AniMinneapolis 2015 Cosplay – Part 2

AniMinneapolis 2015 cosplayYes, we’re bummed that AniMinneapolis 2015 is over too.

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AniMinneapolis 2015 Cosplay – Part 1

Luigi and NessAniMinneapolis 2015 is over, and all that’s left is the memories.

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Alcoholic Luigi vs. AniMinneapolis 2015

Luigi vs AniMinneapolisLuigi likes to get drunk and menacing challenge other cosplayers to battle. It’s just a thing he does. We can’t control it.

He made no exception at AniMinneapolis 2015, which means we got some menacing photos before Pink Bane put an end to his shenanigans (and his spine). He’ll be okay, though. Probably.

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AniMinneapolis Karaoke Creates a Luigi-Themed Version of “Hallelujah”

Drunk Alcoholic LuigiI’ve known Alcoholic Luigi long enough to figure out that there are two things he loves to do at cons. The first is probably obvious: He likes to drink copious amounts of alcoholic beverages.

The second, however, is performing karaoke.

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AniMinneapolis 2015 Cosplay Masquerade – Part 2

AniMinneapolis Cosplay MasqueradeWe stopped by the Cosplay Masquerade at AniMinneapolis 2015 to enjoy the festivities and snap some photos. If you’re interested in seeing our images from the first half of the show, those are here.

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AniMinneapolis 2015 Cosplay Masquerade – Part 1

AniMinneapolis Cosplay MasqueradeAt AniMinnepois 2015, we stopped by the Mainroom to check out the Cosplay Masquerade. Dances were danced, costumes were ogled, and good times were had. Here are some highlights from the first half of the event. (The second half can be found here.)

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Star Wars Battlefront Details Emerge, and So Does a Fan Petition

Star Wars BattlefrontIt’s easier than ever to create a petition these days, which means we end up seeing a lot of petitions for weird, nitpicky stuff. While this is far from the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, a new petition launched just a few hours ago to convince EA Games to add content to the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront.

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Bloodborne and Rack N Ruin Both Rely Heavily on Permanence

Bloodborne Hemwick GateRight off the bat, I’m going to admit that I’m comparing two very different games to one another. The similarities I’ve noticed are almost certainly due to the fact that I spent the past few weeks playing Bloodborne and Rack N Ruin and not much else.

But the most interesting connection I’ve noticed between the two is that, in both games, progression is often based on the idea of permanence. (I’ll call this your “gameplay footprint.”)

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Black Ops 3 Has Been Confirmed

Black Ops 3 RevealIt’s official: The next Call of Duty game is Black Ops 3.

This piece of information should surprise no one, especially those of us who have been following the series for ages, but it’s cool nonetheless. In fact, It’s downright incredible.

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Bloodborne – How to Beat Rom, the Vacuous Spider, at Moonside Lake

Bloodborne Rom the Vacuous SpiderRom, the Vacuous Spider, is just one of Bloodborne‘s phenomenally designed bosses. Not only does this one require a bit of strategy, but the Moonside Lake setting is stunningly gorgeous to look at.

If you’ve been struggling on this one (she can be pretty tough), here’s a walkthrough that will hopefully make things easier for you.

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