Far Cry 4’s Valley of the Yetis DLC Is No Blood Dragon, but It Still Looks Interesting

far cry blood dragonFar Cry 3: Blood Dragon was a welcome addition the Far Cry franchise. It re-envisioned what DLC could be, allowing gamers to enjoy the tight controls and game play of Far Cry 3 without its smug and annoying characters.

Because Blood Dragon was such a drastic departure from Far Cry 3, it managed to deliver an experience that many would argue was far superior to the original package. Sure, it had a smaller scope and more narrow aesthetic, but what an aesthetic it was. [Read more…]

Lizzie from Rampage Is Most Definitely Not a Dinosaur

Rampage MonstersIt’s Dinosaur Week at GeekParty, which means the staff has been discussing all kinds of important scientific issues. Like, say, whether or not Lizzie from the game Rampage qualifies as an actual dinosaur.

Much like a pendulum, opinions on the issue have swung back and forth. [Read more…]

Cutscenery: Dino Crisis 2

Dino Crisis 2One year has passed since the “Third Energy Incident” and government research has begun at a base… somewhere and blah blah blah…

Look, I don’t mean to belittle Dino Crisis 2, and my apologies go out to Dr. Kirk, but this opening dialogue is just an excuse to usher in a bunch of dinosaur action. Which is probably okay, because the only questions I have when I pop in the Dino Crisis 2 disc are: Where are the dinosaurs and how long until I start killing a bunch of them?

[Read more…]

Far Cry 4 Has a Chest Problem

poor villagers kyratWhile playing Far Cry 4, I was struck by how financially destitute the citizens of Kyrat appear to be. The villagers and townies are true salt of the earth types, barely able to make ends meet.

In fact, many of them must subsidize their income by growing poppy for the drug trade. It’s hard to blame them; their only other choice is to become a stooge in Pagan Min’s death squad.

Yet Ajay Ghale seems to have no trouble raking in a cool million simply by ransacking the thousands of unlocked chests that litter the hills and roadsides.

chestSo what is everybody else’s problem? The items sold for exorbitant prices on the black market can easily be obtained by popping open one of these unguarded chests, many of which are right next to each other. You see loot chests everywhere you look, even inside the most run-down of shacks. Why is Ajay the only one opening them?

Unless those chests actually contain the life savings of the folks that live there, the very people Ajay is fighting to liberate…

far cry 4 monkeyGreat, now I feel like a jerk.

The New Tomb Raider Game Had Better Have Dinosaurs in It

Tomb Raider DinosaurI’m going to be perfectly honest here: I did not enjoy the Tomb Raider reboot.

This is not because it was too linear in its attempt at an open world, nor was it because of the annoying quick time events that ultimately led to me rage quitting. No, my faithful friends and readers, I was displeased by Tomb Raider because of its lack of dinosaurs. That’s right, the game ultimately failed to deliver my requisite level of dino goodness.

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Dinosaur Week Makes Shark Week Look Just Plain Weak

DinoWeekHeaderAnyone who knows me knows I’m a man of science. In fact, you could go so far as to say that science and I are synonymous; we get one another.

Case in point: Scientists recently confirmed what my data has shown for years, that Dinosaur Week vastly superior to Shark Week. To which the Journal of Science-Related Items then added, “So suck it, Discovery Channel.”

And we here at the GeekParty Mansion couldn’t agree more.

So in celebration of Dino Week, a week-long event that we started ourselves, GeekParty will be offering dino-sized amounts of all things, well, dino.

dinosharkAnd for our efforts, Science has decided to commend our heroic, selfless promotion of Dinosaur Week (again, a week-long event that we actually initiated ourselves) by giving us an Award of Valor in the Field of Continuing to Promote and Embrace Dinosaur Week. Which is kind of a pretty big deal, though I mean not to brag or whatever.

So join GeekParty and Science as we salute Dinosaur Week, which, as we’ve established, is far superior to Shark Week.

dinosaur vs sharkAnd to stay current on Dino Week, keep checking back here for links to all things Dino:

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Kyrat Blows Rook Island out of the Water

far cry 3I enjoyed exploring Rook Island when I played Far Cry 3, but it didn’t really stick with me. Even its name vanished from my memory; I had to look it up because I was drawing a complete blank. I kept mixing it up with Panua from Just Cause 2.

I’m playing Far Cry 4 right now, so it’s only natural that Kyrat is at the forefront of my mind. Still, I think that this country has something to offer that Rook Island doesn’t. Rook Island is fairly generic, but Kyrat has personality and pizzazz to spare.

far cry 4From the posted notes to the propaganda posters to the random skirmishes to the endless valleys and mountains, this place feels very realized and well-thought out. It’s incredibly gorgeous, even on ancient consoles. The cherry blossoms sing, the snow lands glisten, and the moon dances out from behind the clouds, shining a sliver of light along cove-housing hillsides.

If you haven’t yet taken a spin on a four-wheeler along a narrow cliff-side road, or manned a fishing boat through treacherous water ways, do yourself a favor and book the next flight in. Just make sure you fill out the necessary paperwork; I hear tourist visas are hard to come by.

Grand Theft Auto V In Pictures: The End of the Road

It’s been a long and eventful journey – full of surprises, beauty and even a bit of danger. We’ve been through every inch of this great Metropolis, from shore to desert to pavement to air.

I’ve spent many hours focusing my lens on the big picture and intimate minutia. But like all journeys, this one must come to an end. And I’d like to thank you all for riding the rails with this photog.


So, for our last journey, follow me to The End of the Road:

bye 2

Nature Calls


bye 6

The Ferry Man


bye 8

The Gates Of Heaven


bye 92

Room With A View


bye 91

Founding Father


bye 9

Dressed To Kill


bye 93

All Diamonds Baby


bye 98

The Classic


bye 99

Discount Chalet


bye 9999999

Rockford Files


bye 99999

Wings To Fly


bye 999999

Cherry on Top


bye 97

The Red Carpet Of Tinsel Town


bye 95

Golden Era


bye 9999

Shades Of Grey


bye 96

A Smashing Revenue


bye 94

It’s All Downhill From Here


bye 4

To The Skies


bye 01

Good Night


No Shortage Of Rope: Visual Cues In Far Cry 4

far cry 4 ropeLately, I’ve been messing around with Far Cry 4. It’s a great game, don’t get me wrong, but I’m starting to get annoyed by the ridiculous amount of rope left lying around Kyrat. [Read more…]

Word Crack: Two Minutes of Pure Addiction

Word Crack LogoAfter Words With Friends and Trivia Crack got me high on competitive mobile gaming, I stumbled upon a game called Word Crack. And good lord, am I ever addicted to it.

I never used to like Zynga-type mobile games, but titles like Word Crack are winning me over. This game is more fast-paced and skill-based than any of the similar titles I’ve spent time with. (I mean seriously Word With Friends, ‘June’ is not a recognizable word, but ‘Reg’ is a-okay? Yeah, that makes perfect sense.) [Read more…]