Linda Cube Again Is My Favorite Game I’ve Never Played

Linda Cube Again labIf someone stuck Pokémon, Dragon Quest, and 90s psychological anime in a blender, they might get something that looked like Linda Cube Again. It takes an already bizarre concept — saving animals from the end of the world by placing them on an ark-like spaceship — and dials it up to 11, throwing giant arm transplants and evil twins who dress like Santa Claus into the mix. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a video game. [Read more...]

Ocarina of Time Has Flaws, but N4G Won’t Allow Critics to Point Those Out

Brazil World Cup DefeatI  recently wrote a piece called “Ocarina of Time Isn’t Terrible; It’s Just Poorly Designed.” I thought the title alone was enough to explain that I don’t think Ocarina is a bad game, but I was wrong. I got flamed on N4G like a hot dog on the 4th of July.

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Ocarina of Time Is Underrated by Its Biggest Fans

Ocarina of Time masterpieceOcarina of Time fans can be a little touchy. Many feel their favorite game is beyond reproach, and respond with outrage when someone dares to suggest it’s less than perfect.

And in doing so, they completely miss what made the game great. [Read more...]

The Grim Fandango Soundtrack Makes Me Feel Like a Hardboiled Detective

Grim Fandango MannyI haven’t played Grim Fandango in more than a decade. There are parts of the game I recall with perfect clarity, and there are plenty of scenes I look back on fondly. Still, as time has passed, it’s gotten harder to recall its finer details.

Like how freaking amazing the soundtrack is. [Read more...]

Ocarina of Time Was Flawed, and Video Games Are Better for It

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeI know I’m digging myself a hole here, but I recently regurgitated some things Egoraptor said about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and I got raked over the coals for it.

The article I wrote wasn’t a particularly great one. I didn’t think it needed to be. I just wanted to give a brief overview of some of the points Egoraptor made in his video. I thought readers would watch the video if they wanted more info.

I was wrong. In fact, I’m not sure why I expected people on the Internet to actually watch something, pay attention to it, and analyze it with a critical thinking cap on.

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Ocarina of Time Isn’t Terrible; It’s Just Poorly Designed

Ocarina of Time Isn't Terrible; It's Just Poorly DesignedI recently pointed GeekParty readers to a video by Egoraptor (in the wonderful Sequelitis series) that explained how The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time wasn’t designed very well.

The exact words I used in explaining that were: “Ocarina of Time is fundamentally a poorly designed game.” And I stand by that.

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ToeJam & Earl Defines 90s Game Design in a Weird Yet Charming Way

ToeJam & EarlToeJam & Earl is the sort of game that triple-A developers would be afraid to make these days. For me, though, it defines what was great about game development in the 90s better than almost any other title I can think of.

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Sequelitis Talks Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time

Sequelitis - ZELDA: A Link to the Past vs. Ocarina of Time Sequelitis is one of my favorite series on YouTube. New episodes are few and far between, so when a new one comes out, there’s cause for much celebration.

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8-Bit Factoid: Explaining the Black Background Boss

DuckTales Shovel KnightRetro titles such as the original La Mulana and Shovel Knight tend to feature epic bosses on boring black backgrounds. This choice is a throwback to older titles such as Mega Man and DuckTales, but why did bosses have black backgrounds in the first place?

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Shovel Knight Is Mega Man Meets DuckTales

Shovel Knight Is Mega Man Meets DuckTalesShovel Knight was basically pitched to me this way: “It’s like 8-bit Mega Man meets the first NES DuckTales game.”

That’s probably the most spectacular description of a video game I’ve ever heard, and it’s actually fairly accurate.

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