E3 2015: I Am Super Jealous of Fallout Fans

Fallout 4I said before that I’m just not very interested in Fallout 4. I’m not saying it’s not a good series. I’ve recently purchased Fallout 3, and it’s entertaining enough. It’s just not something that keeps my attention to any great deal.

What I’m tyring to say is that Fallout 4 looks downright amazing, but I’m still not very interested in it.

However, I am super jealous.

I’m jealous because us Elder Scrolls fans get more MMO bullshit and a card game, while Fallout 4 gets a mobile game, the ability to build your own post-apocalyptic city, and a real life Pip-Boy that you can put your phone in.

Fallout  fans get an amazing open world game that plays to all the incredibly interesting things that fans of the series have always loved. Elder Scrolls fans get an MMO that nobody wanted and requires being online to play. Fallout fans get more crafting, more weapons, more world building, and more exploration. Elder Scrolls fans get an attempt to cash in on the popularity of a Blizzard property, which is doomed to fail because Blizzard already won the computerized card game market just like they already won the MMO market.

fallout 4I’m happy for you Fallout fans. I am. I hope you really enjoy the game, and I hope it winds up being everything Bethesda says it will be. But also?

I also hate you a little.