Final Fantasy X Is the Best Interactive Movie


I’m finally down to the difficult part of my ongoing series of playing PS2 games from scratch after losing my memory card. I’ve done the games that are quick and easy to write about. Sure, I could write about the other three Smackdown vs Raw games I have, but they’re all variations on the same thing. Which means I have to suck it up and write about the JRPGs in my game drawer.

So let’s start with Final Fantasy X.

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Star Trek Online Season 9: They Desegregated the Costumes!

Season 9 for Star Trek Online has finally dropped. They added a ton of new features, many of which I’ll go over in great detail over the next few weeks. None of those features matter, however, in the face of them doing the one thing that I’ve always said would make everything better:


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Erutan is the Best Video Game Music Artist Ever

ErutanImage Source: Erutan Music

It’s not a secret that I like Final Fantasy IX, even if I think it had the misfortune of falling between two controversial games in the series. I’m also known to be habitually late to the party.

Which is why I only now know about Erutan, otherwise known as Kate Covington, who has written a number of astounding songs based on numerous video game properties.

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FTL: Advanced Edition, The Lanius Cruiser, and My Moral Compass

FTL: Advanced Edition Is FantasticI’ve never been hesitant to admit that I’m something of a horrible person. At least, people tell me I do horrible things, and I can’t find any reason to argue with them. Obviously I don’t think they’re horrible, or I wouldn’t do them.

Yet some of the situations provided to me by FTL: Advanced Edition actually make me question my moral compass.

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Alcoholic Luigi Turned a Yuri’s Night Party into a Geek Party

Yuri's NightYuri’s Night is an international celebration of the first manned space flight, piloted by Yuri Gagarin. I love me some space, so I hitched up my toolbelt and went to the local Yuri’s Night party, which was hosted by the local 1701 and Battle Squadron 21, the local chapter of the Royal Manticorian Navy.

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Dead Fantasy, RWBY, and Why You Should Watch Both

Title!Ever heard of Dead Fantasy? It’s a CGI video created and made by Monty Oum, featuring characters from Final Fantasy, Dead or Alive, and several other video game franchises. In it, the characters find themselves in a frantic battle to the death.

I promise you, it’s fantastic. Here, watch it. Yes, the whole thing.

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The Novelist, or Why Alcoholic Luigi Should Never Have Children

Press ImageI want to make it clear that I like children in a general sense. Sure, I thought Josh Engen missed an opportunity to rid the world of at least one little monster. In my defense, however, I work retail selling children’s toys. I’ve earned the right to hate children.

In any case, my dislike of the selfish little creatures is probably giving Tommy Kaplan a neurosis.

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FTL: Advanced Edition Is Fantastic

FTL: Advanced Edition Is FantasticYou may not know it, but I love Faster Than Light. I haven’t talked about it, because someone who wasn’t me already did an article on it (and so you probably didn’t read it). Recently, FTL had an update, which is being called “Advanced Edition.” How advanced is it?

Well, I’ve spent the past twelve hours playing the damn thing.

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Why Alcoholic Luigi Trumps All Other GeekParty Contributors

Alcoholic Luigi's Postcards from MetaCon 2013You may recall that recently, Geekparty hired a new senior editor. She’s done a good job, what with remembering the pecking order. Unfortunately, we also picked up a small slew of new writers, and they’re diligently plugging away at creating content.

Before they get too uppity, I’ve decided to remind them just who the hell I am.

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Five PC Games I Should Be Playing More

One of the problems with the chemical imbalances in my brain is that I have lots of things I enjoy, but don’t touch for long periods of time. Like my continual desire to build a house in Minecraft, I have a number of games on my computer that I really should be playing, but haven’t played in months.

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