Can We Trust Capcom?


Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi, who acted as the producer on Street Fighter II and Resident Evil,  sat down with GameSpot and to chat about an unreleased PS4 title. Takeuchi didn’t go into detail about the title, but did confirm the company’s development plans.

“Of course,” he said. “Right now, we’re seeing how far we can push the game engine. You’ll be surprised by the quality of the games we’re working on right now. I think we’ll be able to announce it soon, so please look forward to it. I realize that’s obnoxious (laughs).”

Now, I’m going to take off my optimism hat in favor of a skeptical mask for a moment; I’m not optimistic about this game.

In recent years, Capcom has repeatedly made lackluster titles outside of its established franchises (and even within them). I’m beginning to think they’ve lost touch with what players really want, so I’m very hesitant towards any new franchise of theirs. Time will tell.

  • Strontium Dingo

    I think we can trust Capcom to keep on being Capcom, if that helps.