Gaming Community: I Utterly Loathe Several of You

Grand Theft Auto VI am not a nice human being.

I know that seems an odd thing to start off with, and I agree that it is. However, I feel it’s important to set up the fact that I understand full well that I’m something of an asshole. That article Paolo wrote? It’s all 100% true. Not only did I sexile him from a room he paid half of, not only did I make him grind Pokémon for me, but then I badgered him into writing an article about it (and as a follow-up, badgered the girlfriend to make images for it). And that’s not even the worst thing I’ve done to someone I consider a friend within the past few months (this leaps quickly to mind, as does this). So it’s with some understanding of what these terms mean when I say the following:

Gaming community? Some of you are fuckmothering bluster-nuts of the highest order, and I want you the fuck gone from my culture. And at this point, if I heard it was because you died in a fire, the most sympathy I’d be able to muster would be “Man, that’s a shitty way to go.”

Of what do I speak, dear readers who are not vile creatures of the worst sort of septic scum?

Carolyn Petit, a 5-year employee of Gamespot, had the audacity to do her job and write a review of Grand Theft Auto V. Since she’s A) a woman, and B) doing something on the Internet…well, go on and guess what happened. Don’t want to guess? I understand that. Here’s the sort of thing that’s going on:

GTA V Comments

Not enough for you? Here, have a blog post full of photos with several more examples of idiotic comments.

The worst part of my sudden rage and bile is that I know some of you apologist tongue-polishers are busy coming up with reasons why this should be dismissed. Anywhere from how she gave it a low review (protip: If you think 9 out of 10 is a low review, you are what’s wrong with game journalism) to how it’s the Internet and you can’t take anything seriously on the Internet. Which is totally true, of course. You can’t take anything seriously on the Internet. That’s why all these people took the time and energy to post on the Internet about how much they hate Ms. Petit and how she should be fired.

I’m not gonna lie here, people. I’m not trying to report on this, not really. I’m not trying to give suggestions on how to stop this sort of thing. The suggestions are already out there, after all. I don’t pretend to be some kind of peace-and-love hippie who thinks we should all get along. In fact, I think the exact opposite. I think people like the ones in these articles are toxic pustules on the ass of gaming, and I want you lanced, drained, and gone. Because I’ve lived in places where gaming was considered strange and aberrant. I remember being treated with scorn, derision, and outright hatred for no reason other than my opinion on what was fun.

I’m not about to sit by idly while you bluster-nuts do the same thing to other people just to make yourself feel a little better. Because not only does it never work (because you’re just a bunch of fuckmothering bluster-nuts who refuse to actually do anything to make yourself or the world around you better), it actually makes a community I love and cherish worse. I’m tired of the sexism, the blind hatred toward anyone who suggests you’re wrong, and the tendency for any disagreement to become a festering cesspool of irradiated cockschmutz of the highest order.

So stop. Fucking. Doing. It. You’re dragging us back to the stone age of gaming, and proving every single idiot priest and dumbshit concerned parent group right. Sooner or later, these big AAA companies are going to decide we’re not worth the trouble because we can’t stop bringing horrible PR and losing sales.

And if you, at any point, feel the need to apologize or dismiss any of this shit? Pull your head out of your ass, and shove it back in again.

  • Julian Watkins

    Well put, reverend, well put. Boot couldn’t have said it any better if Boot tried. shame on these scumbags. Bags of scum are they all.