A Strip Club Billboard Ad Is Replaced With the “Nintendo X-Box”

A Strip Club Billboard Ad is Replaced With the "Nintendo X-Box"

You read that right.

News 12 The Bronx ran a story this morning about the removal of a controversial billboard in a Bronx neighborhood. Residents were complaining that an ad for a gentleman’s club distasteful. I’m not even going to point out the irony about Alex Rodriquez still playing baseball at Yankee Stadium, also located in the Bronx.

Citizens got their way and the ad was removed and replaced with a billboard for the “Nintendo X-Box.”


Nintendo. X-Box.

It just goes to show you how little the “mainstream” population knows about gaming. Perhaps this is why console makers are trying to go after them with non-gaming features?

  • Josh Wirtanen


  • Austin Wood

    Fucking. Yes.

  • Josh Wirtanen

    At least they didn’t call it the X-Box Garry.