GeekParty Live’s Weekly Game Show Returns!

After last week’s unexpected and unexplained absence, you may have lost hope, but fear not! GeekParty Live’s Weekly Game Show isn’t going anywhere, and we’re back with another episode featuring the delightful Quiplash XL.

Here are some nuggets you can expect to find in this week’s episode:

  • An education on the finer points of pronouncing Wile. E. Coyote’s name.
  • Good ol’ censorship, 1984-style.
  • Animals thinking they are people.
  • A distinct drop in the odd “keyboard typing” sounds that have pervaded past broadcasts.
  • And me, always doing my best to appear to be doing my best.

Don’t worry if you missed us live, because we’ve got you covered with the archived broadcast below! As always feel free to follow us on Twitch and catch us next Sunday at 5pm CST.

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