This Skyrim Dynamic Loot Mod Takes Naming Lessons From Diablo III

Skyrim modsOur senior editor Mandi recently did an article about the treasure naming conventions in Diablo III. Being a veteran of the Diablo series, I can tell you that item names in the series have always been hilarious.

And now you can bring that hilarity to your Skyrim game.

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Skyrim’s Stray Dog Can Defy Gravity

ScreenShot32Apparently, the stray dog in Skyrim can defy gravity.

I know, I’m as surprised as you are. But I have proof. I have proof that mangy dog, which you can get to follow you around, is capable of defying gravity.

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Video Games Saved My Life

Alcoholic Luigi

I’ll start this off by stating what video games have done for me in no uncertain terms:

They kept me from killing myself.

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I Got Fallout: New Vegas and Kept Playing Skyrim

Luigi and MudkipOur senior editor decided I was writing too many articles about Skyrim, so she got me Fallout: New Vegas via Steam. I loaded it up and played through until I killed the Powdergang so I could get a feel for it.

And then promptly went back to playing Skyrim.

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Ico Is Terrifying

ico screenshotQuite some time ago, I started a series on playing my old PS2 games from scratch, what with having lost my memory card. Now I’m finally down to the last couple of games that I own. Of my choices, I went with Ico, because it was the first game I happened to grab.

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Cannibis Skyrim: Alcoholic Luigi’s Skyrim Mod Spotlight

ScreenShot24Welcome back, Lords and Ladies, to the segment where I…wait, what was I talking about again?

Oh, right. Cannabis Skyrim!

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I Turn Hanging Out with Friends into a Super Mario Bros. 3 Geek Party

Alcoholic Luigi Big BirdI occasionally turn random situations into a Geek Parties. Why? Because I’m Alcoholic Luigi, and where I go, geek parties follow. You remember the Yuri’s Night party I turned into a GeekParty? I’m sure you do. [Read more...]

Falskaar: Alcoholic Luigi’s Skyrim Mod Spotlight

37994-2-1373578738Welcome back, Lords and Ladies, to the segment where I pretend I’m telling you about something you don’t already know. Today, we’re talking about a mod that’s essentially an entirely new DLC package.


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The Michael Jackson Arcade Game Was a Great Way to Waste Quarters

Jackson ArcadeWhen I was a kid, I adored and idolized Michael Jackson. I had a Jackson costume for Halloween when I was 10 (I wasn’t black, but that didn’t bother me). I watched his Moonwalker movie so many times the VHS tape wore out.

And I spent far too much of my money on the Moonwalker arcade game.

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Make Any Child Your Follower: Alcoholic Luigi’s Skyrim Mod Spotlight

ScreenShot3Welcome back, Lords and Ladies, to the segment where I talk about awesome Skyrim mods I’ve found. Today’s mod is fun because it adds more to the whole “adoption” concept in Skyrim than the normal game.

It’s a mod that lets you make any child your follower.

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