Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 24] : Double Stilt Football


If everything just feels right in the world to you today, it’s probably in no small part to this podcast and the heavy focus on Stilt-Man. You didn’t know you loved the world’s most obvious, high-tech peeping tom in history, but now you do. Know what else you probably love? Erotic mutant fan fiction. Just don’t read too much of it or you’ll end up face to face with Mephisto some day! Just kidding, never stop. Oh, and we dance around The Punisher for a bit, but as we all know, all roads lead back to Stilt-Man.

Also! HD sniffing, Bog McFarlane, NFL SuperPro 2.0 featuring Christian Okoye, NASCAR villains, and the mysteries surrounding the spooooky number 23.

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Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 23] : The Joker is a Bad Guy w/ Josh & Atlas Engen


Josh Engen and his son Atlas sit in on today’s show to talk about all the hot button issues facing our society today. Is the Joker a good guy or a bad guy? What is an Octonaut? What’s the best position in a human centipede? And can Batman really fly? Once they solve all THOSE mysteries, they move on to maybe the biggest one of all: is the new Daredevil show really any good? We debut our new segment, “Justin, Judge and Jury,” and find out.

Also this eppy! Scarvel’s Baremevil, a Mad Men/TMNT crossover, a trip off the reddit bridge and into the darkweb, Comix Zone vs. Turtles in Time, and Gordy knows Bo, who knows baseball, so ipso facto Gordy knows baseball. Play balls!

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Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 16] – The Bishop Who Cried Apocalypse


This is it! GtJc is kicking off the first annual Superhero Big Hugs Championship this week, and you won’t wanna miss out on all the adorable action! Ever wondered who would win in a hug-off between Venom and The Vision? Or Rogue and Mr. Fantastic? Well wonder no more, weirdos, as we go through the Marvel Hugs bracket and figure it all out. When the dust settles the boys hug one another in triumph and relief, only to then start fist fighting over who hugs the best between them and how many arms are required for maximum comfort. Next week – DC!

Bishop also gets talked about a bit this eppy, but the time travel aspect to his whole deal means we don’t get very far. And we had to check in with Paste-Pot Pete, so they ate up some of his time. PLUS! The non-magical Wizard tries to wrangle Carnage, Forge goes insane, an axe man seeks redemption in the woods, and designer prison camp tattoos. Hug it out!

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Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 13] – The Gems of Vanderscootch Abbernathy


Who can stop the Juggernaut?! Nobody! Well, Onslaught can and did. And Spider-Man…kinda. And The Hulk. OK, so maybe a bunch of people can stop him. But not for long! The boys go over some of the shell head’s greatest hits and greatest push-ups this eppy. Then they move on to the Onslaught Saga, Marvel’s big time crossover event from the late 90s. How many hugs does it take to convince Franklin Richards to make a new world? Is Dr. Strange capable of leaving even a single gem or crystal in the Marvel Universe unmolested? Can one Goblin truly make a difference? The answers are within.

Not to mention! Loyal listener Matt faces his greatest foe, Billy in the parks doing recreations, Gordy’s nicotine naps, Fuberbatch Undercum, Coaxial Abberscratch, Collapsable Ubersnatch, and Benescoops Cumbersnacks. By the Oily Eye of Abbernathy, you don’t wanna miss this!

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Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 11]: Mouth Fit


Music! Mayhem! Mayo Deftinwolf! This week we delve into the magical, melodious world of comics written by musicians. Who knew there were so many?! After a few honorable mentions (including, but not limited to, Gene Simmons’ Bog Man Swamp Cheeks), we talk about the big three – Gerard Way’s (My Chemical Romance), The Umbrella Academy, Tom Morello’s (Rage Against the Machine) Orchid, and Coheed and Cambria’s The Amory Wars. One is great, one is fine, and one is a hot mess. So get on it, Charlie Hebdudes, and find out which is which! Special guest appearance by Ace Freely.

Plus! What happened to Danzig?! Justin’s Back Brain Kick, Gordy has a mouth fit, Jimmy Pardo takes a hit, the GtJc curse, and our hot new feature – guess the flawless accent!

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Dying Light Is an Asthma Simulator

DyingLight-ArtMost of my friends don’t know about my asthma. It’s never been something that I complain about, and it hasn’t been particularly restricting to my athletic abilities. That probably has something to do with the fact that I play more video games than basketball, but my point stands.

Even though my brand of asthma has never left me in a wheezing puddle on the soccer field, it’s something that’s with me all the time, advising the kinds of decisions that I make. It’s a little voice in the back of my head that encourages me to take the elevator or avoid the outdoors during allergy season. Some people might call this laziness; I call it asthma.

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Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 10] – Double Digit Blast


Fancy a podcast?! Answer us! OK, well, your download is answer enough for us, but we can’t speak for the Gatekeeper.

This week we check back in with Mr. Sinister, Christian Okoye, and the VCR boardgames of our youth. After that we delve into the Spider-Verse, Marvel’s new ongoing Spider-Man event involving Spider-People from every concievable universe. Could there be an eternal Spider-Gordy that consumes nothing but gravy and Mountain Dew? Or a Spider-Justin that’s big into clonin’ for the purposes of bonin’? Maybe! Thwip on in and find out!

Also swingin’ in this eppy – Gordy makes his views on Frank Miller very clear, Justin makes his views on Gordy’s tattoos even clearer, (Captain) Cold vs. Nixon, Ms. Marvel finds herself a new tutor, and a mischievious Peter Parker gets into Silk’s box. Don’t be an Emo, get Wright with the boys and download it now!

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Dying Light is a Different Kind of Zombie Game. So, Why Does It Feel So Generic?

DyingLight - Zombie PunchPsychologists call it “exposure therapy.” When a patient suffers from a debilitating form of anxiety, some therapists will repeatedly expose him or her to the fear-inducing stimuli. Obviously, no one is ever in danger, so the process allows the patient to recontextualize their anxiety and extinguish the fear.

For example, if you were afraid of household appliances, which is an actual disorder called Oikophobia, a psychologist might ask you to do a load of laundry or microwave a bowl of oatmeal. After a number of treatments, you’d eventually realize that appliances aren’t very scary. [Read more…]

Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 09] – Angels and Assholes


Je Suis, Charlie! Welcome to the first international episode of Gordy Tells Justin Comics! This week we cover the best (and worst) of French comics, starting and ending with the man, the legend, the kook…Alejandro Jodorowsky. Things start out super nice, then turn super odd as the boys get into the thick of Jodo’s magnum opus — The Holy Mountain. From there they hit up his iconic comic work with Moebius, Metabarons, which turns out to be mostly just a batshit re-imagining of Dune coated in brutal insanity. A guy fills himself with bombs, has sex with his mom, blows his kid’s head off, and then things get REALLY weird. There are no Angels in the outfield of space.

Also this eppy – North Korean shadow people, Justin’s flawless Seth Rogen impression, King Okoye, senior sinners on the loose, and What Would Snake Eyes Do? So come on in and let us spit…just a little…in your mouth…

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[Comic] Robot Wisdom : Bathrooms

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really tired of people chatting me up in the bathroom. I have a strict no-talking policy when my pants are unzipped. And, yes, that rule applies to every pantsless situation that I find myself in.

Listen to the robot, people. He knows what he’s talking about.

The bathroom is a place of serious business. #comics #geekparty #comicstrips #robots #robotwisdom

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