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The Binding of Isaac

Edmund McMillen on Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – Despite IGN’s Video, There Shouldn’t Be Slowdown on Vita

Edmund McMillen, loveable Team Meat member and maker of Binding of Isaac, is pretty damn awesome about answering fan questions on his blog. Just yesterday, he was asked about the slowdown that can be seen in IGN’s recent Six Upcoming Vita Games to Keep an Eye On video, which contains some brand new Binding of […]

Guardians game

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Ultimate Weapon Is Forcing Me to Make Difficult Choices

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Ultimate Weapon is not the Guardians game I want to be playing, but it is the Guardians game I have. For a licensed mobile app, it’s reasonably entertaining. The combat is fairly fun, there are some nice character customization options, and the dialogue can be pretty charming. It also has a surprisingly impressive character […]

Mario Question Block

Guess Who Said This: An Exclusive Approach

It’s been no secret that console launches haven’t always gone smoothly. The Saturn burned out the second Sony announced the price-tag of the original PlayStation. The GameCube launched without a Mario game (sorry, Luigi) before eventually falling off the mainstream radar. The Wii U has (unfortunately) not seen the same successes its predecessor did. The […]

Strike Force Foxx's Methods "Always Yield a Chopper Full of Babes"

Strike Force Foxx’s “Chopper Full of Babes” Line Needs a Series of Memes

Okay, so the best worst video game line of the week award goes to the above quote from Strike Force Foxx. It’s the stuff memes are made of, and I really wish there were more people picking up on this.


1001 Spikes Has 3 Parents

I’m enjoying 1001 Spikes; the indie scene-referential unlocks, the quirky story, and the addicting gameplay are making it worth the price tag. This game is advertised as something with unfair levels of difficulty, but that wasn’t my experience. Spikes‘ relative ease is shocking because its inspirations are all interactive Mt. Everests. It’s time once again to DNA test […]