Guitar Hero and I Both Applaud Activision’s Originality and Courage

Guitar Hero LiveIn case you haven’t heard, Activision is bringing out a new Guitar Hero game. This is obviously a great step forward in the realm of computerized air guitar, and I applaud them for it.

They clearly took a look at the market and, completely unaided by anything else that any other video game company was doing, decided on their own that the time was right to release yet another game in the series that could reasonably be called “Re-Purchase All Your Favorite Songs.”

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I’m Totally Not Jealous of All the PS4 Owners on Staff

Alcoholic LuigiAs you’ve probably noticed, there are at least two PS4s here in the GeekParty Mansion. One is owned by Josh W., our Editor in Chief. The other is owned by one of the lesser writers, Julian. I just want to take this opportunity to express my opinion of this.

I am not at all jealous, and I couldn’t care less.

When Josh W. talks about playing Diablo III with some of the other staffers, I don’t sit there and remember how much fun I had with Diablo II. And I certainly don’t sit there and wish I could join him in that fun.

BagAnd just because Minecraft looks absolutely amazing on the PS4 doesn’t mean I give half a shit when Josh and Julian talk about playing it together. I mean, I have Minecraft on the only console it’s really designed to be played on: the PC.

In fact, I so don’t care about all the PS4 fun that’s happening around the GeekParty Mansion that I felt the need to write this article, which explains exactly how much I don’t care.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go cry forever.


MewTwo Joins the Smash Bros. Roster (But Not Mallow or Geno)

mewtwoYesterday’s Nintendo Direct unleashed a few fantastic bits of news. Amongst them was the fact that MewTwo will finally be a playable character in Super Smash Brothers for 3DS and Wii U.

But I have a question: Why no Geno or Mallow?

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Nintendo Releases yet Another Game Where Princess Peach Is Kidnapped


There’s a new Mario game coming to the 3DS: A Super Mario themed edition of Puzzle & Dragons. Technically speaking, it’s part of a two game set that also includes Puzzle Dragons Z.

In any case, the plot of the Mario edition involves Peach getting kidnapped and you having to save her. [Read more…]

BoxBoy Looks Genuinely Interesting

Box BoyOne of the reasons I absolutely adore using my PC as my main gaming platform is that there are always plenty of interesting indie games available. I have nothing against console games, but they have a tendency to take fewer risks. I don’t want to argue that they should or shouldn’t be taking risks.

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The Yarn Yoshi Amiibo Is the Most Adorable Thing Ever

Let’s face it. This amiibo thing is getting completely out of hand. I can kind of understand the plan to release one for every character in Super Smash Bros., but at the same time, there are way too many characters in Smash. We certainly don’t need an ever-growing number of the damn figures.

And we certainly don’t need…

…wait, is that…

yarn yoshi amiiboOh my fuck, it is. It’s a yarn Yoshi. I take it all back. That’s the most adorable thing ever and I want fifty of them. I’ll have my Princess Peach amiibo ride them around and it’ll be SO CUTE!

Alcoholic Luigi’s Gender Dysphoria: Final Fantasy XV and the Lie We Tell Boys (and Girls)

final fantasy xv boy's clubThe demo to Final Fantasy XV has been out for a little while now, which means people have had time to play it and weigh in with their opinions. One of the more controversial things about the game is that all four main characters are male, breaking the game’s tradition of featuring female playable characters. When I first heard about this, I heard that the designer’s reasoning was that he had a story to tell that story involved a male-only cast. I considered that fair enough.

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I Don’t Want Skyrim Remastered

Skyrim Facebook HackedDue to the hullabaloo about Bethesda having its own press conference before E3 proper, there’s been some speculation as to what they’re going to talk about. One of the major things people are saying might happen is a remastered Skyrim. Let me sum up my opinion on that using one simple phrase from my childhood.

No sir, I don’t like it.

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Life Is Strange Does Nothing To Help My Indecisiveness

life is strange picturesOne of the problems with anxiety is that you often have a hard time making decisions. At least, that’s how my anxiety often comes up. I’ll sit there and ponder endlessly over whether one choice or the other is really the right one, until I no longer have time to think and then I have to make a decision or everything will go wrong forever.

Or something like that. My brain is weird. [Read more…]

Life Is Strange Doesn’t Beat around the Bush, and I Like It

Life Is StrangeLife is Strange is an episodic game developed by Dontnod Entertainment. In it, you play a teenage girl who discovers she can rewind time. From there, you play out days in her life as you decide whether to do one thing or another.

It’s a fun game, and I’m enjoying it. But what I enjoy most about it is the fact that, once the main character finds out she can rewind time, she is all about using it. There’s no period of angst; there’s no freaking out. There’s barely even a question.

life is strangeShe simply travels back to earlier in the day, checks a few things to confirm she is, in fact, back in the past, and then goes with it. I love this, because it shows the main character as brave and competent. There’s no whining. There’s nothing to suggest that she’s actually a victim in all of this.

There’s simply a courageous character stepping up and trying to do what’s right with her newfound abilities. And I find that great.