Alcoholic Luigi Turned a Yuri’s Night Party into a Geek Party

Yuri's NightYuri’s Night is an international celebration of the first manned space flight, piloted by Yuri Gagarin. I love me some space, so I hitched up my toolbelt and went to the local Yuri’s Night party, which was hosted by the local 1701 and Battle Squadron 21, the local chapter of the Royal Manticorian Navy.

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Dead Fantasy, RWBY, and Why You Should Watch Both

Title!Ever heard of Dead Fantasy? It’s a CGI video created and made by Monty Oum, featuring characters from Final Fantasy, Dead or Alive, and several other video game franchises. In it, the characters find themselves in a frantic battle to the death.

I promise you, it’s fantastic. Here, watch it. Yes, the whole thing.

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The Novelist, or Why Alcoholic Luigi Should Never Have Children

Press ImageI want to make it clear that I like children in a general sense. Sure, I thought Josh Engen missed an opportunity to rid the world of at least one little monster. In my defense, however, I work retail selling children’s toys. I’ve earned the right to hate children.

In any case, my dislike of the selfish little creatures is probably giving Tommy Kaplan a neurosis.

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FTL: Advanced Edition Is Fantastic

FTL: Advanced Edition Is FantasticYou may not know it, but I love Faster Than Light. I haven’t talked about it, because someone who wasn’t me already did an article on it (and so you probably didn’t read it). Recently, FTL had an update, which is being called “Advanced Edition.” How advanced is it?

Well, I’ve spent the past twelve hours playing the damn thing.

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Why Alcoholic Luigi Trumps All Other GeekParty Contributors

Alcoholic Luigi's Postcards from MetaCon 2013You may recall that recently, Geekparty hired a new senior editor. She’s done a good job, what with remembering the pecking order. Unfortunately, we also picked up a small slew of new writers, and they’re diligently plugging away at creating content.

Before they get too uppity, I’ve decided to remind them just who the hell I am.

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Five PC Games I Should Be Playing More

One of the problems with the chemical imbalances in my brain is that I have lots of things I enjoy, but don’t touch for long periods of time. Like my continual desire to build a house in Minecraft, I have a number of games on my computer that I really should be playing, but haven’t played in months.

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Josh W. Forgot the Pecking Order

Paolo's Postcards From Marscon 2014

Our Editor in Chief forgot the pecking order, and totally cost me thirty bucks. He also cost you, our reading audience, the chance to see some hilarious jokes. Let me explain.

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How to Make Your Own Alcoholic Luigi Toolbelt

Lazy!Everyone loves Alcoholic Luigi. Yet everywhere I go, I get one question over and over. I can never escape it, so I’ve decided that I’m going to answer it, here and now, forever and ever.

For the purposes of this article, I’m claiming the question is “How do I put together my own Alcoholic Luigi Toolbelt” and not “What the fuck are you doing in my house?”

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Angstcast, Geekcast, I’m the Guy With the Microphone

Angsty!You may have noticed, since the beginning of this site, that we’ve had a “Podcast” section up near the top of the page. Well, it was there, I mean. It was removed at some point.

Either way, I’m working on it, I swear.

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Shadow Hearts: Covenant Made Me Remember Why I Love JRPGs

Shadow Hearts Covenant castLately, I’ve fallen out of love with JRPGs.

I used to devour them. Chrono Trigger is one of my favorite games ever. Final Fantasy is a series that has held my heart for many years. Yet it seems like many JRPGs over the past decade or so have been frantically crawling up their own asses. The“epic” storylines make no sense, the“deep” characters are little more than obnoxious caricatures, and the collectibles are more obnoxious than anything (FUCK. YOU. LIGHTNING. FIELDS!)

Finding Shadow Hearts: Covenant at a local pawn shop reminded me why I loved the genre in the first place.

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