Boobs Don’t Equal Noobs

Having tits doesn’t make me a n00b.

Sure they’re nice — I mean, even straight chicks and gay dudes appreciate a good set of tits — but I feel like an adequate gamer most of the time. Sure, I may not always be perfectly up to date with every franchise in existence, but I keep up where it counts. I was at the midnight release of Halo: Reach, I preordered both Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts 3D, and I can probably kick your ass in Battlefield 3. Probably. On a good day.

See, there’s this stereotype of female gamers that goes something like this:

“Oh, she has tits. That must mean she’s horrible at this game. Girls don’t like videogames! Girls only pretend to play videogames because they’re whores! She’s just trying to get male attention!”

You get the drift.

Unfortunately, there’s some truth to some of this. I mean, there are a lot of undereducated females who use videogames to get male attention when the most they’ve really only been exposed to something like Mario Party, and they were probably sixteen and drunk at a house party at the time. Lots of girls talk about videogames when they don’t really have any business talking about videogames.

Anyone watch North American Star League (NASL) last year? You know, where they hired Lindsey Sporrer (who clearly had no idea what she was talking about) to run commentary on StarCraft? She famously asked Day[9] if he would have the honor of teaching her to play StarCraft. At the StarCraft tournament. Where she was supposed to be giving commentary on what was going on. In a game she had never played before.

And this is one of the reasons gamer girls get such a bad rap. It has nothing to do with gamer girls being whores, or not being willing to play video games. It has nothing to do with not being willing to stay up all night saving Lady Zelda–or even that Zelda isn’t a dude. It’s the culture of booth babes, models, and otherwise obviously gamer-uneducated women being objectified for their bodies for the sake of making a buck. Should Lindsey Sporrer have been hired to telecast? Absolutely not. Is it because she’s a woman? Absolutely not. It’s because she obviously was hired for the sake of being an attractive model and not for being passionate or even knowledgeable about the subject she was hired to report on.

This is why we can’t have nice things, people. This is why everyone assumes that every person with female genitalia pretends to be interested in video games in order to gain male attention.

Okay, so I’m really better at Puzzle Fighter than Battlefield, and as far as games go, Dance Dance Revolution is generally more my thing. But that doesn’t make me a n00b. I’m good at what I do. Hell, I like what I do enough to compete. I love the games I play enough to keep playing them, and that’s really all that matters.

And no, you may not have a photo of my tits. But here’s one of Lindsey Sporrer in her underwear as a consolation prize. You’re welcome.

  • Eric

    This article just made be speechless.
    Not in the good way.

  • Thomas

    This was a wonderful thing to read. I don’t see why video games are a particularly masculine thing, either. Anyone can just sit in front of a screen and play a game. But anyway, I agree with this post and have a lot of respect for the one who posted it.

    • Iste

      This was actually pretty poorly written. The author is addressing sexism in the multiplayer gaming community for the wrong reasons. Nobody believes females are worse at playing games, and she’s actually not helping the sexism situation in the slightest with this article. She states several times that a lot of girls that play games are just whoring for attention, but don’t worry, because not all of them suck!

  • ArK

    I cant figure out if this is a joke.

    • Josh Engen

      Those jokes are the best kind. Like a Wes Anderson movie.

  • SomeGirL

    Seriously, you need to get real.. first of all you are a stereotypical girl who thinks shes entitled to call others or even most attention seeking gamers..? Let me burst your bubble.. you are not.. in fact most girls who are in the gaming scene love gaming.. sure they may not be up to par with men but hey men and girls arent that alike.. even when some girls tend to seem that they are..
    You are trying to take down Lindsey Sprrer.. but let me tell you.. do you have ANY clue whatsoever why she was hired in the first placE? YES SHE IS A MODEL.. YES SHE was supposed to interview people ON Camera.. .. adn not sure if you know but most people who do this either have lil knowledge or atleast not up to the level of a general gamer.. Do you enjoy and feel entitled spamming her pics and making her look “bad” .. Well too bad you’re only showing people what kind of people you are.

    Lindsey sporrer was hired on short notice because she looks pretty shes a model and girls who look pretty and have no info about sc2 have been known to get hired to be presentable ( yes, basically doing their job ) sometimes theyr not well informed and they make mistakes so what?!… Most gamer girls i know ARE girl gamers not for the attention or anything but because they like it.. and attention is someone a guy or a girl enjoys.. so stop being so superficial.. seriously this is the worst article ever.

