Earthbound Is the One Game I Can Play on an Emulator

Earthbound Flying ManYou may recall I’ve said before that I can’t play games on emulators. Maybe it’s because my ADD makes it too easy for my mind to wander when I’m on my computer. Maybe I’ve outgrown a lot of these games. I don’t pretend to know.

What I do know is that Earthbound keeps my attention no matter how I’m playing it.

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Skyrim Is Impossible to Play on a Plane

SkyrimFor a variety of reasons, I found myself going to Texas this weekend. Hey, you know what they say. Any Texas you can walk away from is a good Texas. In any case, I spent the entire flight playing Earthbound. This is not an article about Earthbound, which is the greatest console RPG ever.

It’s about how the seat trays are too damn small to comfortably play Skyrim.

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My Top Ten Favorite Characters to Play in Marvel Heroes (Part Two)

Marvel Heroes cast imageIf you didn’t catch the first half of my Marvel Heroes character list, you can read that here.

Before I get into the top five, I’ll say that I have two honorable mentions. Daredevil is entertaining, and the game manages to tie together combo attacks fairly well. The other is Thor, who’s like Storm but instead of hitting things with wind, he hits things with a hammer. Now, on to the last five.

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My Top Ten Favorite Characters to Play in Marvel Heroes (Part One)

Marvel Heroes charactersMarvel Heroes has an incredibly wide selection of characters to play, and more are on the way (I can’t wait for Rogue and Venom). While I don’t own every single character, I do have most of them, and I’ve made it a point to play each character until at least level 10 so I can get a feel for them.

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CONvergence 2014: End of the Line

I finally made it to the middle of the courtyard, battles raging all around me (and if you’re curious what these battles were about, you might want to check here, here, and here). There he stood. Bray Wyatt.

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CONvergence 2014: Mass Combat

I ran back to the main courtyard, desperately attempting to call either Velma or Wonder Woman on my cell phone (since they were going to get me backup to fight Bray Wyatt after I went to get upgrades to my equipment). Neither answered. When I got there, I understood why. Battles were happening everywhere. I took care of a random fucker who looked like Abraham Lincoln.

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CONvergence 2014: Year of Luigi

The other two Luigis weren’t difficult to track down (And if you’re curious why I was looking for them, you might want to read here and here). It took several interrogations. Mal Reynolds was hesitant at first, but more understanding after I explained what was going on.

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Convergence 2014 – Equipment Upgrades

DSCN5015After a day filled with battles, I got little sleep. Instead, I drifted in and out of consciousness. I may have had backup, but I still had no idea how to take down Bray Wyatt. I didn’t even know how I could find him. Thinking was made even harder after having my brain scrambled by Psylocke.

Yet it was thanks to her psy-knife that I found my answer. My memories drifted to the previous year, and I found myself once again face to face with The Doctor.

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CONvergence 2014 – The Battle Begins

DSCN4985I mentioned already that I was jumped from behind by Bray Wyatt, in spite of having back up. When I awoke, this is where I was. I can only presume they did that just to mock me. Unfortunately for them, I am Alcoholic fucking Luigi. Calling me sober enrages me to the point where I can produce alcohol out of nowhere.

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Weird Skyrim Glitch, I Have Named Thee “Spastic Dragon Head Rock”

Luigi-eats-crow-2This is an image of me eating crow, which I tend to do whenever I find a critically acclaimed video game that I actually like. Skyrim is damn good, and I have a lot more to say about it. But I’ll get to that after I finish telling you the epic tale of CONvergence.

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