Dying Light’s Kyle Crane Is Better Because He’s Average

dying light kyle craneI’ve been playing a lot of Dying Light lately, which means I’ve spent a lot of time listening to the game’s main character, Kyle Crane. Recently, his voice actor, Roger Craig Smith, sat down for an interview with Comic Vine. His comments help shine a light on the things that make Kyle interesting.

“Kyle Crane, in my opinion, is a regular guy; he’s imperfect and fallible,” said Smith. “I thought that was a neat element, getting to portray this character.”

Describing someone as a “regular guy” may be cliche, but in this case, it’s absolutely true. Kyle is a man thrown into a situation he thinks he’ll be able wrangle his way out of, and must eventually accept that he’s become a part of something bigger than himself. As gamers, we’re used to playing as unflappable badasses. Dying Light strikes at those preconceptions, placing you in the role of an average man and stacking the odds against you.

dying light kyleThat’s not to say that Kyle is a slouch — he’s obviously got the potential to survive this world of horrors — but he needs practice, and he needs guidance.

“From the get-go, he’s not necessarily all that adept at the ways of zombie killing and parkour,” Smith explained. “It’s a training process of sorts where everybody in that world is trying to see what Kyle Crane is made of.”

In recent years, zombie games like Left 4 Dead gave gamers plenty of firepower right out of the gate. Other titles, like The Last of Us, put the player in the shoes of a grizzled zombie-slaying regular. Dying Light leaves players to their own devices, and is so much better for it.

  • Matt

    lol, the guy in the cgi trailer isn’t Kyle Crane. It’s Brecken.