  • Jen

    If you read the whole article instead of focusing on the parts you don’t like and ignoring everything else that was written, you might be able to understand the point that the writer was trying to make. The title of the article being “Boobs Don’t Equal Noobs”, sounds like the article is going to be about how just because a person may be a female gamer it doesn’t mean they are an inferior gamer or don’t know anything about the industry. The writer then goes on to say that there are girls who do play and know what they’re doing as well as any male does. Then they go into talking about where the stereotype they refer to might come from; The fact that sometimes there are women who do use gaming as a way to meet men, I personally have met a good amount of girls that do that. That being said I have also met plenty of women that just play video games because they want to and they enjoy them, myself included. From my own experiences in the gaming world I have found that sometimes men do look down on a persons credibility as a gamer simply because they are female. Sometimes when I would form and lead a group on a game there would be males that would make sexist remarks or just refuse to join simply because I was a girl, even though they knew nothing about my skill as a player. In some games where they show a players skill through ranks by their name and what not so you can get an idea of their level of skill, the men would still treat me as if I was an idiot even when my rank would be higher than theirs, and they would make comments about how I was playing on my brother or boyfriend’s character/account. I am not saying this is how all men are, I have met plenty of guys that are not like that at all and are actually very fun people to hang out with, BUT there are some who still do this and treat women this way. I think the writer of this article was trying to point out why that female gamer stereotype keeps being circled around. I know nothing about Lindsey Sporrer except that she is a model, so she could be very intelligent and someone who plays games for the fun of it, no one will know until they ask her themselves I guess lol, But I do know that whoever hires a person (male or female) to do a commentary (for anything) based on their appearance with no knowledge of whatever thing they might be commentating on is pretty damn stupid and will most likely be making the person commentating look stupid as well. I don’t think the stereotype the writer of this article is talking about was promoted by Lindsey Sporrer because she is just a person that was hired for the job and was only doing what she was told to do. I think it’s people behind the scenes that are an issue. If you watch most gaming news casts or reviews, most often you will see regular average looking guys talking about video games, etc… BUT out of at least 20 or more casts/reviews I have seen with girls hosting/co-hosting only 1 or 2 of the girls look like a regular average girl, most of them tend to be chosen because of their more appealing appearance. I am not saying hot girls can’t be good gamers too, because I know plenty of girls that are as pretty as a model and play video games as well, but I do think that there is a standard of appearance given to women in gaming media that is not equally placed on men. Like I have mentioned before, though, not all of it is like that. I have seen regular looking women doing casts or reviews, I am only pointing out that the majority seem to be chosen for reasons other than their knowledge of the subject at hand. If this is an article about a girl stating her opinions on female gamers then I see nothing wrong with how it was written, but if this is an article made to debate negative stereotyping of female gamers then the writer of this article should focus more on pointing out research they or others have done on the matter and giving a more logic based argument for their cause because there are a few fallacies in the argument they are putting forth.

  • Jon

    Weird face, weird stomach 2/10 would not band

    • Josh Engen

      Weird stomach? You like your women with a little more cheese cake in ’em?

      • Josh Wirtanen

        I would totally be in a band with Lindsey Sporrer.

  • Jon

    sorry meant would not bang

  • al

    if you like puzzle fighter try playing puzzle pirates. it’s a really fun puzzle based pirate mmo.

  • Natalie

    Okay, so instead of trying to argue about details of the article and how it does and doesn’t correctly portray the stereotypical gamer girl, why don’t we get serious? I’m a gamer girl and I love playing Portal Series, Half-life Series, Counter Strike, Borderlands, Call of Cthulhu:Dark Corners of the Earth, Team Fortress 2, an plenty of other games. I don’t do it for the attention, most of the time i just let people assume I’m a guy so that they don’t give me special attention. I play for the sole purpose of loving to game. Anyone on this thread who says that girls can’t be just as good as guys doesn’t know what they’re talking about and anyone who considers themselves a true gamer girl, but is just there for the attention, is sorely mistaken. True gamer girls play for the love of the game, as all gamers should.

  • slim

    what’s wrong with wanting a pic of ur tits and why can’t you post the pics of your tits? is something wrong with it or what? at lea st just post pics of ur nips, doesn’t have to be the whole tits. OR just give us ur gamertag and let’s play some multiplayer matches.

  • Jonathan

    Violet, good idea for a fun(ny) article with a point, could’ve been better executed though. You admitted that yourself. But either way, thanks for the amusement while giving some food for thought.

