Don’t Mess With Texas But Do Mess With New Vegas

fols_toppThere have been a lot — and I mean a lot — of mods out there for the last two Fallout games. There are entire communities of people centered around modding these games, which were brilliant by their own merit. That being said, there’s never been a mod quite like Fallout: Lonestar for New Vegas.

This isn’t just Vegas with a new paint job. It’s essentially an expansion pack. New NPCs, new enemies, weapons, missions — you name it. This looks like a new iteration of the Fallout universe, and by all accounts it is.

The mod’s story is set decades before New Vegas’ and takes the player to Texas. The mentality of the south in the already hectic world of Fallout sounds fantastic. Even New Vegas designers are keeping an eye on this project, and you should too. Check out Christopher Means’ website.