Alcoholic Luigi’s Skyrim Mod Spotlight: SPERG

Welcome back, Lords and Ladies, to the segment that you've all been waiting for. No, not the one where I take off my pants. That happens later. It's time once again to shine a spotlight onto a specific mod I've been using in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Today's mod is Skyrim Perk Enhancements and Rebalanced Gameplay, otherwise known as … [Read More...]


Retrovolve Takes a Look at Freedom Planet

GeekParty's own Louis Garcia already took a look at Freedom Planet, a Sega-inspired indie platformer, but our friends over at Retrovolve just discovered this gem and wanted to share their take as well. Freedom Planet isn't just a retro-styled game like Super Meat Boy or Hotline Miami. It's something I'd describe as "full retro." It doesn't wear … [Read More...]

Syberia elephants

Syberia Is Impossible to Stay Mad At

My time with the PSN port of Syberia has been defined by a number of small, needless frustrations. I've wasted countless minutes moving my character back and forth in a desperate attempt to walk to the next screen. I've rolled my eyes through interesting exposition dumps that were delivered in the worst font in existence. I've banged my head … [Read More...]


Internet Arcade Review: Paperboy

I don't think it's an unreasonable statement to make when I say that Paperboy is one of the greatest games of all time. A seminal classic that almost transcends even Super Mario Bros. for the NES. And although Tengen did an admirable job porting the arcade cabinet, it was Atari that unleashed this beast unto the unwitting populous of the world … [Read More...]

Out Run

Internet Arcade Review: Out Run

After my recent assassination attempt, it seems only fitting that my next game would be Out Run, Sega's 1986 arcade racing title. In fact, at this very moment, I'm on the road trying to outrun the death-wielding storm troopers sent after my head by the Luck Estate after the Gridlee review I wrote a few weeks back. After nearly losing my life in … [Read More...]

Pull of the Week

Pull of the Week — Space Racing, Urban Fantasy, and Noir

I like to think of myself as something of a pullist: a person who specializes in selecting great comics. I've pulled a few duds in my time -- I own every issue of Neal Adam's Batman Odyssey -- but for the  most part, my track record is solid. For years, I've kept my pulls a secret, but I've decided it's time to share my expertise with the world. … [Read More...]

gta coastal 6

Grand Theft Auto 5 In Pictures: The Greater Coastal Region

Welcome back to Grand Theft Auto 5 In Pictures. We last left off with a breathtaking array of arial shots that really encapsulated the beauty of the area. Back on land, in this installment we will visit the Greater Coastal Region of Los Santos and its surrounding vistas. Prepare yourself for a breath of fresh air as we dive deep into this … [Read More...]

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