Doctor Who: Legacy – Costumes Galore

doctor who legacy4It’s no secret that mobile/Facebook game Doctor Who: Legacy features many different characters. And with the game now updating in time with season eight of the show, there are going to be even more characters.

But Doctor Who: Legacy also has many different costumes available for those characters! Recently, Tiny Rebel Games has been hosting giveaways, and posting codes for free costumes. [Read more...]

Five Nights at Freddy’s Really Is a “Cruel Realities of Capitalism” Simulator

Five Nights at Freddy's freddyWhen I called Five Nights at Freddy’s a “cruel realities of capitalism” simulator, I was mostly kidding. Its premise doesn’t hold up unless you believe someone would risk their life for a job that pays terribly, but flimsy premises are a staple of horror movies. Characters run upstairs when they should run outside, open doors that should have stayed closed, and have sex even though everyone knows that’s a one-way ticket to Murdersville.

But Freddy’s actually takes this “boo Capitalism” thing pretty seriously. [Read more...]

Freedom Planet Is a Portal to the Sega Genesis

Freedom Planet steamAnthropomorphic animals? Check. Speedy platforming? Check. An awesomely bizarre concept? Checkmate.

These are just some of the things to love about Freedom Planet, a PC game that takes inspiration from the Sega Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog games, and spices things up with a dash of Gunstar Heroes.

Freedom PlanettEven without the nostalgia, this platformer is one of the most fun games I’ve played in a while (with a controller, anyway). It’s a shame it isn’t being talked about as much as Shovel KnightFreedom Planet almost borrows too heavily from Sonic and pals — you can spin into a ball, run around loop-de-loops, and control walking, talking animals — but it’s more than that.

The Gunstar Heroes vibe and the attitude that being odd is okay is that “more” part. The mechanical mech mayhem (anyone remember Green?) and the evil dude who wants to take everything over – not to mention the goofy dialogue – really give off the same vibes as the classic Treasure game.

Freedom Planet is a gem that Sega Genesis and platformer fans should check out – goofy voiceovers and all.

Pumpkin Online Is an MMORPG for the Harvest Moon Demographic

Harvest Moon 64My love for Harvest Moon borders on ridiculous. I once wrote a seven-page letter arguing that the original SNES title should have been nominated for every one of that year’s Nintendo Power Awards, and I was at least partially serious. I play every game in the series with a feverish frenzy, pulling weeds and marrying ladies like my life depends on it.

I also have a love/hate relationship with MMORPGs. They’re antithetical to the way I like to game — alone — but I find myself drawn to them regardless. Interacting with other players fills me with dread, but I can never resist their siren’s call.  [Read more...]

Five Nights at Freddy’s Is a Pretty Good Game to Play on a Plane

Five Night's at Freddy's masksI was sitting on a plane, attempting to work without internet access, when I realized my laptop was shaking. I pulled out my earbuds just in time to hear a garbled message about turbulence, and looked out my window to see the sky was completely white.

Now, I’m pretty sure this sort of thing is common, but I don’t fly a lot. My view of the world is also shaped by TV, video games, and comic books, which means I immediately assumed I was about to be involved in a crash. The plane stabilized, and we landed just fine, but it still left me in pretty strange place. [Read more...]

TOTOME Is the Most Beautiful Mobile Game I’ve Ever Seen

My obsession with the word simulator means that the mobile games I play aren’t of the highest quality. Every now and then, I’ll stumble upon a gem, but more often than not, I’ll play games with titles like Goats vs Zombies: Best Simulator.

But even if my tastes were more discerning, I don’t think I could have possibly found a game as beautiful as TOTOME.

TOTOME game [Read more...]

I Want to Play Kôna in French Instead of English

KônaI’ve said before that Kôna seems like the exact game I wish I could play right now. It’s got a ton of the elements I love, from puzzle-solving to exploration to survival.

However, the thing I’m probably the most excited about right now is playing this game in French.

[Read more...]

Eron Gjoni Clarifies the Zoe Quinn, Nathan Grayson Timeline

Depression QuestI’m tired of this whole Quinnspiracy thing. I really am.

But there’s a new edit on thezoepost blog by Eron Gjoni, and it basically puts a bullet in the head of the argument that Zoe Quinn had had sex with Nathan Grayson in exchange for favorable coverage.

Here it is:

There was a typo up for a while that made it seem like Zoe and I were on break between March and June. This has apparently led some people to infer that her infidelity with Nathan Grayson began in early March. I want to clarify that I have no reason to believe or evidence to imply she was sleeping with him prior to late March or early April (though I believe they’d been friends for a while before that). This typo has since been corrected to make it clear we were on break between May and June. To be clear, if there was any conflict of interest between Zoe and Nathan regarding coverage of Depression Quest prior to April, I have no reason to believe that it was sexual in nature.

Even Eron Gjoni himself — the person who started this entire thing — admits that there was no sexual relationship between Zoe and Nathan before April.

One last thing I should say is that I think making this edit was a very commendable thing for Gjoni to do. It’s not easy to have to publicly defend an ex that mistreated you, and this shows he’s got a lot more honor than I was originally willing to give him credit for. I still think the blog post was a shitty thing to do, but I think his recent edit shows at least some measure of growing up is happening on his part.

So can we please stop prattling on about this? Please?

Kôna Needs to Be Kickstarted, Because It Looks Fantastic

KônaKôna looks like the exact kind of game I’d fall in love with. It’s an adventure game in which you must solve mysteries, explore the wild North, and survive.

In it, you take on the role of a detective who’s been tasked with investigating a vandalism case. It seems somewhat pedestrian, until he shows up to discover that everyone in the area has gone missing.

[Read more...]

How Much Is Fez 2 Worth? Jonathan Blow Responds on Twitter


As always, there are lingering questions in the air regarding Phil Fish. One of those currently happens to be the value of Polytron and the Fez IP, since both seem to be up for sale right now.

A Twitter user going by the name 00shad00 inquired about the value of Fez 2. Instead of getting in touch with Fish, this user decided to reach out to Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid and The Witness.

Jonathan Blow Twitter

Jonathan Blow Twitter

00shad00 mentioned still being a student and not being entirely certain of how this whole thing works, and Blow gave a short, pithy, honest response.

After the week the indie gaming scene has had, it’s refreshing to see a member of the development community actually speaking with candor. Blow didn’t have to answer the question at all, but he did so respectfully and politely.

This, my friends, is discourse, even if it’s on a tiny level. Our conversations about the state of the scene could really use more kindness and level-headedness right now.