E3 2015: The New Division Trailer Has Me Divided

E3 2014 - The DivisionI continue to be optimistic about The Division. By and large, I love Tom Clancy games, and I’ve been excited by much of what I’ve seen so far. I remained onboard in spite of the constant delays, because the game genuinely looked great. In many ways, it felt like a spiritual sequel to the fantastic IO Interactive game Freedom Fighters.

But there is a limit to my optimism, and the latest trailer is starting to push it. It seems like every time Ubisoft announces a flashy new game, it eventually undergoes a massive scaling back of graphics. Unless my eyes doth deceive me, The Division appears to be no exception.

Everything in this trailer looks muddy and bland. Gone are the visual pops and flourishes that made my jaw drop and mouth salivate. I’m not saying that this game won’t still be good, but by the time it comes out, my enthusiasm for it may have waned too much.

Maybe I’m still hung over from last night, but to me it just looks so much better at E3 2014: