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Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313 Could Have Been Awful, but We’ll Never Know

I decided to clean up the house a little bit the other day, and I stumbled upon this: It’s a USB memory card that I was given at E3 2012. See, publishers at E3 tend to give out all sorts of USB sticks filled with press images, and this is how those images end up […]

Trials Fusion image

The Five Stages of Playing Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion, like every Trials game before it, is a glorious exercise in video game masochism. You slap on a helmet, sit on the motorcycle of your choice, and race down increasingly complex sidescrolling obstacle courses. Trials Fusion starts out easy, offering massive jumps and rolling hills to get you acclimated. Once you hit the […]

Minecraft PS3

Preorders Are Available for the Minecraft: PS3 Edition Physical Release

Gamers have been having fun with Minecraft on the PS3 for months now, but digital copies don’t have that new game smell. That’s why the upcoming Minecraft: PS3 Edition physical release is so exciting. Just look at that sexy box-art!

Korean Spa

The Signs You See in a Korean Spa

So, if you’re at all familiar with GeekParty, you know we don’t just focus on all things wonderfully geeky, nerdy, and dorky. We like to go on adventures too! And it was on one of my most recent adventures that I discovered I like Jjimjilbang.

Wolfenstein New Order screenshot

The Wolfenstein: The New Order Gameplay Trailer is Violent and Thrilling

Wolfenstein: The New Order continues to impress me with each successive piece of media, and this trailer is no exception. The overall presentation is cohesive, entertaining and downright thrilling. It’s just a shame that I might not enjoy playing the game as much as I enjoy watching its trailer.