Mad Max game

Mad Max Can Hit the Road

Even though I've seen several trailers for the new Mad Max game, I still don't have a feel for what it's going to offer players. That's worrying, since it allegedly in a few short months. What are the core mechanics and concepts? What's the mission format? What kind of side quests and diversions will it offers. It looks like there'll be … [Read More...]

transformers devastation

The Transformers: Devastation Trailer Fails to Not Suck

In my book, there's only been one stellar Transformers game to date: Atari's PS2 title, which was appropriately titled Transformers. It's the kind of series that should result in amazing games, but the titles I've played have been fairly lackluster. (I know a lot of people liked the War for Cybertron series, but I never found it at all … [Read More...]

deus ex mankind divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Has Everything I Want In a Deus Ex Game

Aside from the questionable boss battles, I loved Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Deux Ex: Mankind Divided looks like it'll give me exactly what I want out of a follow-up: more Deus Ex. Humans with augmented bodies, parts of which are transforming into guns and shit? Check. Political and social intrigue and espionage? Check. Possible unrest and … [Read More...]


Josh W. Will Never See His Wii Again

Josh W., the senior editor of GeekParty, had an idea. He decided to loan me his Wii, so that I could play Twilight Princess. That was his first mistake. … [Read More...]

nintendo e3 muppets

E3 2015: Nintendo Has Me at a Loss

Many GeekParty staffers lost their minds over Nintendo's E3 2015 presentation, but it left me feeling lost. I'm not the biggest Nintendo enthusiast, sure, but I am a game enthusiast. It strikes me as odd that most of the games I saw completely failed to catch my interest. I'm not sure why I just can't drink the Kool-Aid and swallow the mushroom. … [Read More...]

horizon zero dawn

E3 2015: Horizon Zero Dawn Looks Pretty Fantastic

Horizon Zero Dawn, a new IP from Guerilla Studios, seems to have flown under the radar, at least in comparison to a lot of titles that are getting heavy buzzy. That's a shame, because Horizon looks like a really cool, unique and interesting game. It reminds me a bit of Enslaved, with a dash of Heavenly Sword and a smattering of Gears of War thrown … [Read More...]

star wars battlefront

E3 2015: The Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer Is Far From Forceful

I wasn't sure what to expect from Star Wars: Battlefront 's first gameplay trailer. I'm not a fan of the Battlefront games, but initially, I thought this title might change my mind. I was pleased to see a more laidback approach instead of the kind of massive military fights I typically associate with the series. … [Read More...]