Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 15]: Beagle Dangle


War. War never changes. Whether you’re a renegade mist-man battling in the streets over union rights or some weirdo engaged in covert ketchup operations for the fat cats at Hunts, you’re bound to be altered by the horrors of war. Kids these days never had to live through anything like America’s first civil war, but they did have to cope with the grim realities of a newer, flashier, far less lethal version in Marvel’s Civil War. We go over what it was, why it happened, and why Dr. Strange decided to sit this one out (hint – no gems).

Plus! The curvier the bullet the better, what to do when a Mud Man cometh, Aunt May’s specialty armor plans, and Liver & Onions Gerald gets reminded of his place.

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Panel of the Week – Droids, Dancing, and Damn Fine Coffee

Every Wednesday, GeekParty highlights the week’s best comic book panels. Last week, Mandi’s comics were full of dinosaurs and Hitler. This week, her comics are still full of dinosaurs and Hitler.

There are a few comics I’d recommend without question to just about anyone. Mark Waid’s Daredevil. Scott Snyder’s Batman. Chew. All of those books are featured in this edition of Panel of the Week, and that feels pretty good.

From X-Babies to butt graffiti, this is Panel of the Week!

Clearly, Vader would feel differently if he’d watched 1985 series Droids.darth vaderImage Source: Darth Vader #2 by Marvel Comics. Art by Salvador Larroca.

Screw Billy Idol. Dancing is serious business.wicked and the divineImage Source: The Wicked + The Divine # 8 by Image Comics. Art by Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson.

Referring to people as “bubs” is always comedy.spider-man and the x-men x-babiesImage Source: Spider-Man and the X-Men #3 by Marvel Comics. Art by Marco Failla.

I’m not sure if this is beautiful or depressing. Maybe both. batman eternalImage Source: Batman Eternal #47 by DC Comics. Art by Juan Ferreyra.

Butt graffiti is mightier than the sword.spidergwenImage Source: Spider-Gwen #1 by Marvel Comics. Art by Robbi Rodriguez.

It’s just not Panel of the Week without the severed head of Hitler.chewImage Source: Chew #46 by Image Comics. Art by Rob Guillory.

Smelling coffee is the best superpower.daredevilImage Source: Daredevil #13 by Marvel Comics. Art by Chris Samnee.

I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking at, but I like it regardless.odycImage Source: Ody-C #3 by Image Comics. Art by Christian Ward.

“I’m gonna be the Juggernaut, you chumps!” should be the new “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!”amazing x-menImage Source: Amazing X-Men #17 by Marvel Comics. Art by Jorge Fornes.

That… that’s a pretty emphatic “no.” adventure timeImage Source: Adventure Time #37 by BOOM! Studios. Art by Zachary Sterling.

Greg Capullo sure knows how to draw a parade. batman joker paradeImage Source: Batman #39 by DC Comics. Art by Greg Capullo.

Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 14] : Malibu Smog Dawg


Kicking! Punching! Blocking! Chopping! It’s all happening on this weeks eppy! First up, Jackie Chan’s Spartan X gets a boot to the gut. Even with his strategy guides he was no match for us. Then we go balls to the wall on Mortal Kombat and it’s many comic iterations. Turns out Raiden and Kano make almost as great a duo as G & J! And for the main event we take on Injustice: Gods Among Us, maybe the most successful comic ever based on a video game. Probably because it was a game based on the comics. Regardless, we get all up in it.

Also! We clear up some Steam Man/Smog Dawg/Steam Dog/TMNT confusion for loyal listener Julian, Bog Man Freely makes his return, Gaia Goldberg debuts, Gordy drinks a Cosmic Treadmill (vodka and code red), and Alf lands on Cat Planet. Midway is dead. Long live Midway!

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Panel of the Week – Hitler and Dinosaurs

Every Wednesday, GeekParty highlights the week’s best comic book panels. Last week, Mandi made snack-food discoveries. This week, she’s learning about dinosaurs.

It’s Dinosaur Week here at GeekParty, so I decided to read a bunch of comics about Hitler.

I’m only partially kidding.

While my comics this week were strangely Führer-centric, I did manage to dig up a few dinosaur-goodies. To sweeten the pot, I also tracked down Batman, Rocket Raccoon, and a bunch of shirtless guys. From time travel to toilets, this is Panel of the Week! [Read more…]

Greg Pak’s Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Starts Strong but Fizzles Out toward the End

Turok: Dinosaur HunterI picked up Greg Pak’s Turok: Dinosaur Hunter run back when it first came out, and I found myself pleasantly surprised by the quality of the first few issues.

