Stephen Amell Lends His Voice to LEGO Batman 3, and I’m Torn

Green Arrow, LEGO Batman 3I love Stephen Amell as TV’s Oliver Queen in Arrow. I do not, however, love LEGO games. Heck, I don’t even just like not them, I almost despise them out right.

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Rogue Has Arrived In Marvel Heroes 2015

RogueRogue has arrived! The day has finally come! I can not tell you how thrilled I am. All the waiting, all the being (not very) patient, it all comes to fruition this day!

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Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #1 Is Campy Fun

Do you want to live forever? That can happen. You just have to keep dying to do it.

If you think a comic with a title like Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers sounds like a sci-fi romp, you’d be right. [Read more…]

In Marvel Heroes, Rogue Is Available for Pre-Sale

Rogue_ModernAs you well know if you’ve been paying attention, I have been playing an ungodly amount of Marvel Heroes lately. I have fun with nearly every character they have available, even though I have more fun with some than others. Still, that doesn’t keep me from wishing they would add some of my favorite heroes of all time to the roster.

My dream is about to come true. At least for Rogue.

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Bee and PuppyCat #1 Has All the Charm of the Web Series

bpc1If you’re a fan of Adventure Time, you might be familiar with the web channel Cartoon Hangover. One of their most charming shows is a sweet little series called Bee and PuppyCat. [Read more…]

Black Market Is a Superhero Story with a Twist

Black Market comicMy comic provider is a glorious man who apparently knows my tastes well. This week, this little gem was a random pick in my box.

Black Market is a new twist on superhero stories. It features superheroes, but although they play a major role in the story, the main character is far from a hero. He even tells you so. [Read more…]

Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu by Junko Mizuno Is Delightfully Strange


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Atelier Is the Batman of JRPGs

Batman awesomePeople like to say that Batman could beat anyone if he had enough time to prepare. With his determination, brilliance, and near-limitless resources, he’ll eventually find a way to conquer any foe. It doesn’t matter if they’re ridiculously overpowered or an omnipotent demigod. If they have a weakness, Batman will find it, and he’ll figure out how to exploit it.

If Batman was a JRPG series, I’m pretty sure he’d be Atelier. [Read more…]

5 Characters Who Should Be In Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Guardians of the GalaxyIt’s hard to walk away from a movie like Guardians of the Galaxy without thinking about the inevitable sequel. When the end credits confirm that a movie will return, they’re pretty much inviting crazy speculation. While there’s plenty to consider in terms of plot — Marvel’s building to something with those Infinity Stones — my attention is elsewhere.

The team established in the film is fantastic, but there’s still room for a few more members. Tons of amazing characters have appeared in the pages of Guardians comics, and at least a few of them deserve to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. [Read more…]

Ronan the Accuser Has a Sexy, Sexy Tumblr

Ronan the Accuser sexy pictureIf I could change one thing about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, it would be its portrayal of Ronan the Accuser. His motivations are murky, he’s lacking in the backstory department, and he just doesn’t make a very interesting villain. Comic book Ronan is delightfully complex, and I’m disappointed film Ronan wound up being so one-dimensional.

But to the denziens of Tumblr, none of that is an issue. All that matters is that Ronan looks super, super sexy. [Read more…]