Final Fantasy 13 For PC Is Worth A Second Play

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of Final Fantasy 13. It felt a little shallow. The linear strictness, to me, felt like a real step back for Square’s flagship RPG series. I played it to completion on the Playstation 3 and felt so jaded by the experience that I vowed to never pick it up again. I even regretted purchasing of the hardcover, limited edition guide that I got at the midnight launch.

Recently, I heard that Square had ported the game to PC, and my immediate thought was “Why?” The game is hardly new enough to justify the PC treatment. Many of the games in the Final Fantasy series were never ported to PC, and for those that were it was roughly around the same time as their console counterparts.

Still, being a long-time fan, I felt somewhat obligated to check it out, and the$16 price tag made it easy.

Yep, still looks gorgeous.

Yep, still looks gorgeous.

After a 60 gigabyte download and an installation that took the better part of an hour, I booted up the game and was surprised to find the option to use the original Japanese voice track.

Whoa, hold the phone…

You mean to tell me I can avoid that terrible English localized voice work? Yes, please. When I was done watching the still-stunning opening cinematic, which didn’t make my ears gush blood this time from Lightning’s stale voice, I was very surprised to see the game running with astonishing smoothness. That’s right, it runs at sixty glorious  frames per second, making this version of the game twice as beautiful as it was on consoles, which were locked at thirty frames per second.

Not all is oreos and milk in the land of Final Fantasy 13, however. The designers made some awful choices for the port. The unchangeable, 720p resolution was pretty stupid. Square increased the frame rate for modern machines but forced them to view it in yesterday’s resolution. The modding community fixed this, but it should not have been an issue.

Also, the escape key is permanently fixed to completely shut down the game, panic button style. Why? A confirmation screen would have been nice.

For me, though, the positives outweigh the negatives, and my screen only supports 720p so wasn’t an issue.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to give this game another go, at least until my cat accidentally steps on the ESC button.

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