Five Reasons Why I Like Super Mario Bros. 2 Better Than Super Mario Bros. 3

smb2smb3 I know I’m probably going to be universally panned for this. And I apologize if it feels like a blatant attempt at clickbait, but this is how I actually feel. How, oh how could I enjoy Super Mario Bros. 2, the much-maligned re-skin of Doki Doki Panic, better than Super Mario Bros. 3? Well, it’s a difficult question to answer, and my reasoning involves a lot of nuance. Luckily, I’m writing it in list form, so it should be fine.

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Twitch is Missing Out On The Pantsless Gamer Market

Twitch Logo

If someone were to ask me if I was a nudist, I’d probably have to say yes. It’s not something I talk about much, because there’s really no point in talking about it. I tend to dislike clothing, and choose not to wear any whenever I can get away with it. In general, I think adults can handle that concept.

Apparently, Twitch TV disagrees.

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Good Guy James Vaughn Uses Interest In Plague Inc. For Charity

Plague inc

If you’ve never heard of Plague Inc., it’s a game in which you design a virus and attempt to infect the entire world. If that seems a bit depressing, well, you’re right. But it’s also a great learning tool, helping the player discover interesting facts about the multitudes of viruses that exist in our world, and how likely they are to spread.

With the sudden Ebola scare, interest in the game has gone through the roof. And the developer has decided to use that interest to help people.

Plague Inc. has an audience of 35 million people who have downloaded it since the game launched. I want to help in any way I can, whether that is raising funds or raising awareness. I’m currently talking to major charities to see if Plague Inc. can be used as a tool to help in some way,” he said in a recent interview with

Personally, I think that kind of thing is great. With recent events in the gaming world, we need more people stepping up and trying to do good things with video games. The best part, at least to me, is that Vaughn seems to be aware of the potential of trivializing a very real problem.

“From an academic point of view the model [of Ebola] could very easily be adapted,” he said. “But at the moment it’s important to keep the focus on the outbreak and I don’t want to appear to be trivializing it by taking the outbreak and making it into a game. Plague Inc. is already able to raise awareness of the significance of the outbreak.”

It takes a good person to not only use sudden interest in their product to help raise awareness and potentially money for charity, but also attempt to be aware of the potential downsides. I hope more developers wind up being like James Vaughn, because he seems like a good guy.

Marvel Heroes And Why I Dislike Online Games

Rogue Marvel Heroes

Before I started playing The Elder Scrolls V; Skyrim and started writing only articles about that, I wrote a lot of articles about Marvel Heroes. I talked about how it was like Diablo 2 only Marvel, about how much fun I was having pretending to be Captain America, and how much I loved Sue Storm: Combat Mom. What happened to that game?

The same thing that happened to Star Trek Online. I got distracted by other things, and now stuff has changed too much for me to want to go back.

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I Wish Radiant Quests Reset In Skyrim


What’s that? Yet another The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim article out of Alcoholic Luigi? I’m certain that this surprises the ever loving fuck out of you. Well, stuff the sarcasm. I’m drunk, and I feel like ranting on my personal blog, thus, there’s another article about The Elder Scrolls V; Skyrim.

I wish the radiant quests would reset.

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Chicken Companion; Alcoholic Luigi’s Skyrim Mod Spotlight


In light of recent events here at the GeekParty Mansion, I’ve come to understand the full might and amazement that is the chicken. I admit, I was less than certain at first. But after being strapped to a chair and getting clucked at for thirty six straight hours, I have come to see the light. That’s why today, I’m bringing you the one thing that The Elder Scrolls V; Skyrim needs more of:

Chicken Companions!

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Dragon Age: Origins Needs a Better Idiot Marker

Dragon Age OriginsRecently, EA attempted to garner some goodwill and gave away Dragon Age: Origins for free. It doesn’t make up for being a generally horrible company, but it does mean I got a free copy of a well-regarded game. I’m trying to play it, but I keep coming up against one major problem.

The quest markers aren’t very good.

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We Need to Have the Violence Conversation in Spite of Hatred

Hatred gameEvery so often, a game comes around that forces us to ask the question “how violent is too violent?” Sometimes it’s Grand Theft Auto; sometimes, it’s the “No Russian” mission in Call of Duty. This time around, it looks like it’s going to be Hatred.

While the game’s developers are almost certainly trolls, that doesn’t mean the violence conversation isn’t worth having.

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I Wish I Could Pass the Time by Sleeping like in Skyrim

Skyrim bedOne of the more entertaining aspects of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the in-game time system. I’m not quite sure how they measure time, because it takes about two in-game hours to walk from Whiterun to Rorikstead, while fast-traveling takes half an in-game day.

Most amusingly, you can sleep your life away, an ability I sorely wish I actually had.

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Luigi Death Stare Pumpkin Carving Pattern for Halloween

Luigi PumpkinIf you’re anything like me, Halloween is basically your Christmas. I’ve had the Halloween decorations up around the GeekParty mansion since the beginning of the month. Josh W. is already getting tired of walking through cobwebs, and he’s also annoyed because I won’t tell him which ones are fake and which ones were woven by the real spiders I set loose in the house.

I digress. Have some free printable patterns for your pumpkin carving!

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