GeekParty Completes and Publishes “The Chicken Trilogy”

GamerGate fence sittingEvery so often, a writer is struck with an idea that is destined to become that person’s definitive work. That work, by its very nature, will transcend everything else that writer has done and will outlive the writer him or herself–in some cases, by centuries.

When that inspiration strikes, one must obey its call. One must rush off to the nearest computer or typewriter and get that idea on paper or on a screen before it fades. If the person is having dinner at a restaurant, he or she must grab a napkin — nay, a stack of napkins — and borrow a pen from another patron. Despite the chaos this may cause, especially if this inspiration descends during lunch rush, that idea must be put into a form in which it can be seen or heard by the world.

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The Most Touching #GamerGate Tumblr Post You’ll Read All Day

ControllersI’ve had some strong words for #GamerGate recently, but that doesn’t mean I’m unwilling to point out when one of their own does something incredibly awesome.

I’m referring to Michael Piña (Tumblr user hokuto-ju-no-ken)’s interaction with a 16-year-old girl who was harassing him. I reached out to him over Skype to get the full story. Here’s what he told me:

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who asks about GamerGate — this friend is anti and I’m pro — but it was a really calm and civil debate. It ended pretty quickly and we just went on with our day.

A few hours later I suddenly saw the tweets I posted screencaps of in my mentions on twitter, the doxxing/threats, and reported the account and asked people on my tumblr to report it as well.

A while later, the friend I had the initial discussion with told me that one of their followers/personal friends (the 16-year-old girl) sent her a message saying that she thinks she sent me a “really strong message” and that she did her best to make sure I wouldn’t “bother anymore women” with misogyny/harassment, etc.

She told the girl that her actions were disgusting and unacceptable. The girl reacted angrily, blocked contact, and called her a gender traitor and — excuse the language — a “male cum-guzzling sycophant.”

So, my friend, being a personal friend of this girl, decided to get in contact with her mother out of concern for her actions. I don’t know about their exact conversation, but the mother wanted to speak with me directly on the phone. That’s where the summary I gave came in.

This summary is pretty heartwarming, in fact. Instead of just telling you about it, I’ll let you read it for yourself. Here’s the link.

It’s sad that this girl honestly believed that “being a good feminist” meant she was obligated to doxx and harass people. However, Piña’s response was beautiful and heartwarming, and I’d like to believe he changed a confused girl’s life for the better.

More conversations like this need to happen right now. It’s been a rough six weeks, but I’m glad to know I live in a world where things like this happen.


Why #GamerGate Will Never Accomplish Anything Ever

GamerGateI’ve spoken about my thoughts on #GamerGate before. I sat down with some people, had some conversations, and tried to find some middle ground. I met some good people, I met some terrible people, and I met some confused people. I did not, however, come to a resolution on how I felt about the whole thing at that point.

After having some time to think about it, though, checking in on the #GamerGate hashtag whenever I have a free minute, I’ve finally formed an opinion:

#GamerGate will never accomplish anything ever.

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Intellivision Flashback vs. ColecoVision Flashback: Retrovolve Weighs In

Retrovolve Flashback

The Intellivision Flashback and ColecoVision Flashback are both on store shelves now, so Andy Reierson over at our sister site Retrovolve did an educational and entertaining video about what you should expect from each one.

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Alcoholic Luigi Came Over, We Played Hyrule Warriors, and We Ate Pizza

zelda pizzaIt’s no secret that Alcoholic Luigi and I have been planning a night of Hyrule Warriors for a while now. Well, this night has finally happened, and it included cheap pizza. Because why wouldn’t it?

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The Lord of the Rings Online: I Forgot How Much I Love the Shire

LOTRO ShireTurbine has done it again: They’ve lured me back into the world of The Lord of the Rings Online with the promise of a new feature that sounds awesome. Last time it was mounted combat (which came with the Riders of Rohan expansion), and this time it’s the promise of the upcoming Beorning class.

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Castle Story’s Bricktrons Might Actually Be Gorons

Bricktron vs GoronI’ve been playing a bit of Hyrule Warriors lately, which means I’ve spent an unusual amount of time over the past few days looking at Gorons. Which makes me wonder how I’ve never noticed this before: Castle Story‘s Bricktrons are basically Gorons.

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In Hyrule Warriors, Ganondorf Might Be My Spirit Animal

Hyrule Warriors GanondorfI’ve been dabbling with Hyrule Warriors here and there. Though at first, the mere act of holding the game’s packaging in my hands made me giddy, the excitement wore off as I slogged through the game’s prologue.  The main story was enough to keep my interest for the most part, but I could already feel that interest beginning to drift.

But Ganondorf changed everything.

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The Beorning Class Has Me Totally Re-sold on The Lord of the Rings Online

The Hobbit BeornThere’s no MMO I’ve spent more time with than The Lord of the Rings Online. It managed to grab me in a way very few other games have ever been able to at a strange time in my life when I actually owned very few games.

Of course, as the game aged and my Kinship (LOTRO‘s version of a Guild) fell apart, ennui set in and I lost interest.

But word just crossed my desk that LOTRO will be adding a new class soon: Beornings. Details thus far are sparse, but I’m pretty excited nonetheless.

For those unfamilar with the esoteric lore of The Lord of the Rings, Beornings are a race of shapeshifters who can transform from human form to bear form. Remember that scene in the second Hobbit movie with Beorn, the hairy bear man? Well, the Beornings are like him, and LOTRO will soon let you play as one of those.

It’s admittedly been about a year since I logged into the game last, but the news of future Beornings has me updating my game and logging in again in anticipation.

I Apologize for Being an Antisocial Minecraft Player

Minecraft Cow ExtinctionI used to moderate the user forums for a shitty gaming site I was writing for at the time. I was very active in the community, and eventually some of the guys on the board started inviting me into their Minecraft world. So I accepted.

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