E3 2015: Fallout 4 Was Made for Beard Lovers

While I’m not capable of growing a beard of my own, I’m a dedicated beard enthusiast. I delight in beards in all forms, whether they’re on my boyfriend, random celebrities, or video game characters. I consider the ability to grow a beard a gameplay highlight, and I adore character creators that let me live out my beard-wearing fantasies.

Needless to say, Fallout 4 has already won my heart.

fallout 4 beardIt’s not just that Fallout 4 lets you give your character a beard (although that is pretty sweet). It’s that they give their beards the best names ever. I mean, Rough Stuff? Dashing Rogue? Freerider? Even if I didn’t appreciate a good beard, this game would have me sold.

Since Fallout 4 allows you to play as a female character, I might not run through Boston with a beard of my own. Still, I’ll spend plenty of time checking out the beard selection and enjoying all the wonderful names.