eSports Is Held Back by Lack of Professionalism

Tipsy Pixels Brings Street Fighter 2 to the Triple RockFor eSports, the holy grail would be to be treated like a “real” sport.

By sheer numbers eSports is a very lucrative business venture. Huge events, like the recently broadcast EVO, rival the average viewership of some ESPN properties.

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University of Minnesota Offers New Course in Video Game Journalism

Glitch - University of MinnesotaOur friends at Glitch Gaming have been busy working with Professor Seth Lewis at the University of Minnesota to educate students interested in careers in video games. It’s been announced that a brand new course — Journalism 1501 – Digital Games, Sims and Apps: Storytelling, Play and Commerce — is opening up next semester, and this course will largely revolve around the wonderful world of video games.

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My Newborn Taught Me How to Play Video Games

I’ve played video games my entire life. I grew up on Atari and Colecovision, and slogged away for hours playing titles like Final Fantasy VI and Shining Force CD. I was the master of the all day game-a-thon.

Then, about nine months ago, my wife gave birth to my impossibly awesome son.

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“Good Journalism” and “Marketable Content” Are Two Very Different Things

Squirrel Girl Marvel HeroesI’m not as fond of the term “video game journalism” as I used to be.

I used to love it. When people I had just met would ask me what I did for a living, I’d smugly reply, “I’m a video game journalist.” Their eyes would widen as a string of drool would creep from the corner of their mouth toward the floor.

But now that I’m older and more cynical, I’ve come to accept that video game journalism is almost never actual journalism.

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Movie Games Deserve a Second Chance

Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the MovieIt’s a bit of a shame that — in light of the mostly spotty track record for movie-based games — instead of improving their quality, the only solution proposed by disgruntled gamers has been to simply stop making them altogether.

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Twitch Streaming on PS4: My Silent Addiction

Featured-PS4-Twitch-TVI’ve had this odd habit as of late. Whenever I play my PS4, I start streaming. It doesn’t matter if it’s Zen Pinball 2, DC Universe Online (seriously, Marvel Heroes, you need to get on this), or whatever, I stream it.

The weird thing is, I don’t moderate my chat.

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Marvel Heroes Has Failed the Butt Crack Test

For reasons you may be able to figure out on your own, I have a tendency to play female characters over male characters. As someone who appreciates the female form in a physical sense, I’m not exactly upset when my female avatar is attractive. Plus, Marvel Heroes has done an amazingly good job of not objectifying female characters, so I find myself willing to forgive the still-ridiculous female costumes.

But guys. You failed the butt crack test.

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This Is Vegas Failed at Becoming a Great Las Vegas Lifestyle Simulator

This Is VegasI recently went on vacation to Las Vegas and had a blast (I’m not just bragging… really). The sights, sounds, and activities were enough to make a young man’s head spin. So naturally, as a gamer, I wanted so very much to recapture that experience the easiest and cheapest way possible when I returned home: by firing up a game that could simulate the Vegas experience.

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DuckTales and How to Kill the Soul of a GeekParty Editor

Josh Wirtanen, GeekParty’s Editor in Chief, really doesn’t like it when we misspell DuckTales.

See, Josh is a super huge fan of the amazing cartoon, as am I, so I can relate to his misery. But it’s really hard to not poke the bear:

Here's How to Kill our Editor-in-Chief's Soul I guess a part of my soul would die too if I saw those mistakes time and time again.

…woo hoo *sniffle*

During E3, Bidet Shenanigans Went Down in Little Tokyo (Or So I’m Told)

During E3, Bidet Shenanigans Went Down in Little Tokyo (Or So I'm Told)An associate of mine was at a hotel in Little Tokyo during E3 this year. I’m told the following conversation happened afterward.

Don’t blame me if it’s not entirely true. Oh, and don’t blame me for the water damage either.

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