Comic Sans Valentines for Gamers

Because Valentine’s Day is lovely, and comic sans isn’t, the two obviously belong together. That makes sense, right?

Either way, here are some lovely video game-themed Valentines created by the staff here at GeekParty. Feel free to share these with your friends, lovers, and otherwise.

Contra Valentine

treet Fighter, Valentine's DayImage source

viewtiful joe valentine

Jeepers Creepers, Valentine's Day

Solid Snake, Valentine's Day

Castlevania valentine

Tetris valentine

Companion Cube, Valentine's DayImage Source: YouTube

Starfox Valentine

Flappy Bird, Valentine's Day

Question Box, Valentine's Day

Killer Instinct valentine

Majora's Mask Valentine

Katamari valentine

World of Tanks, Valentine's Day

Bomberman valentine

Knuckles, Valentine's Day

BioShock Valentine

Mortal Kombat valentineImage Source

Zelda Valentine

Titanfall Mech, Valentine's Day

all your base valentine

Spelunky valentine