E3 2015: Microsoft’s Technical Errors Don’t Instill Confidence

XbonedI’m not at E3 this year, which means I have to stream my E3 coverage like a normal person. Which makes me wish that Microsoft had their shit together.

Seriously, I’m streaming the conference on Microsoft’s official YouTube channel, and the feed keeps cutting off for some sort of “memory error.” Just when I think the issue may be on my end, I see a curser come up and reset the feed. And this happens every 15 minutes or so.

I could forgive this if it were Bethesda, since last night was their first E3 press conference ever. I could even forgive EA and Ubisoft, because they are primarily software publishers.

But Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. They make, build, invent, and innovate the technology that makes networking and streaming possible. They should be able to both know and anticipate the problems that arise from streaming major events and then troubleshoot them using the most talented networking engineers in the world.

But they don’t, and we get a super shitty E3 feed.

I’m sorry, Microsoft, but this is inexcusable. This is almost as bad as Nintendo under-stocking amiibo figures in the United States. If you can’t get your tech working, how am I expected to have confidence that your gaming hardware isn’t going to be equally as buggy and filled with problems?