BoxBoy Looks Genuinely Interesting

Box BoyOne of the reasons I absolutely adore using my PC as my main gaming platform is that there are always plenty of interesting indie games available. I have nothing against console games, but they have a tendency to take fewer risks. I don’t want to argue that they should or shouldn’t be taking risks.

Now, I’m not here to argue about whether or not console game developers should be taking more risks; I would rather simply applaud interesting looking games when those developers make them.

BoxBoy appears to be a platforming game where you duplicate your box body to solve puzzles. I’m very interested to see the different kind of puzzles they come up with, and how duplicating your body becomes an essential game mechanic.

I’m really glad that Nintendo is putting this game on their eShop, and I legitimately can’t wait to get a 3DS so I can give it a shot.