E3 2015: EA’s Peter Moore Looks Like Mean Gene Okerlund

ea frostbite guySometimes, when you’re forced to watch something you don’t care about, you begin to make odd realizations. Sometimes, it’s that there are twice as many female presenters as there are female protagonists. Sometimes, it’s that there seems to be no clear distinction between a Light Side Jedi and a Jedi leaning towards the Dark Side. It’s not that you’re trying to find bizarre connections, it’s just that your mind is wandering, and you notice things you may never have noticed otherwise.

In my case, it’s that Peter Moore looks a lot like “Mean” Gene Okerlund.

For those of you who don’t know, “Mean” Gene Okerlund is a man who has been in the professional wrestling business for many, many years. He’s not, and never has been, a wrestler. He was a ring announcer, and a backstage interviewer. However, he’s considered one of the best, and he’s certainly one of the more respected ones.

If you’re curious, here’s a picture of him.


Tell me he doesn’t look like Peter Moore. You can’t. This led to all sorts of amusing mental images for me. I kept imagining that Peter Moore would walk up to Pele and say things like “Opponents of your game have said that they’re going to break your game’s back and make it humble. Do you have anything to say to that?” and “Last week, EA suffered a brutal defeat at the hands of Internet Public Relations. How do you plan to deal with that?”

And now, you, too, can have those mental images.