And the Gaming Industry Puts Its Foot in Its Mouth, Once Again

Am I the only one that feels like people in the gaming industry have never taken a public speaking course? Don’t any of these people have handlers (like the ones that do such a great job guiding the public perception of Lindsey Lohan)? Two particular foot-in-mouth scenarios that took place last week belong to Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, and Chip Sineni, a developer of Phosphor Games. Let’s start with good ol’ Reggie.

Reggie Fils-Aime — who I still believe is related to Goldberg from The Mighty Ducks — recently said that gamers are impossible to satisfy. In an interview with Kotaku, Reggie said, “One of the things that, on one hand, I love and, on the other hand, that troubles me tremendously about not only our fanbase but about the gaming community at large is that, whenever you share information, the perspective is, ‘Thank you, but I want more.’ ‘Thank you, but give me more.’ I mean, it is insatiable.”

My response to gamers being insatiable is a loud and proud “no shit.” Of course we always want more. You want to charge more, so we expect more. But this whole blaming the bad response to Nintendo’s E3 on gamers never being satisfied is just stupid. It’s bad business Reggie. You’re months away from launching a next-gen system and you’re going to insult the fanbase that will potentially be buying your product? We know we are insatiable, but we don’t want to be told that. How ’bout you just smile at us and try a little harder. Hate to tell you this, Reggie, but no one was begging for a Wii Fit sequel. No one was asking for NintendoLand. People wanted your biggest franchises to have launch titles. If you don’t have a Zelda title for launch, then you’re dropping the ball.

Don’t blame your bad presentation on gamers; blame it on your inability to translate the gaming community’s wants and needs into actual products and presentation.

Our second stupid comment comes from Phosphor Games’ developer Chip Sineni, who just announced their upcoming mobile action-adventure game Horn. As if everyone isn’t tired of the mobile replacing console argument, Sineni said, “Mobile and tablet systems are quickly becoming the main way people play games, replacing consoles.” No, asshole, they aren’t.

The only people that think mobile gaming is replacing consoles are the people making mobile games. Even with your triple-A mobile action-adventure game, I’m still just going to be able to swipe and tap. I’ve said this before, but I think mobile games work because you always have your phone on you. They’re easy and accessible. But that’s why it’s hard for me to view them as more than bathroom poop-time games. You play them when you’re bored or on a bus or whatever. This whole mobile taking over consoles thing is like saying there’s no point to PCs or Macs anymore because you can browse the Internet, edit pictures, and go on Facebook on your phone.

Mobile gaming is a nice compliment to a true console/PC gaming experience. It’s not replacing anything without a dedicated controller, really good battery life, a 50-inch screen, and immersive games. This Chip guy is trying to hype up his game as something revolutionary that will change the gaming landscape as we know it. In reality, all you’re doing when you say that mobile is replacing consoles is pissing off core gamers.

I respect the hell out of Reggie and know his heart is in the right place, but you just weren’t thinking. What you need to do is change the way you’re looking at the gaming market, because you’re not really going to change how we all see it. Also, I don’t want to buy a next-gen system to use the fucking Wiimote again… I hate that thing. Chip, I just don’t trust you — mostly because of your name — and like anyone that says consoles are being replaced by mobile, I simply disregard your comments and chalk it up to you being on bath salts — that’s a popular excuse here in South Florida.

  • tanto

    Reggie was right and wrong

    Gamers are entitled asswipes. They will never be satisfied and always find the 1 flaw in everything

    But unless nintendoland is a pack in, it blows.

    “We know we are insatiable, but we don’t want to be told that”

    So whats the issue? you dont want him to tell the truth?

    “People wanted your biggest franchises to have launch titles. If you don’t have a Zelda title for launch, then you’re dropping the ball.”

    A zelda has happened? what? 1 launch in 20?

    I cant get behind that statement.