Bastion Is a Truly Delighful Little Game

Bastion screenshotI recently dove into my gaming vault, hoping to find something fun I hadn’t played in a while. Most of the titles I saw didn’t suit my fancy, and I was beginning to grow weary.

Then I saw a link to a review for Transistor, the most recent title from Supergiant Games. That made me recall the gem that is their first release: Bastion. And that memory gave me an epiphany — Bastion is ridiculously awesome.

Don’t get me wrong; I loved the game when I originally played it. But I hadn’t experienced it for a good long while, and I’d forgotten that the game even existed. I was suddenly flooded with memories, and those memories were pretty grand.

bastion colorfulBastion is absolutely one of a kind. It’s the sort of title that harkens back to games of yore, yet manages to shines as a beacon of greatness on its own.

The script and voice acting is impeccable, natural, engaging and incredibly accurate when matched with the actions of the player. The combat is pure and tight; fun and precise. The weapon combinations offer players a great deal of customization, allowing them to play as they see fit.

The visuals are stunning, and make the world a delight to explore. The story is well-told, with strokes of real despair and tender moments of hope. The laid-back vibe makes you feel like you’re playing an interactive fairy tale that’s based on a dream-like fantasy.

I can’t speak highly enough of this game. If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing it and are looking for a truly special and truly unique experience, waste not a second more.