Broken Servers Are Not The Only Issue With DriveClub’s Multiplayer

dclub-logoLet’s face it: the first month of DriveClub’s life has been an unmitigated disaster. Nearly every major selling point has been hamstrung by the inability of the game’s servers to deliver anything but errors and frustration. Luckily, the core racing game is phenomenal and should hopefully keep the game from being completely buried by the server’s ineptitude.

While things have certainly improved since its release and Evolution Studios continues to work on the title, access to the multiplayer has exposed a more pernicious issue: Event start times.


When you select the Multiplayer option, you are presented with the Events Browser. Then, you’re usually given 6 to 10 different events to choose from, each of them with a start time that is counting down to zero. Eeach event is separated by 30 seconds from the next. Every event also has a main category that’s paired with enough distinct modifiers (location, time of day, time compression, etc.) and vehicle restrictions to produce an excellent variety.

The aforementioned variety is always a welcome sight, of course, but it also means that some event combinations will not palatable to everyone. Plus, events can be restricted to cars you do not own, and taking the “Loaner” vehicle will not earn you any Fame or Accolades. So, it’s a complete waste of time.

Players also may just want to avoid German vehicles or night drives, so by the time they find an event that suits them, it might not be starting for over two and a half minutes.


All of this means that players end up wasting a lot of time just sitting around, which can be frustrating if they’re pressed for time or just itching to drive.

Me? I am most definitely itching, but DriveClub isn’t letting me scratch.

  • Car Gaming Blog

    It’s very frustrating indeed.

    • Guest

      Especially because I want so badly to just play without the constant interruption, it’s such a good racer!

  • dem_derp

    Online has been mostly fixed since Oct 28. Challenges are still disabled but clubs, leaderboards, and multiplayer races are working well with few dropouts..