  • Arielle

    This article really rubbed me the wrong way, and not only as a woman, but as a game designer.

    You start off by complaining about boys and men who claim that girls and women only play video games to get attention, but then you justify their accusations by claiming that there are lots of drunken teenage girls who only play Mario Party, and thus, “have no business talking about video games”. I wasn’t aware people had to have a special license to talk about video games. And here I was thinking that video games were just a part of our culture that people of all backgrounds enjoyed talking about.

    Worst of all, at the end, you write in a pandering tone by calling these ladies “controller whores,” while reassuring the dudes that you’re not “one of them.” Not only is that sexist, but it’s also elitist. What’s wrong with enjoying Mario Party or Call of Duty or super-obscure indie games? People have different tastes, and even you seem to acknowledge this when you mention your preference toward Puzzle Fighter and Dance Dance Revolution. How would you feel if someone doubted your abilities because of your gaming tastes?

    Maybe you weren’t intending to be sexist or elitist, but it came off that way to me and other people. You have to be careful with which words you choose. We’re all guilty of this, so we have to try to be humble.

  • Violet

    I’m sorry if I offended you with this, but this article was really supposed to be funny as opposed to serious. I admit my execution was a bit flawed but I had no idea people were gonna get so up in arms about it.

    trolling done well, I suppose 😉

  • Josh Wirtanen

    Well, there ARE those types of girls out there. That’s the thing. There ARE girls who pretend to be gamers in order to get male attention. The point of the article is that you shouldn’t be quick to assume that the stereotype applies to every girl out there.

    The article never says that this stereotype doesn’t exist. The stereotype is very real, and the writer acknowledges that. But where does this stereotype come from? She asks this question and then attempts to answer it.

    The article never makes the claim that there is no stereotype, and it never makes the claim that this stereotype is 100% true. It also doesn’t call every single gamer female a “controller whore.” It points out the fact that there are girls out there who are legitimate gamers, and it’s not fair to assume that because they have boobs, they aren’t good at gaming. Acknowledging that there’s some truth to the stereotype isn’t saying that it’s completely true one hundred percent of the time.

    It’s probably true that a majority of female gamers approach gaming with a completely different mindset than the majority of male gamers. But that’s not what the article is trying to address. It’s basically saying, “Stop assuming I can’t play games because I’m female.”

    Also, the Lindsey Sporrer thing was a fair point, I think. I mean, it wasn’t like she was getting paid to stand there, holding a box of StarCraft II and just looking pretty. She was being paid to make comments on something she had no idea about. It’s not necessarily a diss toward Lindsey Sporrer, but it’s pointing out a legitimate flaw in the industry.

    Also, Lindsey Sporrer is very attractive. I don’t think the article ever claims she’s not. But, for the record, she’s gorgeous.

  • Jen

    It’s quite obvious in your reply that you didn’t fully understand what I said in my comment (maybe you should read it again and not twist the wording I used into your own meanings…), and that you have been given false information for some of your points… and honestly the way in which you present your self and your so-called “facts” in your comments make it very clear that you don’t know how to produce a logical argument for a debate on this subject. I am sorry if you are offended by what I write, but any insult you might want to make out of what I have written is minor compared to the insults you have placed on your self with what you’ve written on this page. At a later time if you would like to research more on the subject, and have an open mind to have a peaceful logical debate on the issue I would be glad to converse with you, but currently I don’t like to waste my time with illogical people who spout needless insults at people making harmless posts on the internet. You do understand this is the reason why I commented on this article at all right? It was because you were being needlessly mean to the writer… If you don’t like what was said or how they said it then why don’t you act like a decent human being and give them constructive criticism on how they could go about it in a better way, instead of being a troll and hurling needless insults and fallacy drenched arguments… Even if the writer made mistakes or said something offensive in your eyes, that doesn’t mean you should act like a jerk about it, it only makes you look bad in the process… And also what has the writer of this article done to get so much emotion and negative attention from you? do you know the person in real life? did they run over your cat? Their posts were made for a gaming community to have a peaceful discussion on the subject if any at all, but for some reason you want to take time out of your day to post long winded rude comments on their article? and to come back and check on your rude comments to see if anyone has replied to the obscenities you’ve left out in the open? I personally think it’s funny that you complain about the stereotype of the writer when you your self are promoting the stereotype of your average internet troll. I only have one last thing to say to you: Please, respect yourself and show some dignity, those who throw dirt… only lose ground…