Calling Mega Man Rockman Doesn’t Make You a Better Person

Mega_ManAlright, I’m just going to throw this one out there. If you live in the United States, his name is “Mega Man.”

I get what you’re trying to do, but here’s the thing. You aren’t being clever. You aren’t being smart. You aren’t a “true” fan just because you refuse to refer to him by anything other than “Rockman.” What you are, however, is a condescending ass.

Hopping into a message board and saying, “I’m not a fan of Rock’s face in his statue, but if the coloring is done right I might look into getting one,” makes you sound like a pompous douche, and critiquing how his face looks in a statue only increases your douchdum. You’re probably going to get that statue regardless of how the “coloring is done.”

Mega Man boss selectGamers have this need to constantly one up each other, and it’s pretty freaking annoying. It doesn’t matter who has the higher gamerscore or trophy count. I don’t care that you imported Final Fantasy VIII in its original Japanese. I certainly don’t want to hear about how Super Mario Bros. 2 is actually just a reskinned version of Doki Doki Panic.

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy discovering and discussing the hidden quirks in video game history as much as the next guy. But if you think for a second that this “knowledge” makes you somehow better than me — or anyone else, for that matter — you are mistaken.

The Importance of a Gaming Wingman

Borderlands co-opEvery gamer needs a wingman.

Games are at their best when you have someone to sit shotgun. They can offer tips and observations that will move the journey along when you get stuck, or help you out when you can’t see an answer that’s right in front of your face. [Read more...]

Zoe Quinn, the Quinnspiracy, and the Media Blackout That Never Actually Happened


The dust has settled enough on this Zoe Quinn situation that I can point out something without being skewered and roasted alive for it, right?

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To My Friends in Games Journalism, Let’s Talk About #GamerGate

Phoenix Wright 2

Note: This is one side of a two-sided argument. I have criticisms for both sides. Please don’t consider this to be evidence of me choosing a side, and please read my other argument here before leaving a comment.

I’ve spent a reasonable amount of time chatting with people on Twitter and Skype about #GamerGate. It’s a thing I’ve been trying to keep up with as much as I can given the time I’m allotted by my other responsibilities.

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To My Friends in #GamerGate, Let’s Talk About Games Journalism

danganronpa2 counter

Note: This is one side of a two-sided argument. I have criticisms for both sides. Please don’t consider this to be evidence of me choosing a side, and please read my other argument here before leaving a comment.

As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, I’ve been having conversations with people on Twitter who have been using the #GamerGate hashtag, and I’m meeting some really cool people.

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Proposal: Can We Separate “Games Journalism” and “Games Criticism” as Two Different Things?

ICOI spent a bit of Sunday afternoon chatting with some folks on Twitter about the #GamerGate hashtag. Contrary to what I was told to expect, the people I interacted with were polite and amicable. I’ll point out that I only interacted with maybe 10 people in total, and that it would be foolish to assume those people represent the #GamerGate movement as a whole. But those people were really nice.

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This Is What a Video Game Press Release Looks Like

Press Release

I used to write “gaming news” for a living, and one of my main sources was the press release. I sometimes get dozens of these in my inbox a day, and they’re almost unanimously horrible to read.

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So the Xbox One Launched in Japan…

xbone… and no one cared.

Reports across the Internet are flowing in, with plenty of depressing pictures of empty queues outside of major electronics retailers in tow. But really, what could we have expected? [Read more...]

Hello. Do You Like Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy VIIIn ancient times, the land lay covered in forests, where from ages long past dwelt the spirits of the gods.

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Why Acknowledging a Game’s Flaws Can Be so Frightening

Let's Play The Last of Us with GeekParty - Week 4The Last of Us is overly linear. Super Mario Bros. 3 has loose controls. Shadow of the Colossus has major frame rate issues, and Half-Life 2 has crappy teammate AI.

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