Alcoholic Luigi on Twitter Harassment: You’re Doing It Wrong

Luigi Baby GateI’ve often said that people are stupid and I hate them. This is because I’m an asshole, and I’m a big enough person to admit I’m an asshole. There are entire articles on how I’m an asshole, and I’ve made quite a few jokes about it, as well.

Oddly enough, I’ve always been able to indicate how much of an asshole I am without going on Twitter and calling people sexist and racist slurs using incredibly misspelled words. Which, for some reason, several people feel is a perfectly appropriate response to Anita Sarkesian’s “Tropes vs. Women” series.

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Confessions of a Trivia Crackhead

rsz_trivia-crack-featureI admit it, I am an addict. I am addicted to Trivia Crack and I love it.

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Norman Reedus Talks Silent Hills, Says They “Haven’t Shot the Heavy Stuff Yet”

Silent HillsWhile I was initially a little iffy about Norman Reedus’ participation in Silent Hills, I’ve since warmed to the idea. P.T. managed to exceed my very high expectations, and I have complete confidence that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro know what’s best for the series.

So naturally, when I saw that Reedus had an AMA up on Reddit, I hit ctrl-F and and began searching for any mention of the game.

I was surprised to find that only one redditor (the delightfully-named ismellliketuna) had asked Reedus a Hills-related question. Thankfully, he or she managed to get some useful information out of the shift key-phobic Reedus:

Norman reedus silent hillsIt’s a little disappointing to see that so much of Silent Hills is still unfinished. I’m dying to get my hands on it, and I’d hate to think that it’s still a year or more away.

But what’s really interesting is that Reedus was initially approached by del Toro rather than Kojima. Kojima’s been talking about making a game with Reedus since 2013, and it’s strange to think that he wasn’t the one who spearheaded his involvement.

Maybe Reedus was the one who brought this whole thing together. Maybe del Toro and Kojima bonded over their mutual love of Daryl Dixon, and decided to turn that love into a strange and beautiful game.

Hopefully, Silent Hills will shoot its “heavy stuff” sooner rather than later. And hopefully, del Toro and Kojima can teach Reedus about the wonders of cap lock.

Buy Dark Dreams Don’t Die. Please?

d4 dark dreams don't dieAn Xbox One is probably not in my future. Scalebound seems cool, and Sunset Overdrive looks like a blast, but neither is a game I’d buy a console for. I’m a writer, my funds are limited, and an Xbox One isn’t a purchase I can justify.

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One Person Apparently Spent a Year Drawing the First 151 Pokémon

Luko's Picture House

Reddit user Lukeco recently posted about his having spent a year drawing the first 151 Pokémon.

His work is on the Internet for all to see, and I must say it’s pretty impressive. I mean, I’m famously new to this whole Pokémon thing, and even I can appreciate this fantastic art.

You can click here to see the full work on imgur, and you can see more of his work on his Tumblr, entitled Luko’s Picture House.

MundaneMatt’s War Between YouTube and Game Journalism Seems Misdirected

PiratesI probably don’t need to point out that what we know as “Games Journalism” is in a bit of an upheaval now.

Within the past few days, YouTube personality MundaneMatt has weighed in on the issue with some new videos explaining his opinions on this. Since I actually don’t believe in censoring people with voices I disagree with, I’ll let you watch those for yourself:

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4chan Made a Boycott List, and I Am Offended

Alcoholic Luigi's Postcards from MetaCon 2013I’m not just offended, I’m pissed off. I’m also enraged, annoyed, upset, and any other adjective meaning “not happy” that my pocket thesaurus can find. Why, do you ask?

Because I’m not on the list!

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How Much Is Fez 2 Worth? Jonathan Blow Responds on Twitter


As always, there are lingering questions in the air regarding Phil Fish. One of those currently happens to be the value of Polytron and the Fez IP, since both seem to be up for sale right now.

A Twitter user going by the name 00shad00 inquired about the value of Fez 2. Instead of getting in touch with Fish, this user decided to reach out to Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid and The Witness.

Jonathan Blow Twitter

Jonathan Blow Twitter

00shad00 mentioned still being a student and not being entirely certain of how this whole thing works, and Blow gave a short, pithy, honest response.

After the week the indie gaming scene has had, it’s refreshing to see a member of the development community actually speaking with candor. Blow didn’t have to answer the question at all, but he did so respectfully and politely.

This, my friends, is discourse, even if it’s on a tiny level. Our conversations about the state of the scene could really use more kindness and level-headedness right now.

The Anti-Zoe Quinn Rage Is Completely out of Hand. Let’s Talk.

Depression Quest

UPDATE: I just want to point out, to all the people who are reading and commenting on this, I published this piece on April 18. It wasn’t until April 19 when Fine Young Capitalists released their Soundcloud recording explaining their allegations against Quinn, or when Games Nosh’s article about Quinn got pulled. Nothing in the rest of this post deals with the FYC or Games Nosh in any way, shape, or form. I also want to point out that this piece wasn’t intended to be a defense of Quinn. I have no opinion on Depression Quest. I think Zoe’s cheating is shitty, but it doesn’t affect the quality of Depression Quest. But, in my opinion, one of the things that happened after Eron Gjoni wrote his blog post was that piles and piles and piles of allegations against Quinn all surfaced at once. That seemed fishy to me, and I still don’t know how to feel about it. I commented on the censorship issue elsewhere, and the following piece has nothing to do with that either.

TL;DR: This piece was written before the FYC or Games Nosh scandals.

The gaming community has done a terrible, horrible thing. Having been sucked into the conversation deeper than I ever intended, I feel the need to explain a few things.

First off, Zoe Quinn made a game called Depression Quest, and in light of the Robin Williams suicide,  she wasn’t sure if she should release it or wait on it for a bit. However, feeling the message was still an important one, she released it for free. That’s kind of an awesome thing to do.

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Phil Fish Is My Hero for His Tweets About Ferguson

FergusonRecently, Phil Fish went on a Twitter spree about two things. Misogyny against Zoe Quinn, and the situation in Ferguson, MO.

And he’s my hero for both.

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