CCP Games Made Me Play EVE: Valkyrie for the Oculus Rift While Hungover at E3

CCP Games Made Me Use the Oculus Rift While Hungover at E3I have a problem. See, I get assigned to do all these journalistic convention coverage pieces for various outlets, and I almost always screw them up by getting irresponsibly drunk.

E3 2013 was no exception, though I blame that on the folks from Bethesda who threw an amazingly impressive party in Hollywood and made the mistake of inviting me to it.

So, the day after this party, I slept through about half of my E3 floor time. I eventually did arise, though, because I’d been given the responsibility of talking to the wonderful people at CCP Games, who you might know for EVE Online or Dust 514. Hangover be damned, I had to show up for this thing so my boss wouldn’t be pissed.

My world was spinning when I arrived, though I tried to play it off as if nothing were wrong. But, because they assumed I was a responsible journalist who took my job very seriously, the folks at CCP decided they wanted to really knock my socks off with this neat little project they were working on.

What I played was what I assume to be an early build of EVE: Valkyrie, the space-based dog-fighting sim set in the EVE Online universe. (I won’t guarantee this with 100% certainty due to my state of post-inebriation unawareness.)

CCP Games Made Me Use the Oculus Rift While Hungover at E3So they sat me down on a bench, put an Oculus Rift device over my head, put a headset on over the Oculus Rift, and set a controller in my hand. At this point, I couldn’t see nor hear a thing that was happening around me, which was terrifying.

So I had this thought: In case of emergency, I would have to first find a place to set down this controller (without using my senses of sight and hearing), then pull off the headset, then finally remove the Oculus Rift. In my state of unwellness, this process could have taken quite a while.

To make matters worse, I was thrust into a virtual reality experience where I was piloting some sort of spacecraft through a 3D world. I instantly broke into a cold sweat as I felt my stomach begin to churn. I had the realization that I was about to throw up all over the people at CCP Games. It was one of the worst gaming experiences of my life (and I say that having recently played Aliens: Colonial Marines).

By some act of God, I managed to keep my breakfast firmly inside my guts, but I walked away from that experience feeling like I probably hated the Oculus Rift, as well as any virtual reality device ever made. Yes, that includes Nintendo’s stupid Virtual Boy.

Nintendo's Stupid Virtual BoyThe worst part of all this is that I never ended up writing the article that was assigned to me.

Vitual Boy image courtesy of Images by Saleem.