What’s Up with Stranded Deep’s Physics?

Stranded Deep IslandThe physics in Stranded Deep are a disaster.

I prefer game physics that are at least moderately realistic or manage to have some sort of internal consistency, and Stranded Deep does neither of these things. I mean, when you can grab a dead shark and fly away on it, something might be a bit off, right?

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I’m Getting Better at Don’t Starve

Don't Starve Is the Very First Game I'll Be Getting for the PS4After hours of toiling away in Don’t Starve, I’m finally starting to get a bit better.

Of course, I should preface this by saying “better” doesn’t necessarily mean “good.” I’m still having a lot of trouble with the game, because it’s unlike any other survival title I’ve ever played. It will treat you harshly, because fuck you, that’s why.

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My First Death in Don’t Starve Was Due to Frogs

Don't Starve BronyBeing a veteran of Minecraft, I figured out the very basics of Don’t Starve fairly quickly. Collect things until you have enough things to make tools, with which to collect more things. So I fairly quickly managed to make an axe and a pickaxe, as well as a trap.

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I Just Bought Don’t Starve

Don't Starve Angry FaceEven though I’m the sort of person who really hates games that punish you for existing, I just set down my hard earned money on Don’t Starve, as well as the DLC for it. Why? Because it was on sale on Steam.

Also, because it sounds vaguely like Minecraft, but with Lovecraftian creatures. That sounds genuinely interesting.

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Rack N Ruin Enchanter Trophy – How to Enchant the Amulet

Rack n Ruin Enchanted AmuletThe enchanted amulet is a great item to have in Rack N Ruin, because it causes your mana to regenerate over time. There’s also a Trophy for getting the item in the PS4 version of the game, so Trophy hunters will definitely want to seek it out.

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Rack N Ruin Bomb Swatter Trophy

Rack N Ruin Bomb SwatterIn Rack N Ruin, the Bomb Swatter Trophy is insanely easy to get. All you need to do is drop a bomb and then hit it with your sword.

Seriously. That’s all there is to it.

Here’s a video:

Rack N Ruin – How to Get the Magic Bag

The magic bag in Rack N Ruin is a really handy item, since it doubles your carrying capacity for a lot of your items, including bombs. In order to get it, you’ll have to first beat Amon to get your lightning magic, then make your way over to the ruins area in the Fetid Field.

There is a locked door toward the southern edge of the ruins, so this will require a key as well. Once you manage to unlock the door and get inside, you’ll have to solve a puzzle to get to the chest.

Rack n RuinThe puzzle can be a bit tricky, but here’s an easy way to solve it:

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Rack N Ruin Pyrophobia Trophy – How to Beat Amon Without Using Fire Damage

Rack N Ruin AmonTo get the Pyrophobia Trophy in Rack N Ruin, you must beat the first boss, Amon, without using fire damage. While that sounds like a simple task, it’s complicated by the fact that at this early stage in the game, pretty much all your magic is fire based, even if you managed to purchase the spell book from the witch’s shop. Even your bombs are fire-based, so those are off the table as well.

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ToeJam & Earl Kickstarter Hits Its Second Stretch Goal, the Hyperfunk Zone

ToeJam and Earl Hyperfunk ZoneToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove launched a Kickstarter to raise $400,000. It was a nerve-wracking experience for fans, as the deadline loomed closer without the project reaching its goal.

However, the team at HumaNature Studios seemed to have pulled an 11th-hour feat of funkitude, hitting their goal with just two and a half days to go.

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Rack N Ruin’s Protagonist Is an Evil Little Bastard

Rack N RuinThe folks at LifeSpark Entertainment were kind enough to let me into their newest game, Rack N Ruin, a tad bit before launch. In case you haven’t heard of it, Rack N Ruin is a crazy mashup between old-school RPG, dungeon crawler, and shmup (I feel giddy just getting to type that combination of old school goodness), and it’s coming to PC and PS4 very soon.

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