Josh Plays Far Cry 4 – Rooftop Dive and a Knife to the Heart

Far Cry 4 Roof TakedownOne of the many things I love about Far Cry 4 is how many options there are for people like me who prefer a sneaky, stealthy playstyle.

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Josh Plays Far Cry 4 – The Tiger Flies

Far Cry 4, Exploding TigerIn Far Cry 4, I’ve become a C4 addict. I can’t help myself; experimenting with various ways to blow stuff up is endlessly entertaining to me.

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In Far Cry 4, Wildlife Is out of Hand

Far Cry 4, Bengal Tiger vs BearIn Far Cry 3, wildlife could be a bit dangerous. Maybe not as dangerous as the bears in Red Dead Redemption, but even so, a tiger attack could really mess up an otherwise good day.

I feel like in Far Cry 4, Ubisoft cranked the wildlife knob up to 11. It’s not that dangerous predators are especially difficult this time around, but I can hardly walk 50 meters without stumbling upon some dangerous beast that wants to eat me, trample me, or merely just stare me in the eye with a look of deep concern.

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Japanese Amiibo Figures Smell Better Than American Ones

Marth AmiiboAfter a long hunt for rare amiibo figures, our Senior Editor finally went all out and imported a Marth amiibo for me from Japan. This may seem like a waste of money, since Nintendo announced they would be pushing out another run of Marth figures later on, but there are some genuine benefits to having a Japanese import.

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I Sort of Forgot that Far Cry 4 Had a Story

E3 2014 - Far Cry 4I got completely consumed by Far Cry 4 for a while. I’m not talking just a casual few hours a day here; I come home from a full day of work and put 8 hours into this game afterward. I managed to hit 45% completion in just a weekend.

But somewhere along the way, I sort of forgot that there was a story.

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When The Legend of Zelda Wii U Comes Out, IGN Will Call It the Best Zelda Game Ever Made

Zelda - Grumpy LinkI’m not always comfortable trying to predict whether an upcoming video game will be any good, especially if it’s something we know very little about.

I learned my embarrassing little lesson with a game called Brink, which I paid very close attention to, watching and re-watching every trailer and gameplay video as they came out. This was being published by Bethesda, and all the videos looked awesome. How could it not be fantastic? I was salivating over Brink right up until launch, when I picked it up and put it back down just a couple hours later with a disappointed frown upon my face.

And I don’t think I need to remind you about how disappointing Aliens: Colonial Marines was after all the hype it received in the months leading up to its completely disastrous release.

But there’s one prediction that I’m pretty confident we’ll see come to pass: When the next Legend of Zelda game comes to the Wii U, IGN will call it the best Zelda game ever made.

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The First Thing I Did in Resident Evil HD Was Die

Resident Evil, You Are DeadSince I first learned that the Resident Evil HD remake was going be a thing, I was pretty enthusiastic about it. I preloaded it onto my PS4 and watched the hours and minutes tick down to that glorious launch so I could replay one of my favorite games of the PSOne era, reminiscing about my love for the series while I waited.

Then I stepped into the game and died, right off the fucking bat.

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Black Mage’s Best Games Ever – Minecraft

Minecraft and the Art of Getting LostInfinity is a little bit like death, in that it’s a concept that’s difficult to wrap one’s mind around. I’d like to think that a person is transformed, at least on some level, when he or she is faced with a close proximity to either of those things.

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CQC FTW Trophy/Achievement – How to Beat Resident Evil HD Remaster with Just the Knife

Resident Evil HD RemasterWhen I first saw that the new Resident Evil HD remake had a Trophy for getting through the entire game while only using the knife (it’s called “CQC FTW”), I thought it sounded damn near impossible. Between the awkward controls (I always play using the original control scheme) and the ineffectiveness of the knife, this seemed like a challenge for crazy people.

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Josh Plays Far Cry 4 – Blood in the Grass

Far Cry 4 Supply TruckMy love for C4 in Far Cry 4 is well documented. An evil glee spreads across my face whenever I get to use it to blow things up in the game, and I’m rarely happier than I am when I’ve got a chunk of plastic explosive in my hands.

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