An Open Letter to Nintendo About the 2DS

An Open Letter to Nintendo About The 2DS

Dear Nintendo,

As a longtime consumer whore — I mean fan — I’m thrilled to see your new product, the 2DS. After all, knowing that I can purchase a technological step backward in my gaming devices is precisely the sort of thing that excites me as a gamer. I’m particularly impressed at how you managed to take not just one, but two steps backward. Simply cutting back the 3D aspect was impressive enough, but not letting us close the thing? Talk about nostalgia!

And nostalgia is, after all, why we’re drawn to your products. When you first released the 3DS, my immediate response was “Not until I can also buy an old Zelda game I’ve already played.” It was like you read my mind! It wasn’t long before you re-released Ocarina of Time. Being a Nintendo fan, I couldn’t help but spend my hard earned money on a game that I already played and already owned! But now I can play it on the go!

I know there are some people who might claim that you’re realizing the 3D effect is bupkiss, and thus, trying to get the attention of people who don’t want to spend top-dollar on a pointless gimmick. I’m certain they’re wrong, though. Just because the 2DS is compatible with 3DS games doesn’t mean you can play all the 3DS games on it. After all, the AAA games are always designed to utilize the latest technological features of whichever console they’ve been released for. So obviously, anyone wanting to play major 3DS releases wouldn’t do so on a 2DS, because they’d miss out on elements fundamentally built into the games.

Not to mention, you’ve already said that your target market is the 6 and under demographic. This makes perfect sense, because the children six and under who are liable to want and receive handheld gaming consoles from their parents probably haven’t already gotten a 3DS.

An Open Letter to Nintendo About The 2DS

So thank you, Nintendo. I’m greatly looking forward to the olden days of the Game Boy, when my portable gaming system was a large, clunky block that couldn’t be carried easily. I’m anxiously awaiting the carrier case, and of course, I’m certain the latest hardware will be just as sturdy as the higher quality hardware used in the early 90s. Can’t wait to see how many six and under children have fun with the large, slate-like design!

Forever Your Fan!

Rev. Nate Turner (AKA Alcoholic Luigi)

  • Stealth20k

    Your maturity is low Author. Just because its not for you doesnt mean its not a good device. Its going to increase the install base which means more games for you and I

    • Alcoholic Luigi

      Yes, that was a thing I spoke to in my second and third article. You did read them, right?

  • JoeDan

    Why is it so hard for people to understand that not every product out there is designed just for them? This is the most ridiculous post I’ve seen on the internet since I was using AOL dial up. Is it that complicated or is just being too self centered to think everything needs to be made for you? This 2DS is an entry point for younger gamers, it’s NOT for people who already have a 3DS or 3DS XL, because even if you don’t like the 3D, it can be VERY easily turned off.

    • Alcoholic Luigi

      See, I agree. You’ll notice, in my second and third articles on the topic, that I was actually covering all the various complaints and issues I see about it.I was just doing it one at a time.

  • Jake Valentine

    You forgot the fact that you already bout the re-release of Ocarina of Time for Gamecube.

    Which makes the 3DS version the re-re-release.