The Evil Within: First Impressions

Evil Within screenshotI’ve been playing The Evil Within for exactly one hour now, or 45 minutes when you subtract the 15-minute mandatory install (Why?).

Anywho, I just finished chapter one, and figured I should take a minute to jot down my immediate impressions. For disclosure’s sake, I should mention that I’m playing the game on my Xbox 360. [Read more...]

Bastion Is a Truly Delighful Little Game

Bastion screenshotI recently dove into my gaming vault, hoping to find something fun I hadn’t played in a while. Most of the titles I saw didn’t suit my fancy, and I was beginning to grow weary.

Then I saw a link to a review for Transistor, the most recent title from Supergiant Games. That made me recall the gem that is their first release: Bastion. And that memory gave me an epiphany – Bastion is ridiculously awesome. [Read more...]

Skyrim Wars: A Re-Assessment of My Initial Assessment of the Skyrim DLC

skyrim dlcI was recently taken to task for an article I wrote, and I think that was probably fair.

I had some issues issue with the DLC for The Elder aw, fuck it — Skyrim — but I failed to clarify my point of view. Allow me to extrapolate. [Read more...]

How DLC Killed the Romance

Buried at Sea imageLately, DLC has become a gaming standard. It seems that just about every game includes it, with most offering a season pass for promised content of an unknown nature to be revealed somewhere down the road.

[Read more...]

Skyrim: A Formal Letter of Apology

JulianI recently wrote an opinion-based article about the quality of the DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I was none too impressed by said DLC, and found it to be below the standards of what I would expect from Bethesda, especially when the retail game was so polished. [Read more...]

GTA Online Just Does It Right

GTA: OnlineI’ve been back in Los Santos for a few weeks now, and I’m loving every minute of it. Rockstar Games has put a tremendous amount of effort into making GTA Online a premium online gaming experience.

There are so many little features I love, like being able to join a random mission from the initial load screen, being on call while waiting for the mission matchmaker to find the next available job or activity, or being able to own more than one property. I also love the little tweaks you can make to gameplay options, mechanics and overall balancing.

GTA Online Free ContentAdd to that the impressive amount of free DLC, and you’ve got a very solid online staycation destination.

I was miffed that my attempts to play Destiny blew up in my face, but getting back into GTA Online makes me glad I missed the boat. Now if only I can reach level 465, like one player I ran across. Talk about devotion.


Stephen Amell Lends His Voice to LEGO Batman 3, and I’m Torn

Green Arrow, LEGO Batman 3I love Stephen Amell as TV’s Oliver Queen in Arrow. I do not, however, love LEGO games. Heck, I don’t even just like not them, I almost despise them out right.

[Read more...]

Rest in Peace, EpicBattleCry

E.B.C. 2Last week, the long-running, face-melting podcast EpicBattleCry came to an end.

Collectively run by Tony Grice, Daniel Kayser and “Viking” Brent Adam, this was hands-down my favorite gaming podcast. Not only was it a great source for news and commentary, but also chock full of hilarity, witticism and a never-ending supply of puns.

E.B.C.I’m sad to see them hang up the mic. It was an excellent ride while it lasted, and I just wanted to take a moment to give a personal thank you to the whole axehead army for creating, fostering, and maintaining an incredible space on the Internet to have an intelligent conversation about “child’s play.”

Thanks for the years, thanks for the laughs.

Ear-piercing Eagle Cry!!

Skyrim’s DLC Is Dumb, Lazy, and Cheap

skyrim dlcThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of my all-time favorite. I don’t go on and on about it like some writers, but the fact that I refer to it by its entire title and not just “Skyrim” should prove that I’m a serious fan. It’s easily one of the best games I’ve ever played.

But while Skyrim is definite top 10 material, it isn’t perfect. If I had to pick a gripe, it’d be this: at least two of its three console DLC add-ons are utter shit. [Read more...]

Max Payne 3 Is Basically Man on Fire in Game Form

Max Payne 3While watching  Man on Fire, I couldn’t shake the urge to play Max Payne 3. It wasn’t until I began to question this desire that I realized that Max Payne 3 is basically Man on Fire: The Video Game. Let’s compare the two, shall we? [Read more...]