I was expecting a super campy story that was mostly just an excuse to show off a bunch of dinosaurs being awesome. What I got was an interesting character with a poignant backstory in an alternate version of pre-Colonial America. The dinosaurs were there, but they were mostly kept in the background to let the series focus on human drama and some light politics.

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BackStory: The Origin of Batman’s T-Rex


Things are more fun when they’re covered in dinosaurs. So, this week, an army of prehistoric predators is invading Geekparty.com. Every day, we’ll post a handful of dino-themed articles for your enjoyment. You will enjoy them. Because we told you to. Welcome to Dinosaur Week

It’s Dinosaur Week here at GeekParty, which means that this edition of BackStory was written with dinosaurs in mind. There are several dinosaur stories in comics, but nothing really stood out to me… at first. Then I realized that Batman’s T-Rex is probably the most famous dinosaur in comics.

batcave1Batman is famous for his trophy collection, but his mechanical dinosaur has always been a mystery. It’s constantly in the background, but I really didn’t know much about it. Since the title of this column is “Backstory,” I decided it was worth looking into.

The first appearance of the T-Rex was in Batman issue #35. Batman and Robin visit Dinosaur Island, a theme park filled with mechanical dinosaurs and cavemen. Things go wrong, the Dynamic Duo save the day, and Batman throws the T-Rex into the trunk of the Batmobile.

batman_35It’s definitely an odd item to keep in the Batcave, but so is a giant penny. I think Batman needs these trophies to remind him of the more light-hearted adventures he’s been through.

Grant Morrison takes this approach to Batman’s mythology: everything that’s happened in Batman’s comics has actually happened to him. Check out the video below to hear the man himself explain it on Kevin Smith’s “Fat Man on Batman” podcast.

From Morrison’s perspective, the T-Rex is important piece of Batman’s history. Sure, it just sits there, but it’s a chunk of his past. And that’s just as important as anything else he’s accumulated over the years.


Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 13] – The Gems of Vanderscootch Abbernathy


Who can stop the Juggernaut?! Nobody! Well, Onslaught can and did. And Spider-Man…kinda. And The Hulk. OK, so maybe a bunch of people can stop him. But not for long! The boys go over some of the shell head’s greatest hits and greatest push-ups this eppy. Then they move on to the Onslaught Saga, Marvel’s big time crossover event from the late 90s. How many hugs does it take to convince Franklin Richards to make a new world? Is Dr. Strange capable of leaving even a single gem or crystal in the Marvel Universe unmolested? Can one Goblin truly make a difference? The answers are within.

Not to mention! Loyal listener Matt faces his greatest foe, Billy in the parks doing recreations, Gordy’s nicotine naps, Fuberbatch Undercum, Coaxial Abberscratch, Collapsable Ubersnatch, and Benescoops Cumbersnacks. By the Oily Eye of Abbernathy, you don’t wanna miss this!

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Panel of the Week – Butter, Boomsticks, and Bad Puns


Every Wednesday, GeekParty highlights the week’s best comic book panels. Last week, Mandi made chicken boo jokes. This week, she’s laughing at terrible puns.

In order to put together Panel of the Week, I have to read and re-read comics, which means I have the chance to appreciate all sorts of little details. When I look at a comic over and over, I’m way more likely to pick up on goofy facial expressions and wacky background antic.

Sometimes, though, I know I have a winner straight off the gate. And more often than not, those winners feature beautiful art or bad, bad humor. From dead bodies to dill pickles, this is Panel of the Week!

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Pull of the Week – Monster Multiversity


Every week, self-proclaimed comic expert Mandi picks out three new comics that are worth pulling. Last week, she spent time with a Sith Lord. This week, she’s all about the multiverse. [Read more…]

Persona 5 Shows the Dark Side of Clark Kent

Persona 5 main characterThere is no real reason for Clark Kent to exist — at least not the bumbling, bespectacled version of him we usually see in comic books. Unlike most heroes, Superman isn’t some ordinary guy who stumbled into greatness. Lex Luthor and General Zod aren’t pounding the pavement searching for Superman’s secret identity; they assume he doesn’t have one at all. He’s an alien with powers beyond human comprehension. He doesn’t have to be anything but super. [Read more…]