Cutscenery: Dino Crisis 2

Dino Crisis 2One year has passed since the “Third Energy Incident” and government research has begun at a base… somewhere and blah blah blah…

Look, I don’t mean to belittle Dino Crisis 2, and my apologies go out to Dr. Kirk, but this opening dialogue is just an excuse to usher in a bunch of dinosaur action. Which is probably okay, because the only questions I have when I pop in the Dino Crisis 2 disc are: Where are the dinosaurs and how long until I start killing a bunch of them?

The good news is that the we don’t have to wait very long until the following cutscene medley delivers a shit ton of dinosaurs and a shit ton of violence. It also features two of the most ludicrous hair styles in the annals of dino-slaying.

This is a pretty sweet little mix of cutscenes, especially since Dino Crisis 2 was released in 1999. The graphics are muddy and the models are as outdated as the hairstyles, but the act of watching dinosaurs eat people is a timeless one. And who doesn’t love a T-Rex slowly revealing its menacing presence from behind a barrier of trees and shrubs?

I know I love it every fricking time.

So the crew gets surrounded by a bunch of raptors until backup blows them to smithereens (conveniently missing the two heroes with what must be the smartest bombs on the market). Streets are overrun and dinosaurs still kick ass. Jump forward to the closing cutscene, which is hilariously over the top and uber patriotic, and yay, the day is saved again!

I may not know much, but I feel confident that I do know this one thing: Dinosaurs are absolutely fantastic, and it’s a crying shame there aren’t more games about them.

Oh, and GeekParty’s Dinosaur Week is pretty sweet also.