Edmund McMillen on Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – Despite IGN’s Video, There Shouldn’t Be Slowdown on Vita

The Binding of IsaacEdmund McMillen, loveable Team Meat member and maker of Binding of Isaac, is pretty damn awesome about answering fan questions on his blog.

Just yesterday, he was asked about the slowdown that can be seen in IGN’s recent Six Upcoming Vita Games to Keep an Eye On video, which contains some brand new Binding of Isaac: Rebirth gamplay footage. His response was reassuring.

i still dont know how they got that footage or what build they were playing… that footage looked like a version from the game 3+ months ago…

there is no slow down at all on my pc, and shouldnt be any on vita at all in the end.

This is good, because Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a game that deserves to land on the Vita with all of its pristine quality intact.

Oh, and there’s probably an artbook coming, which is also fantastic.

Source: EdmundM.com