Bastion Is a Truly Delighful Little Game

Bastion screenshotI recently dove into my gaming vault, hoping to find something fun I hadn’t played in a while. Most of the titles I saw didn’t suit my fancy, and I was beginning to grow weary.

Then I saw a link to a review for Transistor, the most recent title from Supergiant Games. That made me recall the gem that is their first release: Bastion. And that memory gave me an epiphany – Bastion is ridiculously awesome. [Read more...]

In Space We Brawl’s Tutorial Is Harder than Some Entire Games

in space we brawlIn Space We Brawl offers an interesting take on the tutorial in that it doesn’t actually have one. What you do get is the “Challenges” section, a series of 21 missions meant to simultaneously introduce you to the game and frustrate the crap out of you. Not the ideal combination! [Read more...]

Castle Story’s Bricktrons Might Actually Be Gorons

Bricktron vs GoronI’ve been playing a bit of Hyrule Warriors lately, which means I’ve spent an unusual amount of time over the past few days looking at Gorons. Which makes me wonder how I’ve never noticed this before: Castle Story‘s Bricktrons are basically Gorons.

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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Is Dear Esther With Actual Gameplay (but I Like Dear Esther More)

ethan carterIt’s hard not to compare The Vanishing of Ethan Carter to The Chinese Room’s Dear Esther. They’re both first-person games that revolve around exploration. Both games are visually stunning, and both place a heavy focus on storytelling. Both titles have an engrossing-yet-somber atmosphere, and both games feature supernatural elements.

Ethan Carter seems to improve upon Dear Esther in every conceivable way. While Dear Esther‘s story was fragmented and obscure, Ethan Carter presents a narrative that’s both coherent and unconventional. Dear Esther had no gameplay to speak of, but Ethan Carter is full of interesting puzzles. It’s exactly the sort of game I always wished Dear Esther could be.

But for reasons I don’t quite understand, I like Dear Esther more. [Read more...]

My Dreams Didn’t Help Me Beat Year Walk

the year walkA while back, I watched a documentary that asked the question, “Why do we dream?” Essentially, the guys who made it were trying to figure out what the evolutionary benefit of dreaming was, and they attempted to figure this out through a process that vaguely resembled science.

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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Is a Horror Game for Fans of Raymond Chandler

ethan carterAlfred Hitchcock once claimed that there’s nothing more terrifying than an unopened door. Mystery is at the heart of any great horror story, and things are never as frightening once those mysteries are solved.

Detective fiction, on the other hand, is defined by its big reveal. Everything builds up to that one magic moment in which things are finally made clear. These stories thrive on answers, and are far less satisfying when stones are left unturned. [Read more...]

Year Walk Will Make You Grab Your Notebook

Year WalkI’m not a very patient man.

I have a fondness for games that feature complex puzzles, but I almost always end up resorting to an online walkthrough when I get stuck. I never would have finished Fez without help, and I’m pretty sure I spent more of Ocarina of Time pouring through walkthroughs than I spent actually playing it.

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Zoe Quinn Allegedly Blows the Whistle on #GamerGate and Recent Hacking Attempts

Phil Fish BatmanIf you haven’t been following the crusade against Zoe Quinn, Phil Fish, “Games Journalism,” and the like, then congratulations, you have endured less headaches than I have over the past three weeks.

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TowerFall Ascension: The Best $60 I Ever Spent Was on a Free Game


When I downloaded TowerFall Ascension for my PS4, it wasn’t because I was excited to play. I hadn’t even heard of it. It was because, like so many other games in my library these days, it was totally “free” thanks to PlayStation Plus.

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Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Gets a Release Date and Disturbing New Trailer

Binding of Isaac: RebirthThe always lovable Edmund McMillen will finally be releasing the expanded version of his twin-stick roguelike hit The Binding of Isaac on November 4.

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