has been defined by a number of small, needless frustrations. I've wasted countless minutes moving my character back and forth in a desperate attempt to walk to the next screen. I've rolled my eyes through interesting exposition dumps that were delivered in the worst font in existence. I've banged my head … [Read More...]