Terrorists Win: Swatting of Counter-Strike Streamer Captured Live on Air



Jordan Mathewson, a.k.a. ‘Kootra’ of streaming organization The Creatures, raised his hands in the air and looked behind him to see a heavily-armed police force bust into the room and order him to the floor.

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EA Games Flew Me to Germany and Let Me Drive Porsches

Need for Speed PorscheIf EA Games offered you a trip to Germany and an opportunity to drive Porsches on Porsche’s own test racetrack, would you turn them down?

I’m guessing most people won’t ever have to ask themselves that question. Weirdly, there was a point in my life where I actually did. And I said yes.

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Period Panties Are the Best

period pantiesI discovered the best thing ever at Wizard World Chicago this weekend. Brace yourself ladies, because I am going to make your monthlies. There exists in this world something called Period Panties. [Read more...]

This Is Not a Defense of Zoe Quinn, Just the Facts as I See Them

troll 2 oh my godThis was originally posted as a comment, but it explains so well what my thoughts and feelings are that I moved it into an actual post.

Let’s be real here. I never actually defended Zoe Quinn.

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Wild Cherry Pepsi Is the Best Gamer Fuel

Metal Gear - Nacho Kind of PeopleI want to state this in no uncertain terms:

Fuck Mountain Dew.

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Why We Need More Games Like Morphopolis

MorphopolisMorphopolis is not a very good video game, by any traditional definition. I do not recommend it to a casual consumer. I do not defend it as a work of art, and I will not hazard an apology for its creators.

Still, the game is an interesting work.

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Morphopolis Is a Better Museum Piece than Video Game

MorphopolisFull disclosure: Even before the bout began, I was in Morphopolis’ corner. It’s the kind of game I find rather easy to get behind: an artistic take on a much-maligned genre usually relegated to the edutainment sphere.

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Why Is the PC vs Consoles Debate So Heated?

The Languid Gamer vs. Fallout 3Recently, a buddy of mine posted something on Facebook claiming Sony was crazy for passing on EA Access. He was over the moon about the service, and couldn’t believe Sony doesn’t offer it to their consumer base. As his friend, I was excited for him, even if I personally wasn’t interested — at least not yet — in signing.

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It’s Ruff Finding Time to Game These Dog Days

Julians Dog 1My lovely lady just acquired a new dog, so by default, I just acquired a new dog. An 11-week-old Westie puppy, to be precise. He’s a handful, but I’ve grown to like the little scamp despite the fact that I actually dislike most dogs outright.

The only problem —  aside from his constant desire to pee everywhere and bite everything — is that I now have practically zero moments to devote to one of my favorite past times: playing video games.

Every time I’m alone with the pooch, I have to spend every second watching him so that he doesn’t further decrease the value of the security deposit. Add to that his “adorable” tendency to chew the shit out of my controller whenever he can, even waking up from a sound sleep anytime I so much as grip the sticks, and we’ve got a problem.

Julians Dog 2It doesn’t help that my lovely lady has little tolerance for games in general, or at least ones that don’t have characters that constantly remind you that it’s — ah them, ah — Mario. So even when she’s home and can watch the scamp, sitting down to get a smidge of quality game time is out of the question.

I know what you’re thinking: Tough shit, buddy. And perhaps you’re right; shit is tough and complaining about not being able to play games because I now have a puppy in my life sounds incredibly childish.

But damnit, I love games. And sometimes going into V.A.T.S. and blasting things all to hell is just what the doctor ordered after a long day spent toiling in the rigors of reality.

Gamers Find Common Ground(s) in Cleveland


Common GroundsOnce a week, I pull a late-nighter and try to get as much work done as possible. When I do, I head to a coffee shop in Cleveland, Ohio called Common Grounds. Thanks to the awesome but distracting atmosphere, (and the help of the toffee coffee called The Crazed Englishman) I’m able to knock my homework right the fuck out.

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