E3 2015: The Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer Is Far From Forceful

star wars battlefrontI wasn’t sure what to expect from Star Wars: Battlefront ‘s first gameplay trailer. I’m not a fan of the Battlefront games, but initially, I thought this title might change my mind. I was pleased to see a more laidback approach instead of the kind of massive military fights I typically associate with the series.

But the longer I watched, the more generic the action felt. It almost looked like one of those old rail shooter games, where the enemies kind popped up and waited to be shot. This felt especially true at the 1:20 marker, when the player’s character gun butts that Stormtrooper.

It doesn’t help that the game contains an overwhelming amount of the color red. From the laser blasts to the damage indicator to the health bar, shit is just full-on red from start to finish. Plus, those tumbling boulders from the AT-ST blasts at the 1:40 marker look weightless and kind of corny.

(And I’m sorry, but blowing up an AT-ST with a laser pistol? I might not be up on my Star Wars knowledge but that strikes me as silly.)

Look, I’m sure that the game will be far more polished by the time it releases. And it is nice to seem some gameplay footage, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I wanted to be blown away by this trailer, and instead, it wound up being a bit of a let down.


  • Josh Wirtanen

    Battlefront is all about huge-scale multiplayer battles. It’s not a story-based game in the traditional sense. The old games would set up these massive-scale, like 100v100-player battles, with bots taking the place of human players to fill out the ranks. The bots weren’t very smart, which explains the cannon fodder, but your enemies will be actual human opponents. So AI won’t be as much of an issue, since your human opponents will provide the real challenge.

    The red is just the canyons of Tatooine, man. It’s how it looked in the movies. They also showed Hoth gameplay, which is overwhelmingly snowy and white, also just like the movies.

    And seeing the Star Destroyer crash at the end is freaking epic.

    I agree with your complaint about gunning down a walker, though.