E3 2014 – Metal Gear Solid V: A Phantom Menace?

Now that I’ve had time to digest the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer from E3, I feel it’s time to air my grievances.

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Cuphead and Crazy Hotel Give Indie Gaming That ’30s Swing

Cuphead screenshotWhilst skimming across E3 trailers like a pebble on a lake of video games, I smashed into the pleasant driftwood that is the indie game Cuphead. [Read more…]

Finally, Fable’s Multiplayer Is Worth Trying

Sterling_Inga_Shroud01I’ve played almost all of the Fable games, from Fable: The Lost Chapters on PC to Fable 2 and Fable 3 on Xbox 360. I skipped Journey, because I didn’t feel the need to subject myself to the Kinect torture. Still, I’ve stuck with the series because it has the uncanny ability to suck me in. [Read more…]

Dead Island 2’s Tonal Shift Sets It Apart from the Rest of the Series

Dead Island 2 screenshotsThe last thing I expected to see at this year’s E3 was a Dead Island 2 announcement. Since Techland had moved on and was working on Dying Light, — which, lets face it, looked to be the the true sequel to the original — I assumed we probably weren’t going to see another Dead Island game.

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Is Alien: Isolation the Alien Game We’ve All Been Waiting For?

5_1401190461We at GeekParty are starting to believe that Alien: Isolation could be the Alien game to top all Alien games. Creative Assembly released a new trailer and more screenshots at E3 this year, and all of this has me believing that this game has the potential to be amazing.

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EA Sports PGA Tour: This Ain’t Your Caddy’s Golf Game

EA Sports PGA Tour fantasyThe EA Sports PGA Tour fantasy course mode looks like golf by way of Split/Second, the action racing game that allowed players to decimate tracks and alter the path towards victory. Like the Battlefield games, this runs on the Frostbite engine, and it seems that the two have a few unexpected things in common. Like, for example, huge battleships crashing ashore.

Sports titles can sometimes be a snooze fest, but this course mode should keep things interesting.  The game’s tagline is “golf without limits,” and it looks like EA Sports PGA Tour will really live up to that.

Will this attract more players or wind up turning off those that show up for the core game? It’s a gamble, but one that might pay off. It’s been a while since the last Outlaw Golf game, and this might deliver a similar experience while still adhering to some semblance of reality.  

The Division Has the Best Trailer of E3 2014

The Division E3 2014Tom Clancy’s The Division has the best trailer of E3 2014, hands down. Pay attention, game studios. This is how it’s done.

When I saw the time-lapsed skyline, I was expecting another rote trailer in the vein of bad television. After Breaking Bad, this has become a simple way to show the passage of time without much investment in the particulars. And for the first few moments, this trailer doesn’t really stand out. [Read more…]

I Thought the E3 Pokémon Trailer Was for Pokémon Snap

Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire paintingThe second a trailer begins, I try to suss what it’s for. Sometimes it’s easy — you see familiar face or hear a memorable tune, and the game is as good as revealed. In the case of the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire trailer, I had it all figured out the second I saw a Pokéball.

Unfortunately, I thought the trailer was for Pokémon Snap. [Read more…]

Ori and the Blind Forest Doesn’t Deserve to Get Lost in the Shuffle

Ori and the Blind ForestWhen the Ori and the Blind Forest trailer began, everyone watching was spellbound. It had a little bit of everything – atmosphere, promising gameplay, and hints of a story that would tug at your heartstrings. I thought it would wind up being one of the most talked-about games of the night.

But a few trailers later, and Ori and the Blind Forest was all but forgotten. [Read more…]

E3 Live Streams Should at Least Make an Attempt to Caption

17r0ljc1xsnfejpgSource: Jeffery Commander

While watching the E3 conferences, I noticed that none of the sites streaming had the option for captions. I realize this isn’t entirely feasible for every site, since it would require a lot of manpower, but an effort could at least be made.

I personally always have captions on my television. I keep subtitles on while watching anything — Netflix, Blu-rays, you name it. Thankfully most video games have also made subtitles and captions commonplace. [Read more…]