7-Player Losers Bracket – GeekParty’s Super Smash Bros. Amiibo Tournament

Super Smash Bros Losers BattleWith 14 amiibo players to work with, our tournament brackets got a little sloppy for the second round. So we decided to create a 7-person battle featuring all seven of the Round 1 losers and let the winner move on to Round 2. Sounds fair, right?

Not only did this even out our brackets, but it let us bring back some of the unfortunate eliminations from Round 1. Samus, in particular, is one of our favorite amiibo players to watch in action, so it was great to bring her back into the mix. And Zelda, who usually plays pretty well, made some uncharacteristic bad gameplay choices that led to an early elimination. We’re excited to give her a second chance as well.

(For the full description of the rules of this tournament, check out this link.)

Without further ado, here’s the glorious chaos of seven-player Smash:

At the start of the battle, things were so hectic it was hard to keep up. Once a few amiibo had been eliminated, the fight became a lot more interesting.

The fight between Zelda, Kirby, and Diddy was surprisingly even, and it was hard to tell who would take it all. Although Zelda teleported herself away from many deadly attacks, she was eventually eliminated when she failed to pull off a recovery. We hope she didn’t learn that from us!

After that, Kirby and Diddy duked it out for two glorious minutes. They threw everything they could at each other, from items to assist trophies to Final Smashes. In the end, however, a well-timed punch was what gave Diddy the victory.

We’re sad to see Kirby eliminated again, but we can’t wait to see what Diddy does in the next round. He’s been a strong competitor since the tournament began, and he clearly won’t make things easy for his next opponent.

  • Varun Lakshmanan

    Where is round 2?

  • Varun Lakshmanan

    Round 2?