Dying Light: The Other Dead Island

Dying LightWhen I watch new trailers, I try to keep an open mind and approach them with a clean slate. I attempt to allow the trailer to do all of the heavy lifting — I want it to tell me what I need to know or shape the way it wants me to feel.

Before viewing the following trailer, however, I watched the latest Dead Island trailer and was struck with an immediate sense of semi-déjà vu.

Not to say that these two games are identical in every way, but they definitely seem to be cut from the same cloth. And I guess they actually are, since Techland’s Dead Island  sequel eventually became Dying Light, and Dead Island 2 became something else entirely.

But it’s still a shame, because this all lends itself to a sort of prejudice that might perhaps be unfair. I am not normally one to judge the merits of one game in comparison to that of another unless the similarities so greatly overlap.

I didn’t plan on harping on Dying Light’s Dead Island appeal, and yet here I am with not much else to say. The game looks fun for the most part, and if you enjoy Dead Island — or even Mirror’s Edge — this should prove a game worth checking out.

And, in many ways, this trailer leaves me with the urge to do just that: check out.