Dying Light: First Impressions


“Good night. Good luck” is the tagline for Dying Light, an upcoming horror game from the developers of the Dead Island series. The slogan fits.

After spending a few hours in Harran, a paradise-gone-to-hell, my mind started wandering: the tropes of the zombie genre, the violence of modern horror films, and how crappy my computer has become.

Dying Light is putting my machine through its paces, but it’s not the game’s fault. The Chrome Engine 6 is incredibly powerful. This is a truly next-gen experience in terms of visuals, and my PC is showing its age.

Set in a dystopian zombie-apocalypse situation, you control Kyle Crane who is dropped into this hell. His mission goes completely belly up and now he needs to earn the locals’ trust in order to make it out alive. It all seems very familiar but fear not, there are some huge twists that add unique weight to the story.

The gameplay is much like Dead Island in that you collect items for crafting and weapons for killing, but there’s a focus freerunning as you spend a lot of time running from a swarm of zombies. The parkour of this feels a lot like Mirror’s Edge and works well.

So far I’m really enjoying myself, and what I expected to be Diet Dead Island is far more refreshing.