E3’s Booth Babes Celebrate GeekParty’s Launch

Every year, L.A.’s hottest booth babes are paid to hang out with videogame journalists at E3 (which is nice, because videogame journalists aren’t part of a demographic that gets to spend a lot of time with stereotypically attractive females), and every year videogame journalists are paid to write about how this practice is degrading to women. It’s pretty much tradition these days.

But we here at GeekParty decided to take a different approach: We stepped off the proverbial soapbox and simply put these young ladies to work. For us.

We convinced several of E3’s booth babes to do some promotional photos for GeekParty.com, and they were quite happy to help us out. What came out of this “social experiment” (yeah, that’s how we’re going to try to justify this) was the following series of images.

Sure, it’s probably exploitative, but no one lost an eye or anything. And you can’t deny that these girls looked great doing it.