Panel of the Week – Shapeshifters, Sharknados, and Staten Island Food Bloggers

panel of the weekEvery Wednesday, GeekParty highlights the week’s best comic book panels. Last week, Sean Murphy drew dinosaurs. This week, John Cassaday is drawing Boba Fett.

This crop of panels is a little bit angry. I promise, that wasn’t on purpose.

From irate gorillas to hairy bears, this is Panel of the Week!

He’s the best he is at what he does.potw guardiansImage Source: Guardians of the Galaxy #27 by Marvel Comics. Art by Valerio Schiti.

Never piss off a giant talking gorilla.adventures of supermanImage Source: Convergence: Adventures of Superman #2 by DC Comics. Art by Roberto Viacava.

Death has been good to Wolverine.uncannyImage Source: Uncanny X-Men #34 by Marvel Comics. Art by Chris Bachalo.

There are a lot of words in this panel, and I’m pretty sure I love all of them.aforceImage Source: A-Force #1 by Marvel Comics. Art by Jorge Molina.




Geez rabbit, you had like, six months to dodge that arrow.potw ninjakImage Source: Ninjak #3 by Valiant Entertainment. Art by Clay Mann and Butch Guice.

You’re seriously overestimating your chest hair, bub.lokiImage Source: Loki: Agent of Asgard #14 by Marvel Comics. Art by Lee Garbett.




I love a good splash page.grooImage Source: Groo: Friends and Foes #5 by Dark Horse Comics. Art by Sergio Aragonés.

Oh man. I wish I had Daredevil pajamas.potw daredevilImage Source: Daredevil 15.1 by Marvel Comics. Art by Chris Samnee.

Jewish dietary laws have really been a boon for the talking pig community.spiderverseImage Source: Spider-Verse #1 by Marvel Comics. Art by Andre Lima Araujo.



Knights riding Dalmatians is why I wake up in the morning.potw superboyImage Source: Convergence: Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes #2 by DC Comics. Art by Mark Farmer and Gus Storms.



I suspect this won’t be a chatty warsStar Wars #5 by Marvel Comics. Art by John Cassaday.

Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 26] : Olly Olly Odin Folk w/ Tyler Chin-Tanner


The spirits (or thetans) are with us on this week’s podcast as we spend the first half of the show unpacking some of the mystery behind the Angela character, formerly of Image but now a Marvel property. How does that happen? We’re still not *entirely* sure, but it does. After that the boys sit down with their guest Tyler Chin-Tanner, a writer and artist who’s currently out promoting the Kickstarter campaign for his latest project, The Broken Frontier Anthology. They talk about Tyler’s comics history, the realities of small-press publishing, managing a Kickstarter campaign, and just about everything in between.

Broken Frontier Anthology Kickstarter
A Wave Blue World

Check out the Kickstarter for The Broken Frontier and/or head over to to learn more about the project and the incredible talent involve.

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Panel of the Week – Superboys, Slobberin’, and Spider-Pranks

Every Wednesday, GeekParty highlights the week’s best comic book panels. Last week, Captain America said no to democracy. This week, The Thing is cooking dinner.

Here’s a confession: I spend more time thinking about the superheroes I want to hang out with than the heroes I’d like to fight alongside. Even in my fantasies, I know that mauling mooks with Batman would only end in my embarrassment. I’d rather watch bad movies with Kitty Pryde, or play video games with Booster Gold. We might not make the world a better place, but we’d probably have a good time.

From dinosaur-chickens to regular dinosaurs, this is Panel of the Week! [Read more…]

Panel of the Week – Beer, Bad Books, and Bass Lass

panel of the weekEvery Wednesday, GeekParty highlights the week’s best comic book panels. Last week, we had a Batman overload. This week, Rocket Raccoon is picking up the slack.

GeekParty hit up AniMinneapolis this weekend, but we still made time for comic books. From Fisk to Fascism, this is Panel of the Week! [Read more…]

Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 24] : Double Stilt Football


If everything just feels right in the world to you today, it’s probably in no small part to this podcast and the heavy focus on Stilt-Man. You didn’t know you loved the world’s most obvious, high-tech peeping tom in history, but now you do. Know what else you probably love? Erotic mutant fan fiction. Just don’t read too much of it or you’ll end up face to face with Mephisto some day! Just kidding, never stop. Oh, and we dance around The Punisher for a bit, but as we all know, all roads lead back to Stilt-Man.

Also! HD sniffing, Bog McFarlane, NFL SuperPro 2.0 featuring Christian Okoye, NASCAR villains, and the mysteries surrounding the spooooky number 23.

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Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 23] : The Joker is a Bad Guy w/ Josh & Atlas Engen


Josh Engen and his son Atlas sit in on today’s show to talk about all the hot button issues facing our society today. Is the Joker a good guy or a bad guy? What is an Octonaut? What’s the best position in a human centipede? And can Batman really fly? Once they solve all THOSE mysteries, they move on to maybe the biggest one of all: is the new Daredevil show really any good? We debut our new segment, “Justin, Judge and Jury,” and find out.

Also this eppy! Scarvel’s Baremevil, a Mad Men/TMNT crossover, a trip off the reddit bridge and into the darkweb, Comix Zone vs. Turtles in Time, and Gordy knows Bo, who knows baseball, so ipso facto Gordy knows baseball. Play balls!

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Panel of the Week – Professor Pyg, Proposals, and Pronouns

Every Wednesday, GeekParty highlights the week’s best comic book panels. Last week, demons played LEGO. This week, love is in the air.

I’ve been known to say that I dislike romance, but that’s not exactly true. I like romantic things just fine; I just like being curmudgeonly about romance more.

Most weeks, anyway.

From kisses to Kitty Pryde, this is Panel of the Week! [Read more…]

Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 22] : Pussy Riot Batman


Russians and time are on tap this week, so pop your Miraclo, set your watch, and get all up in it. Can a Communist Superman save the planet without compromising his ideals? Can one lone pharmacist battle the powerful forces that threaten his entire bottle city? Is the Kingpin just a strong fatty or does he have some kind of enhancement? Why can’t Hourman be fat?! Is Randy Quaid in your bloodstream?! Some things we know, some things we don’t wanna know.

Also! Okoye rises from the grave, Wings on Things, The Bog-Man Twerketh, and some sizzling hot design tips for your Male Baconian Flight Cave.

Panel of the Week – Dragons, Dads, and Daft Punk

batmanEvery Wednesday, GeekParty highlights the week’s best comic book panels. Last week, Superman sucker punched Shazam. This week, Batman is giving us the feels.

I’m not really enjoying DC’s Convergence event. The idea behind it is neat in theory, but it’s been kind of lackluster in execution. The issues released have been pretty good at best, and downright terrible at worst.

Still, I can’t help but feel overjoyed at the return of Superboy’s fade haircut.

From controllers to crucifixes, this is Panel of the Week! [Read more…]

Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 21] – Gods & Golems w/ Meg Gandy


This week Gordy and Justin welcome Meg Gandy, the incredibly talented artist behind the hit web comic Godsend and a ton of other awesome stuff, into their virtual studio to talk shop and then some. Meg shares tips, talks D&D, reinvents Wonder Woman for a new generation, and so much more. While you’re listening be sure to check out her amazing work at, – and follow her on twitter @megrar!

Also this week – How many editors is too many editors, the glory of Let’s Plays, reading the Bible at 11, and plunging things you should never have to plunge. Don’t forget to check out Meg’s comic recommendations below!

Meg Recommends –
Oh Human Star
String Theory

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