Dragon Age: Origins Needs a Better Idiot Marker

Dragon Age OriginsRecently, EA attempted to garner some goodwill and gave away Dragon Age: Origins for free. It doesn’t make up for being a generally horrible company, but it does mean I got a free copy of a well-regarded game. I’m trying to play it, but I keep coming up against one major problem.

The quest markers aren’t very good.

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We Need to Have the Violence Conversation in Spite of Hatred

Hatred gameEvery so often, a game comes around that forces us to ask the question “how violent is too violent?” Sometimes it’s Grand Theft Auto; sometimes, it’s the “No Russian” mission in Call of Duty. This time around, it looks like it’s going to be Hatred.

While the game’s developers are almost certainly trolls, that doesn’t mean the violence conversation isn’t worth having.


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I Wish I Could Pass the Time by Sleeping like in Skyrim

Skyrim bedOne of the more entertaining aspects of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the in-game time system. I’m not quite sure how they measure time, because it takes about two in-game hours to walk from Whiterun to Rorikstead, while fast-traveling takes half an in-game day.

Most amusingly, you can sleep your life away, an ability I sorely wish I actually had.

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Luigi Death Stare Pumpkin Carving Pattern for Halloween

Luigi PumpkinIf you’re anything like me, Halloween is basically your Christmas. I’ve had the Halloween decorations up around the GeekParty mansion since the beginning of the month. Josh W. is already getting tired of walking through cobwebs, and he’s also annoyed because I won’t tell him which ones are fake and which ones were woven by the real spiders I set loose in the house.

I digress. Have some free printable patterns for your pumpkin carving!

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#GamerGate Can Fuck Off Now

Luigi Baby GateI’ve been keeping my opinion on the whole #GamerGate bullshit in check, because my opinion is somewhat more harsh and derogatory than our good Josh W.’s opinion. See, he feels that we should at least give the #GamerGate people a fair chance to voice their concerns.

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Skyrim Wars: Julian Should Be More Specific If He Has a Complaint

Alcoholic LuigiRecently, a certain staff writer whose name rhymes with Wholian Watkins decided to be snarky and write a formal letter of apology. In it, he oh-so-snidely insinuates that I was wrong for writing an article pointing out that his opinion was dumb.

The problem is, Julian’s original article didn’t actually bring up any genuine point.

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Fighting Cuccos Is the Most Entertaining Part of Hyrule Warriors

chicken pizzaI don’t want to make it sound like Hyrule Warriors was anything other than what I hoped it would be. It was, in fact, exactly as fabulous as I’d dreamed. I greatly enjoyed playing a magical elven princess who mowed down mooks. It was great.

It’s just that out of all the fun I had, the most fun was when I was fighting cuccos.

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Julian Is Completely Wrong about Skyrim’s DLC

Skyrim ArmorOur own Julian Watkins recently described Skyrim‘s DLC as dumb, cheap, and lazy. Since I’m the GeekParty writer who likes to go on about Skyrim all the time, I feel as though I should respond to his statements.

He’s as stupid as he is wrong.

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Paolo Gave Me RPG Maker 3; I Need Ideas

Paolo’s recent article, as you may imagine, is 100% true. He totally gave me a copy of RPG Maker 3. Obviously, I need to make the greatest game ever.

I think it should star me, Josh W., Paolo, and Mandi. Josh should be the damsel in distress. I should have both a Princess form and a Pro-Wrestler form.

Maybe we’re trying to find the mystical Princess cup?

Luigi and DoomPost your ideas for the greatest game ever in the comments below!

Sometimes, I Feel Left Out of Gaming

Alcoholic LuigiAs many of you know, I don’t own a current-gen console. I don’t even own a last-gen console. I claim that this is because I hate modern gaming, but that’s not entirely true. The real truth is that I simply can’t afford to drop three hundred or more dollars on a toy.

Unfortunately, this leaves me feeling left out of some of the newer, more interesting experiences.

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