AniMinneapolis 2015 Gave Me a Sense of Purpose

AniMinneapolis 2014 - Alcoholic Luigi Takes Advantage of Free HugsAs I’ve said before, Alcoholic Luigi is a character. Occasionally, I break character in order to talk about something that’s actually genuine and sincere. This is one of those times.

AniMinneapolis is run by the same people who run MetaCon, a convention that we tend to go to every year. For the most part, I tend to bumblefuck around in costume, drink a lot, and try to get as many amusing pictures as possible. Then I usually make up an over-the-top story based on the pictures.

I don’t usually figure people pay much attention to it, overall. Even two years ago, when I won the performance section of the Cosplay Masquerade at MetaCon, I didn’t think many people would remember it.

Alcoholic Luigi's Postcards from MetaCon 2013It would seem I was wrong. Several times during AniMinneapolis this year, people came up to me to tell me about how much they remembered my various actions over the years, and how much it made their con experience better.

In two instances, these were people who had never been to conventions before, and it helped give them something awesome to make them want to come back. People even mentioned stuff I’d ocarinacompletely forgotten about, such as the first MetaCon where I played my ocarina in the lobby of the hotel.

This meant a lot to me. I’ve spoken here before about my various trials with depression, and I’m not kidding around when I say that my general presumption is that I don’t really add much to people’s lives in a general sense.

So having these people come to me and tell me how much my actions affected them meant a lot to me. It was incredibly touching, and I want to thank MetaCon/AniMinneapolis for providing safe spaces for me to bumblefuck around in costume.

I hope you can forgive me for breaking character and getting all mushy and whatnot. But don’t worry, my next article will be full of pecking order jokes or something, I promise.