Bear Simulator Proves That Games with Simulator in the Title Are Awesome

I have this bizarre affection for any game with the word simulator in its title. Surgeon Simulator? I love it. Forklift Truck Simulator? Yes please! No matter what the game is about, sticking simulator on the end makes it more entertaining.

I used to think my love for simulators was a little weird. Then Bear Simulator came along.

Bear Simulator, in case you’ve missed it, is a game that lets you simulate life as a bear. You can eat honey, catch fish, and stare at your own furry paws to your heart’s content.

But what’s truly amazing about Bear Simulator isn’t that it exists. It’s how the internet has responded to it.

There are 24 days left on the Bear Simulator Kickstarter, and the game has already been fully funded. In fact, it’s surpassed its goal by more than $10,000. At the time of writing, no stretch goals exist, but it should hit them effortlessly. Someone has paid $1,000 for the right to design one of the game’s foods.

It’d be easy to write this off as a fluke. Maybe it was a slow Kickstarter day, or maybe the internet was bored. But Bear Simulator isn’t the only simulator game to take the internet by storm.

Goat Simulator began as a Global Game Jam entry, but quickly became a sensation. The demand for the game was overwhelming, and a full-fledged version of the title is now on its way. At the time, I thought people just really liked goats, but now, I know the truth.

It’s time to face facts. Games with simulator in their titles are awesome. Goat and Bear Simulator will inevitably become hits, and many more simulator titles will follow in their footsteps.

I hope one of them is an actual beard simulator. I would play that so hard.