Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 19]: 2015 Big Hugs Showdown


Two champions. One wears a black suit because he’s sad and good at night punching. The other one IS a black suit who gets mad and is good at night biting. Batman & Venom. They’re both amazing huggers, truly at the top of their game, and now they face off for the ultimate prize. Who’s gonna win? We dunno, so you tell us who you think it should be. What’s the prize? Good question. It’s nothing.
PLUS! Ashton Kutcher’s trick breathing, a Mel Gibson side-hug, how 9/11 changed the Steamiverse forever, and Joey Mad gets a hot foot! Woah! Don’t forget – write to your local representatives if you think alien symbiotes should be susceptible to the penance stare.

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Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 18] : Wheezing the Juice


Get off your soggy bottom and wipe the sleep out of those milky white eyes, because it’s time for the underwater adventure of a lifetime! Join Geordi LaForge, Damp Wolverine, Polar Bear: The Climber, Aqualad, Encino Man, and more as we celebrate the best and worst of water & ice-based super people. So climb outta those bunks and put on your trunks cause we’re hitting the crocodile mile with appropriate style.

Plus! Justin becomes a lake monster, we learn a new word, worry about ice slides, and The Precious Kaiser changes the face of Europe forever.

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Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 17]: God and Baseball


March Hugness is in full swing! This week, the DC Big Hugs Bracket gets laid out, and we end up with some pretty powerful match-ups. In a universe filled with gods and monsters, can a guy like Rick Flagg hug his way to the top? Today, we learn the answer. Don’t forget to make your predictions and place your bets for the upcoming 2015 Marvel/DC Big Hugs Championship Episode!

After all the hugs, the boys do double duty on some listener requests, and their hard work pays off. Big money says Mr. Wet and Swizzle Play-Man The Everstriped will be around for decades to come. Wanna get in on the ground floor of this hot new comic fad? Well do it. Nobody’s stopping you.

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Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 15]: Beagle Dangle


War. War never changes. Whether you’re a renegade mist-man battling in the streets over union rights or some weirdo engaged in covert ketchup operations for the fat cats at Hunts, you’re bound to be altered by the horrors of war. Kids these days never had to live through anything like America’s first civil war, but they did have to cope with the grim realities of a newer, flashier, far less lethal version in Marvel’s Civil War. We go over what it was, why it happened, and why Dr. Strange decided to sit this one out (hint – no gems).

Plus! The curvier the bullet the better, what to do when a Mud Man cometh, Aunt May’s specialty armor plans, and Liver & Onions Gerald gets reminded of his place.

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Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 14] : Malibu Smog Dawg


Kicking! Punching! Blocking! Chopping! It’s all happening on this weeks eppy! First up, Jackie Chan’s Spartan X gets a boot to the gut. Even with his strategy guides he was no match for us. Then we go balls to the wall on Mortal Kombat and it’s many comic iterations. Turns out Raiden and Kano make almost as great a duo as G & J! And for the main event we take on Injustice: Gods Among Us, maybe the most successful comic ever based on a video game. Probably because it was a game based on the comics. Regardless, we get all up in it.

Also! We clear up some Steam Man/Smog Dawg/Steam Dog/TMNT confusion for loyal listener Julian, Bog Man Freely makes his return, Gaia Goldberg debuts, Gordy drinks a Cosmic Treadmill (vodka and code red), and Alf lands on Cat Planet. Midway is dead. Long live Midway!

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Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 12]: The Valentine Kings


Love is in the air! Smooches are in your face! Cupid is in your car! He stole it to elope with his one true love…this podcast. Forget about him, and your car. This eppy has everything you need to celebrate the holiday of hearts – childhood stories of unrequited love, Gordy singing, bird people (no, not Hawkman), Ms./Captain Marvel, and cannibal rat balls. Ebinezer Zoom himself couldn’t slow this train down. So slide, slide, slippity slide, cause we have a mind to allow you to ride.
Plus! Baseball versus The Flash, what Psylocke gets up to in the shadows, Lawyer Man and Litigation Boy, canned meats, and one of the boys unwittingly gives birth to Hot Topic. Who could it be?!

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7-Player Losers Bracket – GeekParty’s Super Smash Bros. Amiibo Tournament

Super Smash Bros Losers BattleWith 14 amiibo players to work with, our tournament brackets got a little sloppy for the second round. So we decided to create a 7-person battle featuring all seven of the Round 1 losers and let the winner move on to Round 2. Sounds fair, right?

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Pit vs. Kirby – GeekParty’s Super Smash Bros. Amiibo Tournament

Super Smash Bros Pit vs KirbyThe first round of our Smash Bros. amiibo tournament is almost over. Our final contenders are Pit and Kirby, two fighters who are as comfortable in the sky as they are on land. This battle should be one for the heavens. (For the full description of the tournament rules, check out this link.)

Pit started kicking our butts as soon as we trained him, so most of the GeekParty staff put their money on him. Still, a few of us were hoping that Kirby would inhale his way to victory.

To see how the fight went, check out the videos below. You can find our commentary below that.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Neither amiibo had played on the Pyrosphere stage, so we were curious to see how they’d handle it. Unsurprisingly, Ridley was responsible for the match’s first KO. Although Kirby’s deftly dodged many of Pit’s attacks — way to avoid that Final Smash! — Pit still managed to get the best of him.

In the second match, Pit was kind of an item hog. He hit Kirby with every item he could, from the Fire Bar to the Dragoon item. Kirby held on for a long as he could, but in the end, he couldn’t survive the item onslaught.

We wanted to see what Kirby could do when he wasn’t being pelted by items, so we let him fight a third match for fun. The battle was brief, but terrifically intense. Kirby puffed up, kicked some butt, and made short work of his winged opponent.

Pit’s the amiibo moving on to round two, but Kirby put up an impressive fight. Don’t feel too disappointed if you were rooting for Kirby. We have something special in store for the losers of this round.

Pikachu vs. Diddy Kong – GeekParty’s Super Smash Bros. Amiibo Tournament

Smash Bros Pikachu vs Diddy KongAnd so begins another battle.

This time, we’ve got the delightfully mischievous Diddy Kong battling the ever-adorable Pikachu. As far as skill level of the participating amiibo, this might be the closest match-up we’ve seen so far. In fact, the second round ended up being the longest match yet, clocking in at over 11 minutes, and it might even be the most entertaining round of our tournament to date.

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Gordy Tells Justin Comics – [Episode 8] Santadook


Remember Christmas?! Well we do (kinda), thanks to an ever present reminder in the form of our third co-host, The Gentleman Ghost of Christmas Past. His icy presence is felt all throughout this episode as we talk about anything and everything other than comics. Hey, you try talkin’ comics when the looming evil of the Santadook is at your door! Come to think of it, there’s lots of evil covered in this podcast, including one of the bigger evils of all time – Hitler! Even as a purgatory baby, he still manages to leave his terrible mark on history. Smaller evils include Snyder’s Man of Steel, Gordy’s apocalypse nethers, clinically diagnosed Bergigo, and the New 52 Lobo. So clamp down on some Big League Chew, slam a Fresca, and get on base!

Plus – A shameful Lady GaGa reference, the gift of stuttering, old gods on new crotches, Hulk Hogan’s Tamp-A-Damp, and Gordy and Justin talk sports…big time. Touchdown?!

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