Cloudbuilt Is on Steam, and the Trailer Looks Pretty Amazing

If I was allowed just one superpower, I’d choose enhanced speed in a heartbeat. I’d be able to type up articles in the blink of an eye, speed through every book under the sun, and instantly travel from one place to another. But mostly, I just want to know what it feels like to be that fast, to move so quickly that the rest of the world slows down around you.

I currently lack superpowers, so I’m forced to live out my speedster fantasies through video games. Few games do super-speed well, but Rising Star Games’ Cloudbuilt looks like it’ll knock it out of the park. Just watching the trailer gives me a thrill, and I’d bet playing the game is even better.

Obviously, there’s more to Cloudbuilt than the raw appeal of going fast. Your speed comes from a jetpack, (the press release describes it as a “rocket-powered exoskeleton”, which is fantastic) giving you increased movement. The game requires you to pull off elaborate parkour-esque moves while moving at the speed of light. It challenges you as it fulfills your fantasies.

Cloudbuilt is on Steam now, which means I’ll pretty much have to give it a try. It’s hard to resist any game that goes out of its way to make me feel awesome.