Edmund McMillen Had to Sell His Games and DVDs During Super Meat Boy Development

Super Meat Boy Is SadIf you’ve seen Indie Game: The Movie, you know it’s impossible not to root for Team Meat. Even if you know exactly how their story ends, it’s hard not to get nervous when release day arrives.

Now, the Super Meat Boy story has gotten a little more interesting. Edmund McMillen admitted on Twitter that he had to sell most of his games and movies while SMB was in development.

Super Meat Boy Twitter

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. The folks at Who Goes There Podcast heard McMillen’s story and made sure that he and his Sleepaway Camp box set were reunited.

Edmund McMillenImage Source: Danielleorama

It’s hard not to be inspired when you think about how much Team Meat’s sacrifices paid off. They gave up their time and possessions to create a great game, and they delivered. The gaming world is better because of them.

Plus, as a fellow horror fan, it’s nice to know that McMillen will once again be able to stare into this face:

Sleep Away Camp AngelaImage Source: Sleep Away Camp

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