Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Isn’t Afraid to Ask “What If?”


NB: The following article contains spoilers for the Sword Art Online anime. If you haven’t watched it yet, get off your ass and do so.

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HD Remakes Look Exactly How I Remember Them

It was today that I first saw the initial batch screenshots from the upcoming HD remake of the original Resident Evil. This remake, based on the GameCube reimagining of the heavily pixelated PSOne original, has gorgeous new texture work, improved lighting, and a heavily boosted resolution that pulls the entirety of the frame into sharper focus.

But, to my mind, it looks exactly like the GameCube release. To a tee.

HD and REmake

For reference

Sources (left to right): Video Games Blogger and Laser Lemming

Place them side by side and, yeah, it’s obvious which is which. Just looking at the new shots by themselves, though, they don’t in any way strike me as a mind-blowing improvement over the original versions.

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Divinity: Original Sin — A Ball-Busting Illustration of Difficulty

Skeletons With Freaking BombsGeekParty’s David Roberts has hinted at how unforgivingly challenging Divinity: Original Sin can be.

Most of the time, this difficulty is welcome. It prolongs the life of the game and, seeing as Original Sin brings little in the way of randomness to the table (its world, and every encounter therein, has been painstakingly crafted by the developers), this means of extending your stay in the gorgeous and compelling world of Rivellon is certainly welcome. [Read more...]

The Multitudinous Boxes of Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin Containers AboundOne of the great things about Divinity: Original Sin is that it offers players a lot of freedom in how they interact with the environment. Almost any object can be moved around freely, as long as the character trying to do so is of sufficient strength. This is useful in puzzle-solving and trap-disarming alike, and also just adds to the texture of the game’s world. It also means that there are a lot of boxes lying around.

You can open all of them. Every. Single. One.

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Divinity: Original Sin Sails the Full Release Seas

Divinity: Original SinDivinity: Original Sin is out. I mean, you’ve been able to buy it for months now, but what you got was the game’s alpha and then beta phases. If you played, you would have frequently encountered setbacks as your progress was erased with practically every update, as the very structure of the game evolved and changed.

But as of June 30, the full release is on GOG.com. If you’re interested, you can pick it up here. That said, our goal at GeekParty is to provide a review of the game.

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Divinity: Original Sin Has Gained a Tutorial

beardy mcbeardsonEarly Access games are an interesting phenomenon, in part because they allow those outside the development community to see how things are prioritized. In the case of Divinity: Original Sin, my initial experiences back during its alpha (it’s now in beta, with the full release slated for June 30) were compelling, but rough around the edges. [Read more...]

E3 2014: The Open-World Zelda, and What Was Left Unsaid

Zelda E3 2014The single biggest new title announced during Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event was the suspected, but never confirmed, new Legend of Zelda game. We open on a field, Eiji Aonuma narrating as a man sits astride a horse, endless, grassy hills stretching into a mountainous distance, rocks and trees giving texture to the landscape.  As Aonuma explains that the technology has finally allowed them to create a Zelda game with the open world scope they’ve always wanted, the figure on the horse comes under attack, a mechanical spider-like beast stomping across the landscape, firing explosive blasts as the man and his steed take off into the forest. [Read more...]

E3 2014: Nintendo Made Me Want a Smash Bros. Anime

Smash Bros animeGod damn you, Nintendo. Your E3 2014 Digital Event was filled with so many quirky references, including original material from the folks behind Robot Chicken, some… interesting game reveals, and the announcement of an open world Zelda game.

But then you took it too far. You teased us with an animated trailer for Super Smash Bros., a battle between Pit and Link overseen by the former’s patron goddess, Palutena. You teased us with the setup of a potential Smash Bros. anime, and then blew it all on a character reveal that, frankly, simply wasn’t as interesting as what had come immediately before.

Nintendo, you owe us a Smash Bros. anime. Also, Mother 3 and a new Star Fox, because you are mean.

E3 2014: Splatoon the Most Sexual Game on Nintendo’s Slate?

Splatoon E3 2014Squid-based characters? Getting your “ink” everywhere on the map? Sliding around in a trail of your own goo?

Splatoon may be the most unintentionally sexual game Nintendo is showing at this year’s E3. Sure, the game itself, from gameplay mechanics to colorful aesthetic, appears to be little more than a somewhat inventive, kid-friendly shooter. But these are squids we’re talking about, which, with their protruding tentacles, already carry certain phallic implications.

Splatoon takes that a step farther, with the ink one shoots providing a direct gameplay benefit: players can dive into their persistent goo trails and, hidden, “swim” about the map.

I’m saying you play as dicks that are also sperm. But the bright colors and cutesy sound effects make it all innocent and okay, right?


E3 2014: Nintendo Shows Mario’s Friends Some Love

Robot Chicken MarioLast year was the “Year of Luigi,” according to Nintendo’s 2013 E3 press conference. It may have begun with the announcement of Super Luigi U, but has certainly continued up through 2014, with his attitude-laden showing in Mario Kart 8. At this year’s E3, though, Nintendo finally decided to show Mario’s other pals some love. [Read more...]