Fallout and Elder Scrolls Games Don’t Need Main Storylines

Fallout 3 screenshotWhen I play a truly engaging open world game, I am often at odds with the main story unless I’m forced to tackle it for overall progression reasons. I’m more likely to roam and cause mischief and search for nooks and crannies to revel in.

Fallout 3 — and, to a larger degree, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — has more than enough miscellaneous content that the bland story pigeonholed within doesn’t ever need to be explored.

Dragonborn? Who gives a shit. I just found a sword and now I’m suddenly tasked with killing an ancient Necromancer to free some guy’s soul or something to that effect. Greybeards? Fuck ’em. In fact, I begrudgingly trudged through Skyrim‘s main quest just so I could get that Dragon Priest mask that was tethered to one of the last story missions.

How many times have these games treated the world as if there was some enormous sense of urgency, only to let me see something shiny and veer off to investigate? Multiple in-games days pass, and yet my character seems unfazed by my desire to crouch-punch NPCs. Only every so often am I reminded about the task at hand, usually by something NPCs mutter under their breath about the dire situation at hand.

My point is this: I would gladly pay full price for any of the Fallout or Elder Scrolls games without the slightest hint of a main storyline.