BackStory: The Origin of Batman’s T-Rex


Things are more fun when they’re covered in dinosaurs. So, this week, an army of prehistoric predators is invading Every day, we’ll post a handful of dino-themed articles for your enjoyment. You will enjoy them. Because we told you to. Welcome to Dinosaur Week

It’s Dinosaur Week here at GeekParty, which means that this edition of BackStory was written with dinosaurs in mind. There are several dinosaur stories in comics, but nothing really stood out to me… at first. Then I realized that Batman’s T-Rex is probably the most famous dinosaur in comics.

batcave1Batman is famous for his trophy collection, but his mechanical dinosaur has always been a mystery. It’s constantly in the background, but I really didn’t know much about it. Since the title of this column is “Backstory,” I decided it was worth looking into.

The first appearance of the T-Rex was in Batman issue #35. Batman and Robin visit Dinosaur Island, a theme park filled with mechanical dinosaurs and cavemen. Things go wrong, the Dynamic Duo save the day, and Batman throws the T-Rex into the trunk of the Batmobile.

batman_35It’s definitely an odd item to keep in the Batcave, but so is a giant penny. I think Batman needs these trophies to remind him of the more light-hearted adventures he’s been through.

Grant Morrison takes this approach to Batman’s mythology: everything that’s happened in Batman’s comics has actually happened to him. Check out the video below to hear the man himself explain it on Kevin Smith’s “Fat Man on Batman” podcast.

From Morrison’s perspective, the T-Rex is important piece of Batman’s history. Sure, it just sits there, but it’s a chunk of his past. And that’s just as important as anything else he’s accumulated over the years.