Alcoholic Luigi Finally Plays Minecraft


In GeekParty’s never-ending quest to drag me, Alcoholic Luigi, kicking and screaming into the modern gaming era, Josh Wirtanen decided to make me play Minecraft.

So how did that go? Well, the results can be best described in the following snippet of dialogue, held after we stopped recording:

Josh: Someone once wrote something about how Minecraft has this subtle environmental message behind it. You finish building this massive, time-consuming creation, and you’re happy with what you’ve built, but you feel this strange sense of remorse over everything you had to destroy to make that happen.

Alcoholic Luigi: Not me. I love murdering chickens.

Actually, it might be better if you just watch the video.

Part 1, in which the basics are explained:

Part 2, in which I survive my first night:

Part 3, in which coal is not found, but Tim Curry is mentioned:

Part 4, in which coal is still not found, and suicide is attempted:

In truth, I’ve come to greatly enjoy Minecraft. The Xbox 360 controls felt weird and clunky, but after playing the demo for the PC, I wound up gladly shelling out the $28 for a copy. It’s since brought me hours of enjoyment, just passing the time digging tunnels and running from exploding cacti.

And I seem to have developed a habit of hoarding coal. I can’t imagine why.

  • Josh Wirtanen

    I love how Luigi’s ADD makes him completely forget that he started building a bunch of shelters and never finished them.

  • Alcoholic Luigi

    In my current Minecraft game, I built a stone cabin over a lake so that I can fish inside.

    It’s sorely lacking in awesome lava windows, though.