Strike Force Foxx’s “Chopper Full of Babes” Line Needs a Series of Memes

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Xbox One Owners Australia Group Buys an Xbox One for a Member in Chemotherapy

According to reddit user Mat145,a Facebook group called Xbox One Owners Australia had a member undergoing chemotherapy. To brighten that member’s day, they chipped in to buy him or her an Xbox One.

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Ocarina of Time Has Flaws, but N4G Won’t Allow Critics to Point Those Out

Brazil World Cup DefeatI  recently wrote a piece called “Ocarina of Time Isn’t Terrible; It’s Just Poorly Designed.” I thought the title alone was enough to explain that I don’t think Ocarina is a bad game, but I was wrong. I got flamed on N4G like a hot dog on the 4th of July.

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Pokémon Shaming Is the Best Thing on Tumblr

Tumblr is full of creativity, but lately, they’ve outdone themselves. They’ve taken the concept of Dog Shaming –  when owners take pictures of their dogs with a sign proclaiming their misdeeds — and applied it to Pokémon. The results are both adorable and hilarious.
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#FireRickRemender Highlights a Problem With the Comics Community

Captain America 22When I saw #FireRickRemender trending on Twitter, I was a little confused. To the best of my knowledge, Rick Remender hadn’t done anything controversial. The latest issue of his Captain America run came out last week, but it was a little on the dull side. I didn’t think it contained anything that would rile up the masses.

Apparently, the masses and I don’t see eye to eye. [Read more...]

This Final Fantasy VII Prank Will Make You an Awful Person

This link recently came up on my Facebook feed:

This Final Fantasy VII Prank Will Make You an Awful PersonNow, as someone who keeps up with gaming news, I knew this couldn’t possibly be true. But even if I was a bit behind the curve, there are several things wrong with such a statement.

  • E3 just happened, and if a Final Fantasy VII remake were actually in the mix, it would have been announced there with much fanfare. It probably would have happened during Sony’s press conference.
  • The entity we once knew as Square has merged with Enix to become Square Enix. Square wouldn’t announce a Final Fantasy VII remake; Square Enix would.
  • There is a period where a period shouldn’t be. After “of?” Come on!

Bewildered by such a problematic post, I clicked through so I could leave snarky comments, because that’s what real gamers do.

Lo and behold, this is what greeted me:

This Final Fantasy VII Prank Will Make You an Awful PersonImage Source: fakeShare

Yes, this was a troll post. No, I wasn’t surprised.

If you want to be a truly awful person, here’s the link to trick your friends. Have fun. See you in Hell, asshole.

Halo 4 Is Not for Kids, Regardless of Gender

Recently, I’ve seen this image floating around on Facebook:

Girl Picks Out Halo 4I have no idea where it came from, and I doubt the story it tells is even true.

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In a Parallel Universe, Hideki Kamiya is Dying

Hideki Kamiya thumbs downHideki Kamiya is not dead. He’s currently alive, well, and posting hilarious things on his Twitter account. But out there in a parallel universe, another Kamiya is in dire straits. [Read more...]

If You Don’t Follow Hideki Kamiya on Twitter, You Should

At first glance, the Twitter account of game designer Hideki Kamiya doesn’t seem like anything special. Most of his tweets are in Japanese, and most that aren’t are retweets accompanied by emoticons.

But if you look a little a little closer, you’ll find something amazing. Beneath that ordinary surface lies a Twitter account that’s occasionally strange, frequently hilarious, and always fascinating. [Read more...]

YouTube Buying Twitch Could be Bad for Content Creators

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