lords of the fallen

Lords of the Fallen: Improving on the Dark Souls Formula

So, I picked up Lords of the Fallen on the PS4 today. Overall, it scores well on the basics: graphics, controls, sound, and music. Even the voice acting (while not perfect) is done well enough that it adds to the experience. But none of that really needs to be pointed out. The game follows the familiar Demon's Souls/Dark Souls formula but … [Read More...]


Four Video Game Luxuries That We Take For Granted

Video games have come a long way. What was once just a toy is now a billion dollar industry capable of expressing ideas in a way that no other media is capable of. In the last 40 years, we've gone from four colors and a handful of sound effects to Hollywood-level masterpieces with scripts that would make Martin Scorsese do a double take. 4. … [Read More...]


Five Reasons Why I Like Super Mario Bros. 2 Better Than Super Mario Bros. 3

I know I'm probably going to be universally panned for this. And I apologize if it feels like a blatant attempt at clickbait, but this is how I actually feel. How, oh how could I enjoy Super Mario Bros. 2, the much-maligned re-skin of Doki Doki Panic, better than Super Mario Bros. 3? Well, it's a difficult question to answer, and my reasoning … [Read More...]


Ranking Dead Rising 3′s Psychopaths: #2. Lust

When creating a psychopath based around the central theme of "lust," you'll probably have to walk a very fine line. Yes, the characters will be screwed up and psychotic, but it's never ok to use something like rape for shock value. To be honest, I was a little worried going in. After all, Dead Rising 3 isn't exactly subtle. Nick runs into "Lust" … [Read More...]


PS4 Pro Tip: Using Your iPod With The PS4′s USB Music Player

  Yesterday's release of the PS4 2.0 firmware update, also known as "Masamune," contained one of my most-wanted features: the ability to game with my own music in the background. The only kicker is that, at least for now, the music must be stored on an external USB drive. If you're like me, that could mean a music selection hampered … [Read More...]

Nes controller

Retrovolve Countdown: Top Ten NES Games

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Hey, Josh. The NES came out in 1985, and a billion other people have already made top ten lists that cover the exact same content." Yeah. I know. You're right. But you've got a really bad attitude. Maybe this video will cheer you up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oVcS6clu_k … [Read More...]


Scary Moments In Gaming: Metro 2033 The Librarian

I'll admit it: I have a huge soft spot for survival horror games. When done right, they easily make their way to the top of my favorites list, and I've played a ridiculous number over the years. However, one of the scariest moments in recent memory came from a title that isn't your typical survival horror game. I am referring to Metro 2033, or … [Read More...]