The Languid Gamer vs. Fallout 3

The Languid Gamer vs. Xbox 360 Battery Packs

Batteries are the bane of my gaming existence. There, I said it. I can't believe I have to even mutter those words, let alone type them. But it's true; I have an Xbox 360 without the rechargeable power thingy. Nope, I have the battery pack, like a fool asking for trouble. … [Read More...]

Persona 5 lead

Persona 5′s Main Character Has Me Intrigued

Persona 5 had me had at Persona. Dungeon-crawling and social links are more than enough to lure me in. Likeable characters and a compelling story are really just a bonus. Still, the game's main character is pretty fascinating. … [Read More...]

Five Nights at Freddy's freddy

Five Nights at Freddy’s Really Is a “Cruel Realities of Capitalism” Simulator

When I called Five Nights at Freddy's a "cruel realities of capitalism" simulator, I was mostly kidding. Its premise doesn't hold up unless you believe someone would risk their life for a job that pays terribly, but flimsy premises are a staple of horror movies. Characters run upstairs when they should run outside, open doors that should have … [Read More...]


I May Be Addicted to Skyrim

Look, I have shit to do. I've got to write stuff for GeekParty and several other sites. I have games to review, YouTube videos to watch, and jabroni asses to kick. Yet I keep starting new games in Skyrim. … [Read More...]


Firefall, or Firefail? You Decide.

In case you didn't know, Firefall is a free-to-play MMO shooter that's gained a bit of momentum since it launched earlier this year. It's a load of space-agey fun in that robot-armor-anime type of way. Think Halo meets GTA meets a persistent open world. … [Read More...]


Watch Dogs? More Like Pretty Decent Dogs.

So I managed to spend a pretty solid amount of time with Watch Dogs, and I gotta say, this dog can hunt. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Is it GTA caliber? Not by a long shot, but that's ok. Much like Sleeping Dogs this game is attempting to set itself apart and stand on its own merits. With a curious take on the open world action genre, Watch … [Read More...]

It Happened; I Finally Sold My PS Vita for a Nintendo 3DS XL

The New 3DS Means I’ll Never Own a Vita

One of my goals for 2014 was to acquire a PlayStation Vita. As both a certified weeaboo and a lover of handhelds, it seemed like a thing I desperately needed in my life. I planned to pick one up in time for Danganronpa, and figured I'd at least have one in hand by the time Danganronpa 2 arrived. Unfortunately, this year was much harder on my … [Read More...]