E3 2015: Xbox One’s Backward Compatibility Is a Huge Deal

Not so XbonedWhat’s one of the biggest things missing from this generation of video game consoles? Backward compatibility.

Sure, the Wii U is backward-compatible with the Wii, but both Sony and Microsoft have opted out of giving fans one of the features that’s simply expected of any modern gaming console. Until now.

It’s fascinating to me that backward compatibility is coming from Microsoft, the company that, just a couple years ago, seemed to be content with giving the middle finger to its supporters. Always online? Fuck the fans. Always Kinect? Fuck you again. Timed exclusives? Double middle fingers to you, fans.

xbox one

But if the Xbox One has shown us anything, it’s that Microsoft is willing to change its tune and reverse direction when fans start getting pissed off, and backward compatibility is the next step in delivering the features that people really want. And that’s super cool.

The ball is in Sony’s court now, though I have a feeling we won’t be seeing backward compatibility on the PS4 just because it’s coming to Xbox One. Sony is too busy making money on re-releasing last gen’s titles.

Then again, I really hope Sony proves me wrong on this, because I adore my PS4.