Grand Theft Auto V in Pictures: To Live and Die in Los Santos

In the last few installments of Grand Theft Auto V in Pictures, we’ve focused on small details. We’ve strolled through alleywaysadmired interior decorating, and taken a look at the signs of the times. I’ve highlighted the intricacies of Los Santos and the homes that line its streets, striving to encapsulate the essence of this city.

This week, I’m taking a step back. I’d like to offer an overview to this city I love, this city of Angels; lonely as I am, together we cry…

Together, we Live And Die In Los Santos:

gta v 6

Calling All Clouds


gta b & c 9

Above the Bridge We Cry


gta v 4

Papers Please


gta indepth 26

Pigs (Three Different Ones)


gta v 04

Gilligan’s Inland


gta v 3

The Loneliest Number


gta v 03

Wrong Ideas


Gta v 1

No Receipt, No Surrender


gta indepth 25

Day Dreaming


gta indepth 22

Three Cups; Two Joes


gta indepth 4

In Contempt


In Majora’s Mask for 3DS, Jabu Jabu Fishing Might Be a Thing

Majora's Mask - LinkThere seems to be some speculation over at The Legend of Zelda Reddit board concerning a fishing mechanic that was omitted from the original Majora’s Mask but will be included in the 3DS remake. It appears as if there was, at one point, an alternate way to possibly curtail the moon’s decent, thus saving humanity (or Hylian-manity or whatever).

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Indigo Prophecy Remastered Would Make My Day

Fahrenheit  Rumors have begun to swirl like a whirling dervish surrounding a particularly vague and mysterious website,

And all signs seem to suggest we are days away from the possible announcement that Indigo Prophecy is the latest in a current trend of generations-old games receiving the remastered treatment.

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Cutscenery: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

witcher 2I’m not the biggest fan of the Witcher series, though that might all change with the upcoming phenomenal-looking third installment. I attempted to get into The Witcher 2 a while back, though I was put off by the deep spell and enchanting combat systems. With the game just recently offered as a free Games With Gold game on the Xbox 360, I’m giving it a second chance.

Where is this confession leading us? To the rediscovery of the incredibly gorgeous and brutal cutscene that opens the Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

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State of Decay: Lifeline – Julian’s State of the Union

State of Decay 1State of Decay was a surprise hit for many, but I always knew it had the chops to be something special. Not only is it my favorite zombie apocalypse survival sandbox sim, but it’s one of the better XBLA games to come along since Shadow Complex made it a viable platform for showcasing incredible (debatably) smaller-tier games.

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Minecraft: A Love Letter to an Endless Game

Minecraft NewAh, Minecraft...

No matter how often I stray, or for however long I stay away, you will always remain a gaming staple and offer me a welcoming embrace.

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5 Video Game Series I Have Yet to Finish

Mass Effect 4There are numerous franchises out there that manage to sustain countless installments — Halo and Call of Duty immediately come to mind. Not all of them may be your exact cup of tea, but that’s okay because there’s definitely enough refreshments to go around, so to speak.

Over the years, there have been quite a few game series that I very much enjoyed, but for one reason or another I failed to either complete the series, or just fell off somewhere along the countless titles that series encompassed.

Here are 5 video game series that I have yet to finish for one reason or anther, but would still kind of like to.

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In State of Decay, Storing Items in Your Vehicle Is a Game-Changer

State of Decay TruckWhen State of Decay was first released, my biggest gripe was that it wasn’t possible to store gear and rucksacks in vehicles, even though this seems like a no-brainer.

Here my character is, rolling around in an extended cab and bed pick-up truck, searching for supplies, yet for some reason she was always limited to the one rucksack that she could carry on her back. Sure, this added an unnecessary challenge, but it completely flies in the face of common sense. I mean, instead of using all of the tools at their survivalist disposal and storing shit in the fucking boot, these morons had to make multiple trips or risk calling in a scavenger run.

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Confessions of a Trivia Crackhead

rsz_trivia-crack-featureI admit it, I am an addict. I am addicted to Trivia Crack and I love it.

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Grand Theft Auto V in Pictures: Alleyways

In recent installments of Grand Theft Auto V in Pictures, we’ve played it safe. We’ve journeyed through the peaceful countryside, explored oceanfront property, and experienced all the comforts of home. This week, we’re throwing caution to the wind and taking a trip down a few dark alleys.

Alleyways are known as escape routes for criminals, as dens of iniquities for prostitutes and narcotics peddlers. These valleys of refuse are a place sensible Los Santos residents normally avoid. However, it’s time to highlight the city’s varicose veins.

This week, join me as we take a detour through “Alleyways.”

gta v 05

A River Runs Through It


alley eight

In the Distance


alley nine

Arches of Dreams Paved


alley seven

The Northern Star


alley one

Rockford Hills are Calling


alley three

Where the Wolves Congregate


alley two

The End of the Tunnel


alley six

Caesar Hailed


alley five

The Other End of the World