Dinosaur Week Makes Shark Week Look Just Plain Weak

DinoWeekHeaderAnyone who knows me knows I’m a man of science. In fact, you could go so far as to say that science and I are synonymous; we get one another.

Case in point: Scientists recently confirmed what my data has shown for years, that Dinosaur Week vastly superior to Shark Week. To which the Journal of Science-Related Items then added, “So suck it, Discovery Channel.”

And we here at the GeekParty Mansion couldn’t agree more.

So in celebration of Dino Week, a week-long event that we started ourselves, GeekParty will be offering dino-sized amounts of all things, well, dino.

dinosharkAnd for our efforts, Science has decided to commend our heroic, selfless promotion of Dinosaur Week (again, a week-long event that we actually initiated ourselves) by giving us an Award of Valor in the Field of Continuing to Promote and Embrace Dinosaur Week. Which is kind of a pretty big deal, though I mean not to brag or whatever.

So join GeekParty and Science as we salute Dinosaur Week, which, as we’ve established, is far superior to Shark Week.

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